Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Sai calling Pulkit and inquiring about her decision. Sai has made her ultimate choice to leave Nagpur and relocate to Gadchiroli. Pulkit advises her not to jeopardise her job because of a few people. Sai claims she can no longer stay here after witnessing Virat’s wrath towards her. Pulkit advises her to stay somewhere else in Nagpur if she doesn’t want to get into trouble.

Sai claims she has been having problems since her father abandoned her and she married someone like Virat. She claims she doesn’t want to bother Virat’s family by being here; though Virat has been misbehaving with her recently, he stood by her and did a lot for her after Kamal’s death, so she can’t bother him since people will taunt Chavans if she stays apart in Nagpur. She becomes agitated.

Virat calls Sunny on the phone and expresses his displeasure with Sai’s rage issues. He is unable of dealing with her. When he sees Devyani, he hangs up. He inquires as to whether she is offended by his treatment of Sai. Devyani claims that Sai is upset and that she has made a decision. What is it, Virat inquires? Devyani claims she can’t tell him about her and Sai’s secret. Devyani follows Sai’s instructions and plays the game. However, Virat becomes perplexed and wants her to reveal the secret, but Devyani advises him to speak with Sai.

Virat deceives Devyani by claiming to have a secret with Samrat. If she doesn’t tell him about her secret, he won’t tell her. Sai, according to Devyani, does not want to stay here. So Sai wants to leave the house, Virat finishes the statement. Devyani inquires as to how he arrived at his conclusion. He claims she has been threatening to leave the house since the beginning, and that this is nothing new. So she can get out of here. He’s not going to stop her. Pakhi hears what’s going on.

Pulkit advises Sai to reconsider her decision. Her education will be hampered as a result. Sai has stated that she would not modify her mind. Pulkit says they need to see whether there is a seat open for Sai in any Gadchiroli college. Sai claims that she is aware that seats are available for her. Devyani will be saddened after learning about Sai’s departure, according to Pulkit. Devyani has already been informed of Sai’s departure, according to Sai.

Devyani begs Virat to intervene and prevent Sai from leaving. Virat instructs her not to cry when she starts crying. He claims he won’t be able to stop Sai from leaving. He’ll never be able to lock her up. Devyani claims that Sai is his wife, and that he cannot divorce her in this manner. He should re-lock her.

Virat claims that he has completed his duties and that Sai is now free. She is free to do as she pleases. Devyani claims that if he does not stop Sai, Bappa will not forgive him. Pakhi enters and declares that Virat is not a child and that he would not be scared by anything. Devyani warns her not to get involved in this. She tells her to get out of here. Pakhi sarcastically claims that Sai taught Devyani to despise her.

Pulkit informs Sai that he and Harinee will meet her. But Sai believes she will not wait and will leave the house after Aarti. Pakhi is chastised by Devyani for continuously saying the incorrect thing about Sai. Why is Virat oblivious to the situation? Virat declares that he does not wish to comprehend anything. He’s not going to be able to stop Sai. Pakhi claims that Sai has always been selfish, and that she only shows off by caring for others. Devyani warns Virat that he will be sorry.

Ashwini arrives with meals and inquires as to who she was conversing with. It was Pulkit, according to Sai. Ashwini expresses her desire to feed her, claiming that she is aware that Sai is hungry. Sai feels it’s her last day at the house when Ashwini scolds her, and she’ll miss Ashwini’s scolding.