50+ Good Night Sunday Quotes to Start the Week Again

Sunday is a day of rest, peace and calm. Time to recharge for a week yet to come. How about taking advantage and sending some love-filled Sunday night phrases to the ones you love the most? So, check out the selection below, choose your favorite messages and send them to your closest contacts!

Good Sunday night quotes to convey joy to the ones you love

Another Sunday came to an end. I wish you peace of mind for your new week. Good night and sleep well!

There went Sunday and it’s just gratitude that I carry, of a day lived, overcome and blessed by God. Good night and may your week be amazing!

May this Sunday night bring dreams, peace and tranquility to start all over again tomorrow. Goodnight!

The end of a happy Sunday is the beginning of an amazing week. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Sunday is already over, but don’t be sad, because God has prepared a beautiful week, full of blessings and victories.

A Sunday full of joy is a great way to recharge your batteries for the week ahead. Good night and get plenty of rest!

God bless your rest of Sunday. Goodnight!

Goodnight! May this Sunday, God cover you with His blessings and light your way every day of the week.

I stopped by to wish you a good Sunday night! Sleep well and start your day tomorrow full of energy.

Make it all worthwhile, life is so intense and yet so small. Good night and good Sunday!

Before this Sunday is over, be sure to pray and thank God for all the good you have in your life. Goodnight!

I ask God every day, before I sleep, to bless you wherever you are and protect you wherever you go. Have a good night and a good rest on Sunday!

May the joy of Sunday last throughout your week. Goodnight!

Once again comes the end of a Sunday and the beginning of a week full of promise and joy in God. Good night and an excellent week!

Sunday is already leaving, but don’t worry, God has prepared a new and blessed week for all of us. Goodnight!

Commit your week to the Lord and trust in Him. Good night and good rest for Sunday!

Goodnight! The end of a Sunday and the beginning of a week is always a reason to thank the universe for all of life’s opportunities.

Goodnight! Thank the universe for the Sunday you spent, for the rest you had and for the joys you had to live.

May the peace of God always be in your home today and always. Good night and good Sunday!

I’m going to end Sunday with the following sentence: “If it wasn’t for the care of God, I wouldn’t bear half of what I’ve already endured in this life.” Goodnight!

Goodnight! Too bad, Sunday is already leaving. But let’s start a new week full of faith and hope.

The tranquility of a good Sunday is what motivates me all week. Goodnight!

A good night’s rest and a good end to Sunday for all of us, who believe in better days!

Goodnight! May the moments of joy, peace and tranquility on Sunday last throughout the week.

Goodnight! Gratitude to end Sunday and faith to start the week.

May life be an eternal Sunday, with a lot of tranquility, calm and happiness. Goodnight!

Thank you, my God, for another night that begins and a Sunday that ends. Always teach me to follow Your path and Your plans. Goodnight!

Sunday is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Goodnight!

Goodnight! How good it is to be able to end a Sunday day with a light heart and full of hope for Monday.

While you sleep, God prepares you a beautiful dawn. Good night and good end of Sunday!

Goodnight! May your Sunday rest be one of peace, calm and lots of love.

Thank you for all the good times this Sunday and reserve a smile for tomorrow. Goodnight!

Sunday is already saying goodbye and Monday is knocking on the door. Have a good night and enjoy the week!

Thank you, God, for this wonderful Sunday and for all the days of my life. May it always be like this! Goodnight.

Goodnight! End Sunday by praying and start the week by praying, for it is in conversation with God that we find all the answers.

A well spent Sunday is the guarantee of a week full of achievements. Goodnight!

May your Sunday be peaceful and very happy! Have a good night.

Goodnight! Don’t be sad that Sunday is ending, Monday is a day of renewal and new plans.

Good night friends! Thanks for a wonderful Sunday. I wish you all a week full of joy and victories.

Happiness for me has seven letters: Sunday! Goodnight.