Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister ! 120+ Unique and Original Wishes

A sister is like a best friend! She loves you and supports you no matter what. “Happy birthday my sister” is more than a message, it is a testimony of love!

Honestly, can you have a closer and more intimate relationship than the one you have with your sister?

I do not think so. If you are a man, your sister is the person who gives you advice on how to seduce and to understand women better.

If you are a woman, your sister is a role model, someone you want to be like. She’s a best friend that you can tell anything to, whether she’s older or younger than you.

Sending a message to say “Happy Birthday, sister” is telling her that you love her, you appreciate her, and that you are grateful for all she does for you.

In short, it’s a declaration of love! After all, there is no greater love than that which binds siblings.

Funny messages to say “Happy birthday, my sister!”

The relationship you have with your sister is special, unique. You are not only related by blood.

You are friends and confidants. Plus, You can joke together and test your humor with someone who isn’t going to judge you.

# Happy birthday, my sister. You will always be older than me!

# I want to sing you this famous song: “Happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday [name], happy birthday!”. Beautiful deep and very strong lyrics nourish this song. This song can express exactly the feeling of the day. Magnificent!

# I saw a perfect gift for you that you would have liked very much for your birthday. This is exactly what you dream of! But I said to myself, the material is superficial! You are mature and wise now. Happy Birthday my sister!

# It seems that life is like a roll of toilet paper… The more you get to the end, the faster it goes! So, enjoy life and don’t unwind your roll of Q paper too quickly. Happy birthday, sister!

# Happy birthday, my sister. I’m not going to give you anything because being part of our great family is already a great gift. I say that I say nothing …

# It’s your birthday! Know that you will never be so young again … So have fun. But hey, be careful … Because you’ve never been so old … Happy birthday old young branch.

# You know I’m good at photo retouching… But now, sorry: I can’t do anything for you anymore. Wrinkles, fewer teeth, puffy eyes: you’ll have to get used to it !!! Happy Birthday my sister.

# A person like you is far too important for me to give them a simple birthday card! That’s why you can keep the envelope too! Happy Birthday my sister.

# I steal business from you all year round, so your birthday is an opportunity to give you a gift to redeem me. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Happy birthday, my sister! One more year… It’s time to set the world on fire !!! Finally, maybe already start with your birthday candles, it’s safer!

“You can make fun of the world but not your sister.”

# Some say time is a healer! Too bad he is not a beautician! Happy Birthday my sister.

# A sister is like a warm comforting chocolate dripping heart dripping from the muffin of life. You are the chocolate of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.

# I have nothing to say. I’m right here for the cake. Alright, OK: Happy birthday, sister! There, are you happy? Where is the cake?

# For your birthday, everyone gives you a gift. But I find it so predictable, so usual, so basic as an idea that I decided to stand out from the crowd by sending you a great card instead. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Do you know how many people celebrate their birthdays today? At least 16,000,000! Well, you must feel flattered that I picked your party out of all the others! Happy Birthday my sister!

# Happy birthday, my sister! Another year and you will be perfect! (Yeah, I know, I said that last year.)

# I wanted to write you a poem for your birthday but unfortunately, I did not find any word that rhymed with “old skin”… So, I wish you a happy birthday my sister, quite simply!

# Every year I look forward to your birthday because I want to be able to collect all of your things as you grow older! Happy Birthday my sister.

# Happy birthday, my sister! Occasionally you will remind me of your age because, as you know, I have trouble remembering large series of numbers!

# Here is a little message to tell you that I love to annoy you! Too anxious to be able to continue doing this even more in the future. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Today is a special day and a beautiful angel will whisper a “Happy Birthday” in your ear. Don’t worry, I’ll call you later to whisper it to you.

# Happy birthday, my sister. I’ll always be there to reach out to you if you fall. Finally, once I’m done laughing of course!

# Happy birthday to the person who has always loved me just as I was and who has always managed to read me so well! I love you!

# Why are we celebrating the day you left mom’s v ****? Do you also want us to celebrate the day you had your first drunk? Come on, happy birthday my sister!

# Happy birthday to the sister who has the best sister in the world! Yeah …

Happy Birthday my sister! I love you more than anything…

Your love is indestructible. With a sister, you are sure to always have someone to support you in all of your decisions.

You don’t necessarily agree on everything, but you accept yourself as you are. So say “Happy Birthday, sister” to remind her how much you care.

# Before, I told myself that it would be nice to have a little sister. Now your birthday reminds me that I’m old. But, it does not matter, I love you anyway!

# Dear sister, I wish you the best on this special day. May your life be prosperous, filled with joy and love. Happy Birthday my sister!

# You are a treasure, an incredible friend. You had a huge impact on my life. I love you my darling. And, I wish you a very happy birthday, my sister.

