Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages [ Best Collection ]

The day of the birth of someone special must be celebrated. Having a birthday is celebrating another year that has gone by and embracing the possibilities of a new cycle that is beginning. This day is even better when we are with those who love us and do us good. After all, who doesn’t like to be surrounded by special people and feel wanted?

That’s why we’ve separated the best birthday phrases for you to share with that dear person in your life. She will definitely feel loved and her birthday will be even better. Check out!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

#. Happy Birthday! May you enjoy life and always be awake to everything it has for you!

#. Anyone who sleeps too much or is too distracted ends up losing his life. Don’t let it pass without experiencing it to the fullest. Be focused and you will be happy. Happy Birthday!

#. Life is only equal if we are equal. This year, to get different results, do everything differently. Happy Birthday!

#. Having a birthday is receiving the blessing of living a little longer, don’t waste it doing what you don’t like or what doesn’t do you good. Congratulations for another year of life!

#. When you look back, give thanks for what you’ve lived through. When you look forward, give thanks for what’s to come. Happy Birthday!

#. May all the achievements you’ve had so far accompany you and multiply because there’s still a lot to live for. Happy Birthday!

#. What matters in life are the people who go through it, the positive marks they leave. May you have many wonderful friends by your side. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! Never lose your essence and don’t sell your values ​​for anything in this world. You will be much happier.

#. 356 days have opened up before you for you to live intensely. For this, do everything with love. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! There is nothing that is impossible for those who are willing and do everything with focus and dedication.

#. Life is made up of cycles and you are ending one to start another. In all of them, be grateful. Happy Birthday!

#. Today is my day! I want this year to be one of peace, so I will cultivate it in everything I do! Happy Birthday to me.

#. We are never short of reasons to be grateful, we just need to look carefully at life. Happy Birthday!

#. Be true to your dreams because they will only come true if you don’t give them up. Happy Birthday!

#. There is nothing better than looking back and realizing that there is nothing that tarnishes our history. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! You already have everything you need to live inside your heart. Don’t waste time looking elsewhere.

#. This year will be wonderful because you have faith and hope in life. Believe and trust. Happy Birthday!

#. I just want this year to be light, so I will cultivate peace, love and hope in my heart. Happy Birthday to me!

#. Take control of your life because we can only enjoy it if we are the driver. Happy Birthday!

#. Don’t compare your achievements with others. Live your days focused on your happiness. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! May you never forget that the only responsible for your happiness is yourself.

#. Have faith in what you believe in whatever it is because it inspires us to never give up. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! Being who you are can be difficult, but it’s the best thing you can do.

#. Happy Birthday! May this beautiful day, full of love, inspire you to cultivate these feelings every day of your life.

#. May the watchword in your year be thank you. Happy Birthday!

#. Today is a day to reflect on how far I’ve come and where I want to direct my steps. May I choose the path that brings me happiness? Happy Birthday to me!

#. Enjoy youth with an open heart because that’s when amazing things can happen. Happy Birthday!

#. Time is the master of all and when we are at ease with it, we take advantage of its peculiarities. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! May this turn of the digit inspire you to change what needs to be transformed in your life.

#. Happy Birthday! Surround yourself with those who want your good because envy is a feeling that catches you.

#. Happy Birthday! Know that you are capable of accomplishing what you want, just define what your goals are.

#. I am very grateful for life and I know this is what helps me to be lighter in my days. Happy Birthday to me!

#. Happy Birthday! May you be determined and happy in everything you do, because life is short and it’s not worth wasting it doing what we don’t like.

#. Happy Birthday to me! May I live everything I dreamed of this year, may not blind me with ambition throughout my life, learn to start over and reinvent myself whenever necessary?

#. Happy Birthday! Time passes quickly and life is urgent, but be sure to be calm to make your decisions.

Birthday Wishes and Messages for friends

Having friends is everything! It is with them that we spend the best moments of our lives, sharing adventures and maturing each day. Congratulate the special people in your life through these birthday friend phrases.

#. For the most charming person in the world, a very special kiss on this day. Congratulations!

#. Congratulations on such a special day, my friend! Much joy, peace and harmony. May all your wishes come true, because you deserve it. Happy Birthday!

#. Even away, the affection for you will always be the same. Congratulations, best wishes and may this date be repeated for many years.

#. I’m very proud of you! Congratulations and never stop being this wonderful person! Happy Birthday!

#. Cheers! This message is full of affection, because it is for someone very special… You! Happy Birthday!

#. Today is not just any day, it is a very special day. You are completing another year of life and I am very happy to celebrate this date with you. Happy Birthday!

#. Today could be a national holiday. Because in the world a person like you is not always born! Congratulations.

#. May this day of celebration and celebration be filled with fun and joy, as well as the days to come. You are very special. Happy Birthday!

