121+ Good Morning Quotes to Make your Mornings more Beautiful

Who does not like to wake up early and receive a good day from the loved one? Or, of some friend that you miss? It is small details like this that make all the difference so that our stay is full of love and joy. If you spread happiness, happiness comes to dominate everyone around you.

How about getting into the habit of sending beautiful messages to the special people in your life every day? Check out these beautiful good morning quotes, share with those you love, and wish her a sensational day.

  • May we know how to thank the little so that we can deserve a lot. Good Morning!
  • Just because you exist, my heart wakes up full of joy and love. Good Morning!
  • Start the day with positive energy and don’t let anything take away your joy. Good Morning!
  • Don’t just wish, but make someone’s day a good day! Good Morning! Have Have a nice day!
  • Regardless of what happens, remember that you make a good day.
  • Moving on to wish a beautiful day for those I love the most! ??Good Morning! Have Have a nice day!
  • Turn someone’s waking up into today’s best experience! Good Morning! ?
  • Good Morning! Opportunities are waiting for you, grab them! ☀?
  • May today be as beautiful and special as you are for me. A good day to you! Good Morning! Have Have a nice day!
  • When you wake up remember that the most important day of your life is always the one that is just beginning!
  • To my friends I love so much I wish you a good day and a warm hug!! Good Morning! Have Have a nice day!
  • Not every day is easy, but if you have faith you will win each one of them by giving your best! Good Morning!

Good Morning Quotes for WhatsApp

Do you want to make Whatsapp groups lively at the beginning of the day? So here are some suggestions for images to share with the family, friends and work group to give that good special day!

  • May this day be filled with positive energy.
  • Start the day believing that it is possible.
  • Waking up is the best reason to be happy.
  • Good Morning! May the sun illuminate all your steps on this beautiful summer day.
  • May the Lord bless our ways, guide our steps, protect those we love and always be our company on this beautiful road of life! ?
  • Good Morning! Today focus your thoughts on everything that is good and your life will surely change!
  • May your day be beautiful, wonderful and as you use it!
  • May your days be blessed, our infinite smiles and our invincible faith! ☀❤
  • The real wisdom is in knowing how to take full advantage of life, even in the least good. Good Morning!
  • Do you know when you feel everything is going to be all right? This is the day to make it work. Make it happen and see the results arrive ??
  • I stopped by to leave a big good morning kiss and say that I’m always rooting for you ?☺

Good Morning Quotes for Her

  • Good morning messages – I kiss you sweetly and send you my good moodI kiss you sweetly and send you my good mood. Good morning!
  • Good morning my dear! Although there are so many kilometers between us, love can be expressed in just two words. I love you!
  • Nothing is more beautiful than waking up with you in mind. It’s almost as beautiful as when I fall asleep with you in mind. Good morning!
  • Good morning, honey! Open your eyes and let the warmth of the sun caress you in my place. I love you.
  • Good morning beautiful! I would like to wake up next to you and watch you open your lashes slowly, in the first rays of the sun.
  • Have you been a coffee bean in the past? it must be, because I can’t start the day without you. Good morning my love.
  • May you start the morning with a smile, and the rays of the sun shining through your window will remind you of me!
  • Good morning! I love you and I will prove it to you, don’t forget that at any moment I only think of you!
  • A new sun, a new day, a new message. I want you to forget all the problems of life as long as you are with me. Good morning!
  • It’s morning, the sun has already risen, and it wouldn’t hurt to wake up, to smile and to remember me! Good morning my love!

Good Morning Quotes for Girlfriend

  • Good morning my dear. Start this day with the thought that tonight we will be together and we will recover all the distance.
  • For the night to end, I continued to dream of you with my eyes open. Good morning! I love you!
  • Did you order a wake-up call? sign up for the reception. Providing services Good morning! A cool smile and a good mood are enough to reward you for the delivery!
  • The first thing I thought of this wonderful morning was your wonderful eyes. Good morning!
  • Good morning my dear! I would like to be the first ray of sunshine to caress your face in the morning, but unfortunately, I can’t. I would like to be the water that washes your face in the morning, but I can’t do that either. Fortunately, I can be the one to tell you that he loves you every morning!
  • Can I say good morning to you today and that I love you? If not, can I tell you tomorrow? But the day after tomorrow? … Because I will love you every day of my life and you are my morning.
  • Someone told me that an hour lasts 60 minutes and a minute lasts 60 seconds, but no one told me that a second without you lasts forever! Good morning!
  • You’d think I forgot you, you’d think I didn’t care, or you’d think I didn’t think of you. You’re wrong, you’re still in my dreams. Good morning!
  • You replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness and my fear with love. Good morning.
  • Good morning beautiful and let’s wake up, show the whole world how much we both love each other !!!

