20 Ways to Ask a Girl for Her Instagram

There are times when you want to ask the girl you like for her Instagram, but cannot find an effective way to do it. She might not be comfortable with sharing her account and could even block you. Here we list 20 ways through which you can easily ask a girl for her Instagram:

1. Make her an offer she cannot refuse

This is the most straightforward way to get a girl’s Instagram. Ask her for it straight up. You could be planning on following her anyway, so why not ask for it. There are no long-term implications of doing this and you can very easily ask for someone’s Instagram. Just be careful with this trick. Women are very smart, and can sense when someone is using them for their Instagram account. It’s better to use the other 19 ways unless you’re really confident that it will work.

2. Ask her friends

Ask one of her friends whether she has an Instagram account and if so, ask them to tell you the username. If her friends don’t know, you can also ask them to put in a word for you with the girl. They will most likely oblige. This method is pretty straightforward and does not have many risks associated with it, unless of course, she has an account on a private network and her friend might get in trouble if he tells you about it.

3. Get creative with emojis

Use the respective girl symbol together with a camera, filter or Instagram icon to ask her if she has an account. This trick is pretty effective and not many people are aware of it. There have been times when girls have asked for my Instagram just because I used the emoji trick on them! So it’s definitely worth a shot.

4. Ask her teacher

If you’re in the same class, just ask her teacher for her Instagram account. You can even do this by making an excuse why you need to know about it. The only problem with this is that she might get annoyed if other people also use this trick on her and eventually find out that you had asked for her Instagram.

5. Know the lingo(s)

People usually have an Instagram account because it’s cool or popular right now, so using this knowledge will help you get the girl’s username. Try making a comment about how pretty her pictures are and how much you like checking them out. Most people don’t expect this and might find it flattering, so they will most likely tell you about their account.

6. Show that you’re tech-savvy

You can ask her if she has an Instagram account by using a series of emojis together with the camera symbol to communicate this message. This is more effective if you know a bit of emojis. Otherwise, try using this method to find out if she has an account and follow up with one of the other methods listed here.

7. Solve her problems

If you want to make a good impression on a girl, solving her problems is a good way to go about it. You can let her know that you can help her get more followers on Instagram. You can even ask for her username and then follow up with some excellent tips that she can use to get more followers herself.

8. Have a slow and relaxed conversation about it

When you’re talking to the girl, slowly bring in the topic of Instagram and how you like following people on there. Ask her about her personal account and she might give you the username then and there! This trick works very well if you’re feeling confident or know each other quite well.

9. Make a deal with her

You can make a deal with the girl that if she follows you on Instagram, you will do the same for her. She is more inclined to give you her username if she knows that she can also get a follow from you. This is a pretty sleek way of achieving your goal, as long as the girl agrees to it.

10. Ask for her number and then ask for her Instagram

If you really want that girl’s Instagram account, this might be the way to go. If you’re confident and flirt with her a little bit, she might actually give you her number and then ask for yours. This way, she can decide whether she wants to follow you or not.

11. Send her a funny picture on Instagram that has nothing to do with the girl

You can work around the topic of Instagram by sending the girl a funny picture of some kind and then ask her if she has an account. You can even like some of her pictures first to make the conversation flow better.

12. Say that you share the same interests as her

Playing on this fact, you can also ask if she has an Instagram account by telling her that you like following people on Instagram too. This will work especially well if you have something in common with the girl, so she might just agree to it.

13. Say that you want to follow her because she’s cool

Girls love being told that they’re cool, which is why this works really well on them. Follow the steps mentioned above and ask her if she has an Instagram account. You can even say that you want to follow her because she seems like a cool person and maybe she will be flattered enough to give you her username!

14. Ask for her username as a token of your appreciation

If you’re trying to get a girl’s Instagram but don’t think it’ll work out well, you can always ask her for her username as a token of your appreciation. She might think that you’re just being nice and reveal her username to you, so go ahead and give this a try!

15. Act like you want another Instagram account

If she asks if you have an Instagram account, instead of telling the truth, act like you want another account but don’t know which username to choose. Say this and she might offer her own Instagram username to you!

16. Ask for her e-mail address instead of the username

If you’re shy, this is a good way to ask for her Instagram account. Instead of asking for her username, simply ask for her email address instead. You can change your mind later and ask for the username, even if you already have her e-mail.

17. Look for posts related to her

If she posts photos related to something that has to do with your life or hobbies, then she might be the perfect person that you should follow on Instagram! You can say that the girl looks cool and you wanted to follow her, so that’s why you’re asking for the Instagram account.

18. Do something that she will notice

If you want to ask for a girl’s Instagram username but are simply too shy to do it, try out this trick instead. Do something that she will notice – like giving her a rose – and then take out your phone. She might ask for your Instagram account if she notices that you have a smartphone, so give her the number!

19. Act like you don’t know what Instagram is or how it works

Girls love guys who are innocent enough to not understand things that are simple, which means this trick will work well. Ask her if she has an Instagram account – or even better, say that you don’t know what Instagram is. Girls will love this and it might actually work!

20. Ask for hers after telling her yours

After you tell the girl your own username, ask for hers as well. She will think that it’s only fair that you ask too, so she’ll be more than happy to give you her username in return. When asking for the username, try using one of the lines mentioned above.

If none of these tricks work, you can always just ask for her Instagram account straight up – even if it’s a little bit awkward. If all else fails, use your charm and wit to try and get her Instagram account without asking for it directly.

How about you? What do you think of these ways to ask a girl for her Instagram username? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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