80+ Good Night Quotes for Family, that bring affection and protection

The family is one of the Lord’s greatest blessings. It is our safe haven and the place where we find shelter, respect and love. That’s why it’s so important to talk to them before bed and wish them to receive God’s protection. Check out our phrases of good night blessed family and share your wishes in groups!

Goodnight blessed family Quotes to share with those you love

Family, you are my blessing and my gift from God. Rest and replenish your energies. Goodnight!

I want the night to be peaceful, full of peace and blessings from God. Good night family!

Always close, united to draw closer to God. Wherever two or more are, the Lord will be present. Good night family!

Good night family! You are my joy and I am grateful to God for being blessed with your life.

We don’t need to fear, we don’t need to suffer. God is taking care of us and tomorrow will be a new day. Good night family!

May this night be peaceful and blessed and may it soothe our hearts. Good night family!

I wish God to renew our hope with the day to come. Good night family. Love you.

The peace of Jesus will surround you and bless you with a peaceful and refreshing night. Good night family!

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day because Jesus will be at our side opening the way. Good night family!

For tomorrow, take only what is good and what God has given us. Good night family!

Family, don’t forget that suffering ends at dawn because the Lord’s mercies are renewed. Goodnight!

Good night family! May God enlighten us and bless us in everything we do. Love you.

When we lay our head to sleep, we have the peace that God is in charge of our lives. Good night family!

The light of the Lord will drive away all the darkness of the night and will bless us. Good night family!

I wish you all a blessed night and may our strength be renewed for the day to come. Good night family!

May God remove from us what is not good and what will not fill us with joy. Good night family!

Good night family! Calm your hearts and believe that God is opening the right paths for you.

May the light of the Lord bless each one of you and protect you from all the evil that surrounds us. If He is for us, no one can with us. Good night family!

You always remind me in every conversation that life with God is the most beautiful there is. Good night family!

Feel the hand of God soothe your hearts and prepare for a blessed night. Good night family!

The angels of the Lord are by our side and watch over us so that we can rest in peace. Good night family!

Goodnight! Tomorrow will be a new day, family, and we can meet and enjoy the blessing of being together.

You are the best family in the world and I love you with all my heart. Goodnight!

For those who believe in God, anything is possible. Tomorrow you will feel this power. Good night family!

You are the family I have always asked God for because you remind me of Heaven, you are blessed, animated, and loving. Goodnight!

Good night, dear and blessed family. You are excited and will have the strength to overcome everything that will come tomorrow.

Jesus is alive in our family and blesses us all the time. Good night family!

You are a blessed family and I am grateful to God that we love and support each other always. Goodnight!

Good night family! Put your worries in God’s lap and allow Him to lighten you up to sleep peacefully.

May the angels of the Lord light up our night and drive away everything that is bad. Good night family!

Good night family. Remember that God is taking care of us and offering us a life full of love.

May the love of Jesus flood our hearts and bring us the most beautiful blessings. Good night family!

May our night be of rest and give us strength to live tomorrow. Good night, blessed family!

May God bless us with hope, peace, love and a peaceful night’s sleep. Good night family!

Rest with a calm heart and full of love because God is blessing us and taking care of us. Good night family!