Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sai is packing her belongings as Devyani arrives to call her. Devyani assumes Sai is attempting to make a clothing selection. She assists her, but Sai becomes irritated. Devyani inquires as to her whereabouts. She instructs Sai to swear allegiance to her. Sai acknowledges that she will be leaving on her own. But, Devyani adds, why is she doing it? She claims that she will inform everyone about Sai’s departure.

Sai pulls her aside and tells her that’s their secret, and if Devyani loves her, she should keep it to herself. Devyani comes to a halt and expresses how much she would miss Sai. But why can’t you tell your family? Sai deceives Devyani in order for her to keep the situation hidden. She instructs Devyani to make a pledge to her. Devyani, on the other hand, continues to deny. By playing a game, Sai persuades her.

Devyani inquires if Sai is also leaving Virat. Sai claims she is leaving the town for the greater good of everyone. Devyani claims that Sai brought her a lot of happiness and that she married Pulkit, so why does she want to leave Virat?

Devyani takes Kamal’s picture and claims that if he had been alive, he would have prevented Sai from fleeing. Holding Kamal’s portrait, Sai becomes distraught. She claims that if he were still alive, she would not be in this unwelcome marriage. Virat will never intentionally misbehave around her. Devyani offers her comfort.

Pakhi invites Samrat to sit in Puja while she prepares. Simply said, Samrat thinks she looks good. Pakhi is about to leave when he asks why she told him that he should have brought the idol rather than Virat. Pakhi becomes concerned that Samrat may have deduced that she wanted to do Virat’s aarti. She then deviates from the topic by claiming that she was never given the privilege to perform Samrat’s aarti, and that he gave it to Bhavani before he left for duty. Samrat is persuaded, and he smiles at her.

Devyani inquires about Sai’s availability to meet with her. Sai assures her. Virat arrives and is taken aback when he sees Devyani. He advises her to spend the night with Sai. Devyani advises Virat to spend evening with Sai. She’s going to say that Sai is leaving when he tells her to shut up. Devyani conceals the situation, and Virat claims that Sai was performing the aarti in a terrible mood, and that as everyone was talking modak, she departed.

Pakhi also teased Sai, claiming she wouldn’t like her modak. She was strutting her stuff. Virat never notices Pakhi’s blunder. Virat inquires as to why Sai is bothered by Pakhi’s activities. She never admits to making mistakes. As Virat stands there pointing out her errors, Sai says. His part-time employment is as a police officer. Virat shuts her up, telling her that she shouldn’t strive to prove him wrong all of the time. Virat is told not to reprimand Sai by Devyani.

Virat claims that he is not in town to please Sai. Devyani is asked to leave the room by Sai. Devyani asks Virat not to reprimand Sai again. Before leaving, Sai gives her another signal. Sai inquires about Virat’s condition. Virat claims that Kamal was a great mentor, but that he couldn’t teach Sai proper etiquette.

Virat, according to Sai, would never be able to match Kamal’s brilliance. She mocks him, telling him that he needs to see a psychiatrist about his rage issues. She goes on to say that she has no relationship with him, thus he can’t misbehave around her. Virat gets up and walks away, disgusted. Sai claims that, despite Pulkit’s advice to stay in Nagpur, she must make a difficult decision for herself.