70+ Good Night Messages For Him In Long Distance that Bring Hearts Together

Hit that longing for your love, but you, for some reason, are far away? So, how about sending that super affectionate message that shows all your love and affection? Read and choose the best good night phrases for a distant boyfriend! He’s going to be all happy and feel really taken care of.

Goodnight messages for a distant boyfriend that will kill the longing for the beloved

Moving on to wish you a good night. And also to say that nostalgia is making a home in my little heart! Love you.

Goodnight! What is the value of time and the road that separates us? You complete me even from afar and make me just what is good to make you happy.

Goodnight! Please, I want a hug that makes it worth all those days I spent without seeing you.

Honey, I want you to have a wonderful night. May you renew your energies to have an amazing day tomorrow. Goodnight!

Yellow card for you, because it’s been sorely missed here! Goodnight!

A good night to the best boyfriend in the world, who even far away makes me the happiest person in the world!

If every time I wanted you here with me we would be together forever. Goodnight!

This distance that separates us is the force that moves me to love you more each day. A good night and sleep well!

Goodnight! Know that I lie down and wake up thinking about you. I can’t wait to meet again.

Goodnight! No matter how much distance is present between us, it will never erase our love.

Goodnight! The nights are not the same without you, my love. I miss you, come back soon!

Goodnight! You are the brightest star in my sky. I love you and miss you.

It’s when night falls that the warmth of your arms I miss even more. I can’t wait for us to get closer to each other, my love. Goodnight!

I’m counting the days to see you again and be able to hug, kiss and stay in the comfort of our home. Love you and have a good night!

Good night to the love of my life, who, even miles away, remains a present, loving and faithful boyfriend.

Goodnight! When love is strong, distance does not separate, it only strengthens.

Even far away you are close, my love. One day this distance will only be a memory and we will be able to spend every day together. Goodnight!

I think about you all day and I miss you here by my side, but soon we’ll see each other again! Remember I love you forever. Goodnight!

Remember: no matter how far apart we are, there will always be a sky that unites us. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Dropping by to say you’re an amazing boyfriend and I miss you. I hope our meeting is soon. I love you, beautiful!

Distance is nothing when you have the greatest love in the world. I love you, my dear. Have a good night!

May our love grow more and more each day. Goodnight!

You have redefined the word love for me and for that I will be eternally grateful. Goodnight! Sleep thinking about me.

It is not necessary to be together to be partners! You are an amazing boyfriend and I love you so much, ok? Never forget! Have a good night, sweetie.

This message is proof that my last thought of the day is you. Goodnight love!

Long-distance dating only works when the two are committed, mature and love each other a lot. Glad we’re like that. Goodnight!

Goodnight My Love. I hope your day was beautiful, just like you. We’ll see you soon. I love you, I miss you!

Every day I imagine myself on your side. Good night and I miss you!

It was God who wrote our story! And He knew this distance would be important to both of us. Good night and sleep with the Lord’s blessings.

Goodnight My Love! God put you in my life in a funny way. Even with the distance I love you more every day.

Distance allows nostalgia, but never forgetting, no matter how far away you are, it will always be in my thoughts. Goodnight love!

Goodnight! Every day I pray to God giving thanks for his life and for our love. I know that soon we will be together again, after all, this is in His plans.

Our love is strong because God is the base. Therefore, no distance will ever separate us. Love you, have a good night!

Hey, don’t forget! Someone here loves you. Goodnight!

Good night my Dear! Just dropping by to tell you that you are the greatest gift God could ever give me. I’m missing you so much and counting the days to see you again.

Goodnight! You are present in all my dreams. I can’t wait to see you again and enjoy all the lost time.

One day, the distance between the two of us will be like this: you right there on the other pillow. Goodnight!

Lucky is having a boyfriend like you! Even far away, he shows himself to be present and mega attentive. Love you my love! Have a blessed night.

Good night to my prince! Just to let you know that I’m dying of homesickness and preparing everything for your return, huh!

Although we are far away, you will see that the distance that separates us is smaller than the one that unites us. Goodnight My Love!

Goodnight! When love is strong and true, no distance can separate. And our relationship proves that, doesn’t it?

Good night to the best boyfriend in the world! May this distance strengthen our love and make us grow even more.

There isn’t a day that I don’t wake up or go to sleep thinking about you. Goodnight!

Our love is founded on God, so there is no time and distance to wear it out. Love you! Goodnight!

God told me we’ll see each other again soon, love. Can’t wait! Goodnight!

I love you today and forever! I wish you one more good night, my dear boyfriend!

Our love is a divine gift! May we be able to meet again soon, my handsome! Good night to you!

The universe was very generous when it brought you into my life. Today I miss you, but I know that soon we will be together again. Goodnight!

Goodnight! Our love is a thing of other lives and that’s why no distance can end what we have! I love you so much.

The best company is not one who is always around, but one who is present even when far away. Goodnight!