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Virat is seen making his hair, and Sai becomes angry at him. She begins to read her book grouchily. Virat doesn’t seem to be bothered. He continues to read another book. Sai becomes annoyed and asks Virat why he met Pakhi at the same cafe she had been to. Virat says he clarified all the misunderstandings in front of his family. Then she asks stupid questions. He can meet his friend wherever he is. Sai asks Pakhi if he is really your friend.

Samrat enters the room to get some things from the cupboard. Pakhi tells Samrat to stop. Samrat asks if she wants him to leave. Although Virat was the one who decided, Samrat doesn’t want to be left behind. She didn’t ask her husband to make that decision so she can decide for herself what she wants in her life. Pakhi claims she already has a decision. She isn’t interested in talking about Virat. Samrat is asked to listen without taunting her.

Virat keeps asking Sai questions. Virat says that just because two people hold hands doesn’t necessarily mean they are in a relationship. Sai claims that if you were in Sai’s shoes, you would think the same. Ajinkya and me were doubted just like you did. She grabs Virat’s book, and questions him. Virat claims that if he meets a girl, it will upset Sai. This marriage is a bargain for her. Then why does she care? Sai does not answer. Virat grabs his book and lays down in a chair. Sai grabs the book again and tells Samrat that she feels bad.

Pakhi and Virat cheat him. Virat claims he explained all to Samrat. Samrat’s decision will not affect Sai’s daily life, so she should stop worrying. Sai claims it also affects her as she shared with her friends Virat’s illness, but he was at a cafe. Now her friends think she is making excuses. Virat apologizes to Sai for making her feel embarrassed in front of her friends. He says he saw the pain in Sai’s eyes and that is why it is so. Sai claims she doesn’t feel sad. She claims Virat doesn’t accept Pakhi because Samrat is her wife. They will be taunted by the society. Virat claims he is not going to say any more. Sai claims Virat cleverly presented the situation as though he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he didn’t tell Chavans exactly what he was talking about with Pakhi. Pakhi was not happy with the suggestion. Virat is pissed off and claims that he sometimes feels like he’ll pour cold water over Sai. She is shocked when Virat pretends to pour water, but the jug has run out. He tells her what his final decision is. Virat states that his final decision will be a temporary calmer for the storm.

Samrat believes Virat has moved on, but Pakhi doesn’t believe so, so she may have to divorce him. Pakhi recalls Virat’s praise for Sai and his acceptance of Sai’s feelings. Pakhi feels it is her turn to make the decision. Samrat then offers her a second chance. They can start over. Samrat believes this is a joke. Pakhi claims that they are married as per law. Samrat claims he doesn’t care about the rest of the world. Samrat believes that love unites all couples and not just marriage. Pakhi holds Samrat in his hand and suggests that they start their married lives like any other couple. Samrat insists that he doesn’t need her sympathy. Virat asked her why she didn’t tell Samrat.


Virat falls asleep, but Sai lies on the bed. Virat lays down on her lap, and then gets up. Sai claims that she told Virat to rest, but he didn’t pay attention to her. Virat claims he learned a lesson and will not make the same mistake again. Sai claims she doesn’t need him to pay attention forcefully. Why Pakhi took Virat with him to the cafe when he was sick. Virat claims he doesn’t need her concern. Virat said she felt the same way for a stranger. Sai said she was concerned for her husband and not for the stranger. Virat is surprised to say that he wants sleep. Sai questions him about why he didn’t take his medications. Virat asks him why he is taking such good care of me. Sai claims that he doesn’t take care for himself, so she must. Virat admits that he sometimes feels like he should be dead and wants to know if Sai will feel sad or happy. In shock, Sai holds Virat’s hand.