10+ Happy Birthday Letter to Mom on Her Birthday

These wonderful birthday letter for the mother are a great option for those who do not have the opportunity to attend the holiday meal, but want to send affectionate  to the honored mother.

happy birthday letter to mom

#1. Dear mother! My dearest personality on earth, I wish you a happy birthday! No one can compare to you in work, perseverance and honesty. I want to wish you success in all your endeavors. May your dreams and desires come true. Your son is always by your side, but your loved ones will support you in everything. Let all the trials of life remain in the past and before only bright days await you.

#2. Dear mother! Let what you miss appear on this special holiday – your birthday. To me, you are the dearest person on earth. Your work and kindness are never limited. I want to wish you longevity and prosperity, to have as many simple human joys as possible in your life! May fate always be favorable to you, and good luck to visit your house at all times.

#3. Mom, accept my sincere congratulations on your personal holiday! Let nothing overshadow your life, know that I truly value you for your responsibility and hard work, for your ability to love and forgive, for your desire to support me in difficult times. Thanks a lot for everything! Take care of your health and make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

#4. Mom, happy birthday! May the sun smile on you today and the shadow of sadness not touch your face! Always stay just as open, beautiful and kind. I know I’ve upset you sometimes, but you’ve always forgiven me. I will never forget how much you did for me, so I will always be by your side and I promise to help you in everything.

#5. Mom, for me you are the dearest in the world! Happy Birthday! Always be the same wonderful person! Let me wish you a simple feminine happiness. You know, one life wouldn’t be enough to thank you for everything you did for me and didn’t ask for anything in return. May the Lord always protect you and luck accompany your life.

#6. I will always love my mother, because in the world I have no one dearer than her. I know for sure that she would be a true friend in a difficult time, she will always give me the right and necessary advice. On this day, I sincerely confess that I adore you, mother, and I love you! I always, in everything and everywhere, I try to resemble you as much as possible.

#7. Happy Birthday! You are the sun of this holiday, a star that never goes out at night. Mom, darling, my love, congratulations! I wish you didn’t cry and didn’t know about the pain. Out of all the difficult situations to get out untouched. I wish you would never grow old and be beautiful and sweet all your life. I wish you great happiness in life.

#8. Today is a fabulous day when my mother was born. Mom, you are my most beautiful flower! You are the most important person in the world to me! May your destiny always have pity on you, may luck always accompany you in life, and true love, like a shining star on a dark night, always show you the right way. Mom, be very happy!

#9. Dear mother, to have infinite feminine happiness, maternal happiness, excellent health, flourishing longevity, inspiration and success in your daily life. Always have a good mood, vivid impressions, great holidays and all your ideas and plans to be fulfilled, and new dreams should not let you get bored. I love you and congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

#10. My dear, my gold, happy birthday! I congratulate you and with all my heart I wish you to be happy for many, many years. Let there be no evil in your life, no sorrow, no trouble. As a woman, always be impeccable, good, intelligent and carefree. Happy birthday to you, my mother, the dearest man in the world!