#. May you always celebrate the gift of life surrounded by the tenderness and love of the friends you always knew how to captivate. Cheers!

#. With all my affection and friendship, I wish you all the best for your birthday. Congratulations!

#. Birthday reminds me of cake, candy, soda, colored balls, rainbows, angels and also the flowers I send you to tell you how much your presence means in my life!

#. What makes this day different from others is your birthday, which brings me so much joy and pleasure in being your friend and being by your side on this happy date!

#. I want cake, I want laughs! May this day be filled with happiness and may joy be the order for us to toast your birthday!

#. Today is your birthday and I want to wish you all the joys of this life because you are a special person I feel good to be with every day on this wonderful adventure called life!

#. Glad that your birthday has arrived, because today we have a lot to celebrate and share with you the pleasure of being part of your life, having your friendship, your smile and your contagious joy!

#. My joy is to see your joy, so, on this beautiful date, I feel the sun illuminates your day so that it reflects all the love I feel for you. A happy birthday!

#. Congratulations my friend! May God always continue to guide you and light your way with great health and prosperity.

#. On this special day, I want to tell you about my love for you, I want to tell you that I love you! I wish you all the happiness in the world on this day! Thank you for existing. Happy Birthday!

#. I wish your birthday to be beautiful, as beautiful as the sparkle in your eyes reflecting joy in the hearts that love you. Happy Birthday!

#. Having a birthday is celebrating another year of life and, together with friends, discovering how much we are loved and what we represent to people! Happy Birthday!

#. It’s wonderful to be part of your birthday and be able to share with you this unique date when your smile spreads joy in the hearts that love you. Happy Birthday!

#. I celebrate your joy on this illuminated date that floods the lives of all of us, your friends, with light! Happy Birthday!

#. Congratulations, my friend. You are one of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet, you know? You deserve all the good things in life!

#. Congratulations on your birthday, my friend. I wish you pleasant surprises and happy events, and may this day bring you many adventures and joys!

#. Happy Birthday! That’s what I dearly wish because if you’re happy, I will be! Success and many victories!

Birthday Messages for Daughter

#. To God I owe eternal gratitude for the wonderful daughter he gave me. Happy birthday, love you!

#. I understood the extent of God’s love when He gave you to me. Congratulations, my daughter! May you continue on the path of the Lord.

#. Daughter, you are an amazing woman and extremely valuable to me and to God. Never let yourself be told otherwise. Happy Birthday!

#. May your journey continue illuminated by God and full of achievements. Congratulations, my dear daughter!

#. Congratulations, my daughter, my love, my girl! In addition to being a daughter, you are a friend and companion. You are my greatest blessing, owner of all my respect and satisfaction for having received this beautiful gift from heaven.

#. Keep living the word of God, my dear child! This is the right way to achieve your greatest gifts and smiles. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday! Put faith in God first and find the strength you need to always win. I love you, daughter!

#. Happy birthday, daughter! How good it is to celebrate life with Jesus. Following in His footsteps is knowing that life is worth it and that nothing is in vain.

#. I wish you a life filled with the presence of God, I know that this way you will lack nothing. A happy and blessed birthday, my daughter!

#. With the grace of God, today you complete another year of life. With God’s grace, you will celebrate this date for many, many years. Happy birthday, daughter. Love you!

#. Congratulations, daughter! You are my most precious gift, my blessing from God. Wherever you go, I hope you are always very happy.

#. I wish you a long life enjoying the glory and love of God. Congratulations, my little one!

#. May God take care of you when I can’t and guide your steps when I’m no longer there. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter!

#. I am so grateful that God gave me the chance to be a mother and especially to be your mother. Happy Birthday my dear! You are my greatest pride!

#. Congratulations, my beautiful! May God always color your lips with a big smile.

#. Happy birthday, daughter! It is really wonderful to complete another year of life well lived with God, in the way that Christ taught, serving with praise, gratitude and a lot of love for the Creator.

#. Happy birthday, daughter! May God mix the best essences and make your life the most fragrant fragrance in the world. Best wishes always!

#. Congratulations my dear! Today I thank God that you are a healthy, brave and very intelligent girl. Let’s celebrate a lot!

#. May God always look after you and illuminate your life pouring many blessings and giving you strength to overcome all obstacles. Happy birthday, daughter!

#. God has been very good to us. I am so proud to be your mother and to see you grow in grace and wisdom. Happy birthday, dear daughter!

#. Daughter, may your path always be covered with blessings. May your life be always full of peace and those who love you. Wish you a very happy birthday!

#. How good it is to see you following God’s way and bringing salvation to others. It makes me very happy to see your faith grow and multiply. Happy birthday, daughter!

#. My dear daughter, may you never forget who you are and what your goals are. May God always accompany you on your journey. May all difficulties be met in faith. Congratulations!

#. You are light wherever you go. A blessed girl. Happy birthday, daughter! Love you!

