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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sai begins the programme by explaining that Virat is going due of Pakhi. Virat claims Pakhi is his past, which explains why Sai keeps bringing up the subject. He’s been gone for a long time. What is the true source of her annoyance? Sai claims she isn’t annoyed, but she shouldn’t have blocked the transfer in the first place. She will ask the Senior Officer for permission to transfer him once more.

Virat inquires as to who the hell she is. She is not a prime minister or a superwoman with unlimited powers. She is a master manipulator. Pakhi is manipulative, according to Sai. Pakhi sobbed consciously in order for Virat to console her. Virat forces Sai into the closet and inquires as to why Pakhi’s name is interfering with their relationship. Pakhi, according to Sai, has been between them since their wedding day. Virat departs, and Sai believes Virat’s rage is growing to the point where it is impacting his mental health.

Pakhi arrives with tea for Sai and Virat. Pakhi assumes that the absence of pillows between Virat and Sai’s beds indicates that their misunderstandings have been resolved. Pakhi becomes involved in their situation, and Sai says it’s Pakhi’s practise to get involved in their personal matters. Pakhi claims she came here to make a brunch call. She was in a good mood today and decided to make breakfast for everyone. Virat says he’ll be there in a while. Sai claims she would not join them because she will be attending college.

Pakhi insists, but Sai claims she is not a family member. Pakhi claims that Sai produced a scene in front of Vaishali the day before yesterday. When you know I’m a jerk, Sai says, why could you expect anything positive from me?

Pakhi teases Sai, claiming that she constantly has problems with Virat, which is why they sleep separately. Sai taunts her back, telling her she can’t brag like her. Pakhi inquires, “What do you mean?” Sai believes she is aware of all of her antics and is simply acting joyful. Pakhi believes Sai is to blame for her and Virat’s split.

Pakhi inquires as to why she and Virat are sleeping in this manner, hoping that she is not the cause. When Virat hears this, he advises Pakhi not to worry about it. Sai claims that’s her room and that she can come and go as she pleases. Whatever is going on between Sai and Virat, according to Pakhi, is not natural.

Pakhi wonders why Sai is so concerned about them. Pakhi has stated that she will no longer intervene in Sai and Virat’s affairs. She is just concerned with her marriage to Samrat. Pakhi is taunted by Sai, who suggests that you put a sign on your chamber door declaring how happy you are in your marriage. Pakhi inquires of Virat as to why Sai is constantly disrespectful to her.

Virat claims Pakhi and Sai are to blame. Pakhi allows Sai to hear the taunting. Sai seems unconcerned about her gestures, then why does Pakhi insist on them all the time? Pakhi begins her performance by stating that she recognises Samrat’s talent. Virat believes that everyone is happy now, but Sai will never understand his love.

Pakhi advises Virat to have breakfast so that Samrat does not misunderstand. Samrat, according to Sai, is intelligent and can identify whether anything is phoney or real. Pakhi, she continues, “suddenly began to love her after loathing her for three years.”

Pakhi taunts Sai, who then silences her. Pakhi declares that she would no again make the mistake of putting herself in the way of Virat. Virat tells them to put down their weapons. Samrat is waiting for you. Sai refuses to leave and demands that Virat return all of her personal information to her father.

Sai goes on to say that she wants to relieve Virat of all his burdens. Virat claims that Sai will not teach him about his responsibilities. He hands her all of the information, and she declares that Virat will not be responsible for her. Sai, according to Virat, is not thinking about what she is doing. It will have an impact on her in the future. Sai declares that she would not intervene in Virat’s actions.


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