Good Morning Quotes for Him

  • With my eyes I would look at you, with my hands I would touch you, with my lips I would whisper “Good morning!” if you were by my side now.
  • I tell you ‘Good morning’ before you clear my face, I tell you ‘I love you’ before you drink my coffee, I tell you ‘take care of yourself’ before you go out the door. As if you were here. Next to me!
  • I wake up dazed. I feel like I’m missing something. I look to the left, I look to the right. You are not and I miss you so much!
  • The bed is empty without you, The day makes no sense without you. But I’m confident we’ll see each other soon. Good mornin
  • I could live a night without light, I could serve a meal without salt, I could sip a coffee without milk but I couldn’t leave any morning without telling you how much I miss you!
  • I’m not upset but I can’t smile, I’m not sad but I feel like crying, I’m not alone but I miss you!
  • Good morning love! I miss your face in the morning when you beg me to let you sleep, the coffee you make in the morning, your smell when you get out of the shower. I miss you!
  • A new day with you is all I can wish for this morning! I love you!
  • The past is history, the future is a mystery but the present is my gift to you this morning! I want to write history and walk together in mystery. I love you!
  • I don’t have diamonds to send you or tickets to Paris, but I have two words for you this morning: I love you!
  • Good morning my love! Gravity pushes me towards you to say ‘I love you!’
  • I wish I could be by your side and whisper “Good morning!”
  • I embrace this morning with a smile on my face, with a lot of love in my soul, with good thoughts in my heart and with you in mind. I love you!
  • YOU are the reason I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, counting the minutes until we see each other again.
  • I hope you have a beautiful day, my love! A day as beautiful as you!
  • You don’t even know how lucky I feel every morning because I have you in my life!
  • The good morning starts with you in mind, the perfect morning starts with you! I only want an infinite number of perfect mornings!

Good Morning Quotes for Boyfriend

  • Good morning love! Rise and shine! Enlighten my love for you today! I can not wait to see you!
  • In the morning, from the first ray of sunshine, and until the evening, at the first glow of the star, remember how much you mean to me! I love you, good morning!
  • Good morning, my love! I slept and I dreamed of you, I woke up and I was still dreaming of you! The seconds will be minutes, the minutes hours until we see each other!
  • Honey, I’m not feeling well at all this morning… I woke up sick / sick of your longing… You’re the only cure… I don’t know how I’ll survive until I can hug you… Whatever it is, don’t forget how much you -I loved you iub I love you… I will love you!
  • Good morning, my soul! The night without you was dark, the day with you will be sunny! I love you!
  • I was looking for nothing in this big world and I found you, a huge thing in a world suddenly small. Good morning my angel!
  • Good morning my love! If the wind comes to you, receive it because it makes me think… And of course you don’t risk anything, in it there is only love, longing and happiness that you exist.
  • Good morning love! Just before drinking your morning coffee, close your eyes and think of me for the first time, just as I think of you now.
  • A kiss and a hug right now, when you wake up! Only then good morning love!
  • Only with you can I breathe, laugh, live, ‘Morning, dear, I love you!

Good Morning Monday Quotes

  • Mondays can be the most difficult days to get out of bed, but they are also the best days to start something new.
  • When I started to see every beginning of the week as a new opportunity in life, I started to love Mondays! Good Morning!
  • May your Monday represent the beginning of a blessed week.
  • Good morning, Mon … Wait, better have a coffee first. Now, good morning, Monday!
  • A good Monday starts when it ends!
  • Get up, shake off the dust, go around the top.
  • With each new day, each moment, we have at our disposal the wonderful possibility of the meeting, which brings endless opportunities. We just need to be aware.


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