#. May God always guide you on the path of light, my daughter. Congratulations on your day!

#. May the Lord God pour out all his blessings on you and may He always light your way. Congratulations on your day!

#. My dear daughter, may God’s plans for you lead you to happiness and fulfillment. Congratulations!

#. I thank God for sending me a daughter as good, beautiful and intelligent as you. May He be always by your side at all times in your life. Congratulations!

#. May God always be your guide and may He allow you to face difficulties with courage and faith and achievements with joy and gratitude. Congratulations, my daughter.

#. May God envelop you in a permanent embrace of tenderness and may you feel His protection every day of your life. Congratulations, dear daughter!

#. Today belongs to you, my dear daughter. May every moment be filled with blessings and joys! Happy Birthday!

#. My dear daughter, every year I take this day to celebrate what a wonderful person you are. Of all the blessings God has sent me, you are the greatest. Happy Birthday!

#. My daughter, I am very proud of the person you are, always continue walking in the path of God and the truth. Happy Birthday!

#. Today you have completed another year, and once again I am sure that you are an enlightened person who follows the path of God in a life of faith and prayer. Happy birthday, my daughter!

#. Every day God thinks of you. All the time God takes care of you. Every minute God cares about you. Because every second God loves you. Happy Birthday, my girl!

#. My dear, may your courage always be greater than your fear and your strength be as great as your faith. Happy Birthday!

#. May God always turn your crying into a smile, your pain into strength, your weakness into faith and your dreams into reality. Happy birthday, my dear daughter!

#. My dear daughter, always be firm in the direction of your goals. Because thought creates, desire attracts and faith fulfills. God will always be by your side, congratulations!

#. Today is the day to celebrate the amazing person you have become. May God always continue to bless you, my dear daughter!

#. My daughter, from the first time I saw your little face I was sure that you would be an amazing and wonderful woman. I thank God for sending me such a beautiful and precious gift. Happy Birthday!

#. My dear daughter, I hope your heart is happy, today is your birthday and it is not every day that we are happy to be able to celebrate another year of life. May God continue to bless you always. Congratulations!

#. My dear and beautiful daughter, you deserve all the joys and blessings in the world, today and forever. Happy Birthday!

#. You are special and loved, my daughter. Always remember that your parents look out for you here on Earth and that God looks down on you from Heaven. Happy birthday!

#. My beloved daughter, please know that we are very proud of the beautiful, intelligent and devoted person you are. Always follow God’s path and he will always be with you. Happy Birthday!

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Short Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

#. Happy Birthday! May your life be full of good and happy moments. Congratulations!

#. I wish you peace, joy, luck and success forever. Congratulations!

#. Today is party day! I wish you a year full of love and joy. Happy Birthday!

#. May your life always be a sum of victories. Happy Birthday!

#. For the most special birthday person in the world, a kiss and a hug of congratulations!

#. The day is yours, best wishes! It will forever be in my heart.

#. Congratulations! A wonderful person like you deserves today to be amazing.

#. I’m very proud of you! Congratulations and never stop being this wonderful person.

#. Congratulations on being like that! You deserve this day and more. Happy Birthday!

#. May only good feelings inhabit your heart today. Congratulations!

#. On this birthday, dream and make plans, today all your wishes will come true. Congratulations!

#. May this date be repeated a lot and may you be happier over the years!

#. May today’s happiness last all year. Happy Birthday!

#. Congratulations! May God bless you and flood your life with happiness and joy.

#. May your dreams be fulfilled and your desires achieved. Happy Birthday!

#. Extinguish the candles and make a wish, today is a day to dream. Happy Birthday!

#. That in this cycle, happiness is your greatest company. Happy Birthday!

#. Today is your birthday, you deserve to be very happy! May God take it upon himself to fulfill all your desires.

#. Life is a gift that is renewed every birthday. Cheers!

#. Your birthday is today, but may your heart always remain in the party!

#. A future of fulfilled dreams is what I wish you. Congratulations!

#. Happy Birthday! I wish you renewed hope in your heart.

#. Happy Birthday! May your life be a sea of ​​endless blessings and accomplishments.

#. Happiness is being able to celebrate another year of walking. Congratulations!

#. May this new cycle keep you people and special moments!

#. Congratulations! May this be the beginning of great achievements in your life.

#. Congratulations! May God grant you another chance to be even happier.

#. Today is your birthday! Feel your heart filled with gratitude for another year of life.

#. May you be able to thank each year for the joys you experienced. Happy Birthday!

#. Cheers! Conquer your dreams without forgetting to be happy.

#. Today is your birthday! Have a day full of treats and special people.

#. Enjoy your day to be happy! Congratulations on your birthday!

#. May this date always be reserved for your happiness. Congratulations!

#. Today is the day to renew your contract with life. Happy Birthday!