# On this day full of sweetness for you, my sweet sister, a sister whom I love with all my heart: I wish you a happy feast full of happiness.

# My dear, on this special day, I wanted to tell you that I am proud of you. I wish you an exciting life, full of surprises and incredible discoveries. Happy birthday, sister!

# On this day of happiness for you, my dear sister who is as beautiful as a flower, I wish you with all my heart a very happy birthday with an unparalleled feast.

# Maybe we fight and fight and bother but you will always be my best friend for life. I love you against all odds. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Our parents made us siblings, but time made us friends. I wish a very happy birthday to the person who means so much to me: you, my favorite sister!

# May this feast day bring you joy and success. May love and good health in your heart come together. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Your birthday is a great day for me too… Indeed, it reminds me that the day you were born I received the most beautiful gift… You! Happy birthday, my beloved sister!

Nourishing love!

# Happy birthday to the coolest sister ever! You always manage to cheer me up and brighten my days. I love you.

# Happy birthday to my dear sister. I wish you all the happiness in the world and much joy. I love you infinitely.

# You are of all the women, the strongest that I know. You are always positive regardless of the situation. With my birthday message, I wanted to pay tribute to the most wonderful of sisters there is! Happy Birthday my sister.

# I have been looking forward to wishing you your birthday for 365 days! Finally, the big day has arrived !! What happiness! It is with tears in my eyes and a heart so happy that I wish you a happy birthday, my sister.

# S for sincere. O for the optimist. E for playful. U for unique. F for funny. This is how I represent you. Happy birthday, my beloved sister!

# Today is your day, the one that will make you grow, grow old a little. But for me, you will only pass another stage of your life, you grow up without aging, and that is only reserved for you! Happy Birthday my sister.

# For my sister, whom I love from the bottom of my heart, I offer you the most beautiful flowers and wish you a happy birthday my sister.

# May this new anniversary bring you happiness, health, and joy in quantity! May life be sweet and fill your heart with whatever it desires. Not just today but every day of the year. Happy Birthday my sister.

# A very special thought for the birthday of an exceptional person. A thousand best wishes for the years to come.

# It seems that we choose our friends but not our family! I wanted to tell you that with you, I am really lucky because you are a perfect sister! Happy Birthday to You!

#  My tender and sweet sister whom I love with all my heart, I thank you for being so authentic. And, I wish you, for your birthday, a magnificent day. Happy Birthday my sister.

# The love of a sister is a treasure of great value. Brotherly bonds are a gift from heaven.

# Having a sister like you is priceless. Hope all your dreams come true on this special day. Happy Birthday my sister.

# All my best wishes for the best of friends and the most incredible of sisters. I love you more than anything. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Sisters like you are diamonds. They shine, are amazing and they are truly best friends. Happy birthday, my favorite sister!

Happy Birthday my sister. Thank you for everything!

Your sister is your biggest fan. She supports you in difficult times and encourages you to pursue your dreams.

She helps you as much as she can! Moreover, it often puts your happiness and your well-being in the first position.

# Sister, I would like to thank you for being the most loving and caring sister in the world. No one understands me better than you. Happy Birthday my sister.

# A sister is a gift from God. He wanted me to be happy so he sent me someone as beautiful and generous as you. Happy Birthday my sister.

# The brotherhood of a sister is much more than a glow. Your brightness dazzles me and your smile makes me happy. In my arms, I hug you to wish you a happy birthday.

# Thank you for making happy times happier and difficult times easier. Happy Birthday my sister.

# If I offer you my best wishes, it is because I desire wonderful happiness for you. Happy Birthday my sister.

# My very dear sister, I wish you a very happy birthday. Besides being the nicest sister, you are also a true friend. I am blessed to have a sister like you.

# Oh you! My accomplice, my faithful companion. Let me offer you this beautiful love poem. Beautiful poetry offered to my soul-mate so beautiful. A tender message made of eternal words. Happy Birthday my sister.

# I wish you a very happy birthday, my sister. I love you more than anything because I know you always put my happiness first. And, thank you for that!

# This is a wonderful day to thank God for all the blessings He has given me, especially you. Yes, you are my greatest gift from heaven. Happy birthday, my beloved sister.

# Happy birthday sister, you are everything to me. I am one of the luckiest people on earth because I have the opportunity to live by your side.

You are unique and irreplaceable!

# Your zest for life and your sense of humor carry me on a daily basis. To me, you are like a ray of sunshine that lights up my rainy days. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Our childhood has been wonderful and happy. And, it’s thanks to you! Happy Birthday my sister.

# We became sisters by chance but friends by choice. Happy birthday and may this day be a memorable one.

# Here you are with one more year and you keep getting wiser, funnier, smarter, and always more amazing! Happy Birthday my sister.

