Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pakhi begins the episode by offering parathas to her family. Pakhi says the recipe is her mother’s and Bhavani compliments it. It’s not your typical dull breakfast. Pakhi, according to Ashwini, is a far better cook than she is. Pakhi tells Devyani to have breakfast, but she says she will eat with her when Sai arrives. You should not be hungry till then, according to Pakhi. Virat is irritated. Devyani needs to take her medications, so Bhavani advises her to eat breakfast.

Shivani inquires if Pakhi summoned Sai to join them. Pakhi claims she asked Sai to come, but she declined. Samrat explains why Sai refuses to come. Pakhi is told by Virat not to think about Sai too much. Pakhi believes Sai does not want to eat breakfast because she prepared it. That does not sit well with Ashwini.

Samrat feels Sai is angry with Virat because he has her trapped in a room. Only Virat and Sai, according to Ashwini, know what happened between them. Sai, according to Bhavani, is constantly arguing with Virat. But she made a mistake by cancelling his transfer without first consulting him.

Bhavani should be pleased that Virat is spending time with them, according to Samrat. Omkar claims that because Virat is a senior officer, Sai cannot meet him at random. Samrat defends Sai, stating that they are continually pointing up her flaws, but Virat ignores them all. He claims he doesn’t want to hear anything else about the transfer. Samrat inquires as to why he is acting aggressively these days. Did he act the same way around Sai?

Sai will have breakfast in Ashwini’s room, she says. There’s no need to do that, according to Virat. When Sai arrives, she informs us that she is running late for college. I know you’re hungry, Ashwini says, so she forces Sai to sit and feeds her paratha. Sonali mocks Ashwini, claiming that unlike everyone else, she displays additional concern for Sai.

For Ganesh Chaturthi, Ashwini says she’ll make modak. No one should make an excuse while eating. Sai claims that no food will be wasted starting tomorrow. Pakhi inquires, “Why did you say no to dinner today only because I made it?” She goes on to say that Sai should tell Samrat that she came to call her for breakfast but she refused.

Of course, Pakhi invited her to breakfast, and everyone is thrilled, Sai says. No one compliments Sai or Ashwini when they prepare food, she claims. They are, however, praising Pakhi, who is everyone’s favourite bahu. Bhavani claims that everyone is in a good mood, thus Sai should not destroy it. These things, according to Sai, will not happen starting tomorrow.

Virat expresses what Sai is trying to communicate. Is she going to get out of the house? Ganpati bappa will visit the house tomorrow, according to Ashwini. Virat will be accompanied by Samrat, who says he would bring the idol. Karishma claims she isn’t as fortunate as Sai. Because Sai is unwell, Ashwini says she is feeding him.

Samrat inquires if Sai has taken any medications. Sai claims to know the true cause of her illness. She expects to depart the house without alerting anyone soon. Sai, according to Pakhi, is preparing to eat Canteen food because she didn’t enjoy her own dish. Sai claims that you are more familiar with my personality than I am.

Devyani accuses Pakhi of being envious; she doesn’t need everyone to adore her meal. Pakhi inquires as to why Devyani constantly taunts her. Pakhi, Devyani claims, also harms Sai with her remarks. Devyani is warned by Sai not to dispute with Pakhi or she will be reprimanded. Virat, according to Sai, does not understand Devyani. Devyani, she claims, accepted her actual self and will always support her. Sai also expresses regret for whatever harm she may have caused. She claims that everything will change tomorrow. Shivani explains Sai’s strategy.