50+ Good Night Monday Quotes, to celebrate the end of the first day of the week

The end of Monday is actually just the beginning of a new week full of promise. And no matter what your beliefs, what matters is being grateful and willing to face whatever comes in the next few days, isn’t it? To get that excited, the tip is to check these phrases good night, Monday!

Good Night Monday Quotes

May the good winds bring peace and a great end to Monday. Goodnight!

Sir, thanks for one more Monday. I place this week in your hands, your will be done. Goodnight!

I’m going to end my Monday with this sentence: “no obstacles are too big when we trust in God”. Goodnight!

We come to the end of another Monday. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to live another day. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Thank you, Lord, for a blessed Monday.

Good night, happy Monday and may God accompany you throughout the week.

The bed calls to me, friends! See you tomorrow! Have a good Monday night.

Goodnight! To all my friends, I wish you a great Monday.

Goodnight. Monday is ending. May we have an even more wonderful Tuesday.

Good night, a good rest and an incredible end of Monday!

Good night, group! May this Monday rest be a lot of rest, peace and love.

Goodnight! Thank you, Lord, for another Monday full of achievements, excitement and good things. Give me the strength to make it happen tomorrow.

Goodnight! May tomorrow be as good as this past Monday.

And another Monday comes to an end, but the week has just begun. May everyone get a good night’s sleep!

Good night family. Another Monday comes to an end with the promise of a week full of good times. Here we go?

Goodnight. How good it is to reach the end of a Monday and only have something to say thanks for! May it always be so, amen.

Goodnight! Thanks to you who made my Monday even more lively, joyful and with fun moments.

Goodnight! It’s still Monday, which means we have a whole week of opportunities to take advantage of. Let us not waste the new spirit.

Goodnight! God, I thank You for this past Monday and I pray that tomorrow will be an even better day.

Goodnight! Thank you, my God, for this amazing Monday. The Lord really puts the right people in our path.

Goodnight! Have you already taken the time to thank this past Monday? Always be grateful for everything you experience!

Goodnight! It’s still Monday, but I’m already thinking about Friday’s beer. Who else is like this?

Goodnight! This Monday, the universe only gave me good things. Gratitude.

A good night full of gratitude. This Monday was amazing and I was with amazing people.

What a beautiful Monday! And may tomorrow be even better. Goodnight!

Goodnight! May God bless your sleep and the rest of Monday.

Goodnight. There is nothing more beautiful than ending this Monday with a grateful heart and overflowing with love.

Goodnight! Thank you, God, for leading my steps this Monday. May it always be like this!

Goodnight! Monday and the week is just beginning. What are your plans for the next few days? Lets make it worth?

How good it is to have a Monday full of God’s blessings. Without Him, nothing would be possible. Goodnight!