# Since our childhood, you have cuddled me, like a baby bird warmed up on a very cold day. You loved me. Having you as a sister is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Happy Birthday my sister.

# In everyday life, it is not easy to remind someone that they are important to us. Your birthday is an opportunity to seize to tell yourself that you are a person dear to my heart! Happy Birthday my sister.

# My very dear sister, know that I will always be by your side, in good times as in bad times. I’ll be there to pick you up if you ever fall. You can always count on me! Happy Birthday my sister.

# Birthday candles are a metaphor for life. Life is short but bright, like them! It is, therefore, necessary to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment! Happy Birthday my sister.

# My brother and always accomplice. You are one of those through whom love comes. True love is only tenderness and respect. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Social pressure, heartache, loneliness, insecurity, fear, and sadness. The only thing all these things have in common is that it only takes a hug from a sister like you to forget them. Happy birthday my beloved sister!

# You always had an amazing way to make things better, easier, and more fun! Happy Birthday my sister.

# No one is perfect. But, our imperfections make us the best siblings. So, in the end, maybe we’re perfect together. Happy Birthday my sister.

# A growing sister is like a flowering shrub. For your birthday today, thoughts I gathered. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Thank you for always being there for me. You understand me like no one else. And, I can’t even imagine my life without you. I love you. Happy Birthday my sister.

# My warmest wishes to my amazing sister, the one who brings color to my life and makes it exciting.

Happy Birthday my sister! I hope our bond will always be strong.

Time passes and the links can lose their intensity. Indeed, when your sister goes to live alone or gets married, you may feel like you are losing your best friend.

But, your bond is much stronger than that. So tell your sister that no matter what, she will always be your best friend.

# It was a great experience to be able to grow up with a girl as funny as you. I treasure all of our sweet childhood memories, great as they are. You will always be my best friend. Happy Birthday my sister!

# Even if I don’t call you every day, know that you are always in my heart. And, on this day even more than the others! I wish you a very happy birthday, my sister.

# Here is a new year awaiting you. You will write a new chapter surrounded by all those you love. I wish you a life filled with love. Since childhood, you have always known how to share the love with all those around you.

# You are a loving sister and nothing can come between us. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday, my sister. May your life be as beautiful as you.

# My dear, we may not talk to each other every day but you always stay in my heart and my thoughts. I wish you a happy birthday my sister and send you all my love.

# I wish the most amazing person I know a warm and pleasant birthday. You can light up a room just with your smile. Where would I be if I hadn’t known you?

# Our past has been marked by incredible events. Our present is bright and I hope our future will be even brighter. A very nice birthday!

# Unfortunately, nothing is free in life. The number of years is the price to pay for maturity and wisdom! Happy Birthday my sister.

# We have always been very close and I hope that these kilometers that separate us will not change that. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Life is not measured by the number of years… But, by the number of adventures and stories you can tell! Happy Birthday my sister.

“Side by side or miles away, sisters forever, close in their hearts.”

# May the best of your past be the worst of your future! Happy Birthday my sister!

# Distance is nothing compared to the love that binds us. I know we’ll stay close forever. I love you, my darling sister. Happy Birthday!

# What a beautiful birthday presents itself to you. I hope you will celebrate it with dignity. Think of me who am miles away. Happy Birthday my sister.

# My childhood would have been incomplete and imperfect without a sister like you. So I don’t want my present to be either. I miss you. Happy Birthday my sister!

# We have shared so many extraordinary things, moments that have allowed us to understand the importance of our friendship. I hope it will continue like this forever. Happy Birthday my sister.

# Will the years separate us? I do not think so. I’m sure our bond is stronger than time. Happy birthday, my dear sister.

# Dear sister, you are the treasure box in which the dearest memories of my childhood are stored, protected for life. I wish you a happy birthday my sister!

# A very happy birthday, my beloved sister. Even though you’re miles away from me, that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you.

# Happy birthday, my sister. You are the apple of my eye. Even if we argue often, know that I will never let anything separate us. I love you very much.

# Despite the arguments and differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Happy Birthday my sister!

# Life is unpredictable… Like the weather. However, I wish you as many sunny days as possible in your forecast. Happy Birthday my sister!

# Ah, my sister! What can I tell you? I am sad that we cannot share this moment of celebration. But, I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday, my sister.

# From childhood laughter to our wildly busy adult lives – I can’t imagine going through life without you! Happy Birthday my sister.

# We have shared so many amazing things and great times together that I wish you the most beautiful birthdays and hope that we will have more beautiful things and such great times for all these years to come!

# I just realized that you are the oldest of my friends. Thank you for being such a lovely sister. No matter what horrible arguments we had, the truth is, I’ve always loved you and will always love you. Happy Birthday my sister!