Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Sonali telling Bhavani that she had called the visitors and that everything was fine. For puja, Ashwini says she’ll make modak. She’ll get up at 4 a.m. Sai wakes up at 4 a.m. when the alarm goes off. She regrets leaving in this manner, but she believes she is granting Virat freedom. She is unable to back down. While Virat is sleeping, Sai gets the suitcase and walks out of the room. Devyani appears and offers to assist her in this endeavour. Sai instructs her to bury the bag in the garden without anyone noticing. They descend the stairs.

Ashwini asks God to protect Virat and Sai. Sai instructs Devyani to see if someone is approaching before signalling her. Sai tucks the suitcase away in the garden. Sai expresses her gratitude to Devyani for her assistance. She gives Devyani a hug. Devyani claims that just like Sai assisted her in marrying Pulkit, she also assisted her. Sai advises her to retire to her bed. When Sai sees the house, she realises she has no choice but to go, no matter how painful it is. She prays for God’s blessings on her new beginning.


The next day, everyone is busy preparing for the event. Ninad inquires about Virat’s whereabouts. He does not respond. Sunny walks up and says everything is OK after Samrat’s return. Devyani anticipates Harinee and Pulkit’s arrival. Karishma’s rangoli is praised by Sai, who claims Mohit must have taught her how to make it. For Puja, Sonali instructs Karishma to fetch some flowers and plants from the garden. Sai becomes anxious, fearing that Karishma may discover the luggage and catch her.


Sai follows Karishma and assists her. Karishma is sent in a different direction by Sai to bring flowers. Devyani approaches Sai and claims to have taken care of the matter. Pakhi and Samrat are complimented by Mansi, who says they resemble Ram and Sita. Samrat and Pakhi do the aarti as the puja begins. Ninad will perform Ganpati aarti today, according to Samrat. He was not present when Ninad performed, so he should perform today.


Sai makes a request of Ninad, who agrees. The aarti is performed by Virat and Sai. Everyone does it one at a time. The priest instructs Sai to perform aarti for everyone. This is the last time Sai will do it, she believes. She receives blessings from the elders and performs aarti for them. Virat accepts it as well, and Ashwini instructs him to use sindoor to fill Sai’s hairline. Virat does something that irritates Pakhi. Virat believes Sai will never comprehend how deeply he loves her.