How To Calculate Chimney Size For Kitchen

Homeowners often wonder how much of a chimney is necessary for their kitchen stove. The chimney size for a kitchen stove is based on the size of the stove, not the size of the chimney. Here are some guidelines to help homeowners calculate the necessary chimney size.

Kitchen Chimney Size Selection [Chimney Size In Inches, Feet, CM]

Determine the size of your stove

Assuming your stove is a standard gas or electric range, the chimney size would be the diameter of the stove pipe itself. If your stove has a hood, the chimney size would be the hood’s diameter.

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Measure the height of your chimney

Measure the circumference of your chimney
Multiply the height by the circumference
Divide by 2
This is the width of the chimney you will need to buy

Multiply the height by the width of your chimney

Height x Width = Chimney Size

Determine the type of flue you have

The first step in calculating chimney size for your kitchen is to determine the type of flue you have. If you have a wood burning stove with a standard flue, the chimney size you need is 12 inches in diameter. If you have a gas stove with a standard flue, the chimney size you need is 18 inches in diameter.

Choose the appropriate chimney size

There are a few things that you need to take into account when calculating the appropriate chimney size for your kitchen. The first is the size of your kitchen. You’ll need to determine the width and height of your kitchen, as well as the type of cooking equipment that you plan to use.

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Next, you’ll need to determine the size of the chimney. The most common chimney sizes are 1-1/2″, 2″, and 2-1/2″. There are also other sizes available, but these are the most common. You’ll need to choose the size that corresponds to the size of your chimney.

Once you have the chimney size, you’ll need to calculate the square footage of your kitchen. This is simply the width multiplied by the height.

Finally, you’ll need to calculate the chimney’s capacity. The capacity is the total amount of fuel that the chimney can hold. This is based on the type of chimneying system that you have. There are two main types of chimneying systems: masonry and metal flue.

Masonry chimneys are the most common type and they are usually made of bricks, mud, and mortar. Metal flue chimneys are more common in recent years and they are made of metal. They are usually taller and have a wider opening than masonry chimneys. They also have a better ability to resist fire.

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There are a couple of


When calculating the size of a kitchen chimney, keep in mind the area of the room, the type of cooking appliance being used, and the size of the pot or pan being used. Generally, a kitchen chimney should be at least 2 feet wide and 2 feet high.