50+ Good Night Quotes for Mothers who take their Love Before Bed

Before going to bed, it’s worth taking a moment to say thanks and say how much we love our mother. It’s a great way to surprise her and provide a night full of good dreams and full of love. Therefore, we selected phrases of good night for mother. Check it out and tell your queen how special she is in your life!

Good Night Quotes for mom full of sweet dreams

Mom, I decided to say how much I admire you before I go to sleep. You are the most amazing woman in the whole world. Goodnight!

As I lie down on the pillow, I thank God for your life and ask Him to bless you with a nice, relaxing sleep filled with good dreams. Good night mom.

I’ll fill you with gifts because you deserve it and you always strive to give me the best opportunities. Good night mom!

The sun has already left, now is my time to say goodbye to who also lights up my life. Sleep well, Mom. Love you!

Good night mom. Your tight hug is my comfort in bad times and my happiness in celebrations. Love you!

You go to sleep with the angels because you need to rest with those like you. Good night mom!

Mom, thank you for praying for me, watching over me, and rooting for me. Your support makes all the difference in my life. Goodnight!

Good night mom. I want to dream of you to kill this longing and be able to be close to you for a moment. Love you!

Good night mom. I was lucky to be your son and to have your love at all times. Love you!

Good night mom. You are a reflection of God’s love because you have love to give and sell. Love you!

You are synonymous with love, hope and faith. You are the best mom in the world. Goodnight!

Mom, I miss your shelter and having you kiss me before I go to sleep. Love you. Goodnight!

Your love is as big and as beautiful as the starry sky. Good night mom!

I miss the kisses before bed so much that every day I send you a good night saying that I love you. Sleep well, mother!

Tomorrow will be a new day and it will be a day of victories. Sleep well, mother. Feel my love coming on the breeze of the wind.

Mom, I know if I needed your support at night, you would wake up just to help me. That’s the real meaning of love. Goodnight!

My queen deserves a royal sleep, with good dreams and a well-deserved rest. Good night mom.

Good night mom. Your love has always made me feel special and I am extremely grateful for your life.

Good night mom. The best days of my life were spent at your side. You are the most important part of my life.

Good night mom. May God bless you with a beautiful night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be a better, livelier and more joyful day. I am sure!

Before I go to sleep, I pray for you and ask God to bless you with great peace and love. You only deserve the good things in this life, Mom. Goodnight!

Today was difficult and all I needed was your affection, Mom. Goodnight. I am feeling homesick!

Good night to the most beautiful woman in the whole world, my mother. You are always in my heart and I know I am always in your prayers.

Another day ends and another battle has been won, mother. Enjoy the night to rest and contemplate the joys of life. Goodnight. Love you!

Mom, thank you for bringing me into the world and for doing your best to raise me. I am what I am because of you. Goodnight!

Good night mom. May each evening be a moment of gratitude for life and for the love that is present in our lives.

Mother, may the starlight bless you with a night full of good dreams. I am feeling homesick. Goodnight!

Good night to my favorite person. Sleep well, Mom. May your dreams be lit up by the stars and may you be even happier at dawn.

Now it’s time to rest because tomorrow will be a bright and joyful day. Sleep with God, may He refresh your strength. You are the sweetest reason for my praise. Good night mom. Love you!

All I wanted right now was a hug from you before bed. Good night mom. Feel my hug from afar telling you how special you are.

Good night mom. Sleep well, rest, don’t exert yourself and know that tomorrow I will get up to fight for our happiness.

At the end of each day, I thank God that once again, I did what I could to make you proud, Mom. Goodnight!

The sky is dark outside, but the stars announce that there is always hope where there is light. Good night mom.

Good night mom. You are my inspiration and I greatly admire your strength, your trajectory and your faith. Love you!

Even starless nights can herald the dawn of great achievement. I love you so much mom. Goodnight!

I’m counting the seconds to see you and earn your hug. I’m going to sleep soon so the time goes by faster. Good night mom!

Sleep to the sound of God’s little angels, Mom. I sleep knowing He has blessed me with you, my most beautiful angel on this earth.

You are my greatest example of peace, affection and affection. Love you! Goodnight.

How good it is to have you and know that, in addition to being a mother, you are also a friend who listens and gives the best advice. Goodnight!

May the angels lull you to sleep. Throw away everything bad from the past day. Good night mom.

I wish all the places in the world were like your loving lap. Love you mom! Goodnight.

Good night mom. I am so grateful to God that I have you in my life, that I have your love and that I was created by you.

Mother, my love, my queen, my life, my everything! Goodnight!

Mother, you are a grace from God to everyone who knows you. Love you! Goodnight.

Good night mom. Today was a tiring day, but I know that tomorrow will be better and lighter because I’ll see you. You change my mood with just a hug.

Although the sun is now sad to see you go, the moon is certainly very happy to have all night with you. Love you mom. Goodnight!

Mother, because not all heroines wear capes, not every queen has a crown, and not all angels have wings. Goodnight!

Mom, you are the love of my life. Nothing would be the same if I didn’t have your support. Thanks for so much. Goodnight!

I would exchange all the riches of this world for a simple kiss from you. Good night, Mom, I love you so much!

Mom, life is more beautiful and lively because you exist. You are my support and everything I do is to make you proud. Goodnight!