Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ashwini forces Sai to sit and feeds her at the start of the episode. He is also fed by Sai. Ashwini inquires as to why she appears to be sad these days. Samrat also inquired if Sai was irritated due of academic pressure. Sai begins to cry, and Ashwini deduces that Virat is causing her distress. Then Ashwini wonders why Sai didn’t protest to her about Virat.

When Ninad misbehaves with her, Ashwini adds. Virat despises it, yet he is unwittingly emulating his father. Sai claims that from tomorrow, she would not allow Virat to express his rage. Sai enjoys Ashwini’s company. Bappa, she claims, will put things right. Sai believes her decision will have a significant impact on Ashwini, therefore Ashwini leaves to clean the kitchen. But she comes to a halt and embraces Sai. Sai inquires as to what transpired. Ashwini claims she had an epiphany and decided to shower love on Sai. Sai believes Ashwini would remain in her heart even after she has left the house.


Virat inquires as to why Devyani came to seek Sai’s assistance if Sai is always correct. Virat, according to Devyani, acts as though he doesn’t care about Sai. Virat responds, “Does Sai give a damn about me?” He can’t stop her since she doesn’t want to. Virat claims that Sai is adamant about doing what she wants, similar to how she helped Devyani flee to marry Pulkit. He’s had enough of her obstinacy. He won’t be able to persuade her to stop.


Virat, according to Devyani, can’t talk about Sai like this. Pakhi inquires as to why Devyani prefers Sai to her brother. Devyani silences her and promises to assist Sai if Virat refuses to come. Pakhi provokes Virat by claiming that Sai is making empty threats and that she simply used Devyani to terrify Virat into begging her not to go.


Pakhi, Devyani claims, is so awful that she constantly criticises Sai. Devyani is told by Virat not to harass Pakhi because she is Samrat’s wife. Pakhi’s badmouthing of Sai will not be tolerated by Devyani. Pakhi informs Devyani that because she is married and does not belong to the Chavan family, she should refrain from interfering in their affairs.


Virat claims that Devyani is a family member, but she is unaware of what has occurred between him and Sai in recent months. Devyani claims that Virat has changed, that he is no longer genuine Virat and that he now speaks like Pakhi. Devyani says she’ll tell Samrat everything and then walks away. This is something Virat holds Sai accountable for. Pakhi believes Virat would soon realise that picking Sai was the worst move he ever made.


Shivani is chatting with a friend, and Sai is smiling. She tells Shivani that she will assist her in selecting puja attire. Shivani displays her clothing, and Sai expresses his gratitude for her unwavering support. Sai believes she should stay the same. Shivani wonders why she is suddenly praising her.


Shivani compliments Sai’s personality and Sai chooses a saree for her. They exchange hugs. Pakhi enters her room and informs Samrat that she was out walking. Samrat said he had been anticipating her arrival. He advises her to dress in complementary colours.


Everyone will be dressed in pink, according to Pakhi. She believes Virat will appreciate the colour on her, so she will put it on for him. Pakhi tells Samrat that she wishes to take a brief excursion to Mahabaleshwar. Samrat declares whether she will go there for Virat or for him. Pakhi claims that Samrat was discovered there. As a result, she wants to go. Pakhi believes Virat went there with Sai as well, and that she will make him jealous. Samrat becomes ecstatic and declares that he wants to go with his entire family. Orphan children will be met by Chavans.


Pakhi advises that they wait till later to plan anything for themselves. Samrat inquires if she is dissatisfied with his suggestion. Pakhi says she will inform the family, but Samrat advises her to ask Sai specifically because she needs to be ready to go without missing any courses. Pakhi is irritated because she believes Sai is continuously trying to spoil her happiness.