Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show begins with Pakhi declaring that If Samrat would like to be in an orphanage, she is his wife she would stay with him. Vaishali asks her not to make such a drastic choice. She helps Samrat be aware that he needs to be a part of the team and earn money in order to fulfill Pakhi’s responsibilities. Social work is a good thing however he shouldn’t invest the entirety of his time into it. He should be helping children, but investing all of his money to support the children isn’t a wise choice.

Pakhi says to Vaishali not to engage with Samrat in this manner. If Samrat is satisfied with what the he’s doing, she is fine with the way he is doing it. Vaishali states that Pakhi shouldn’t leave her parents for ever like this. They believed that Pakhi’s future was assured after getting married to someone who works for the government but the situation is not as it was before. Pakhi also wanted to work in a the job.

Samrat states that during his marriage, Pakhi’s role was his, however, he has different goals and dreams. can assume Pakhi’s role in the future, but he’ll not oblige her to change her life for his wishes. Pakhi has the ability to perform her work and it’s her decision. Vaishali advises Samrat to stay away from orphanages with Pakhi. Samrat isn’t sure whether he’ll bring Pakhi with the rest of his family or not. If Vaishali has a lot of problems in her income, she could leave the home along with her child.


Pakhi is asking Samrat why she doesn’t want to be with her. Samrat claims that her joy will last only a few minutes and when she leaves the house , she’ll show her true emotions. Pakhi says he is able to see her other side as well. He can’t comprehend what she was going through while he was not present. Samrat claims that she is not connected to me since I am not the cause of your pain. You don’t really think about me. Pakhi stands shocked.

Virat arrives at his home and informs Sai straight up that she cannot be a slave to her desires by forming a team together with Pulkit as well as Samrat. Sai states that they were supportive because they believe that she’s right and Virat isn’t able to force her to follow his desires. Sai holds up the scale and asks Virat to hit her. Virat puts it in the trash and tells her she has crossed her limit.


Sai questions the reason Virat is so angry at her at the moment. She has halted her transfer because she wanted him to confront the issue. He shouldn’t be able to escape in this manner. Virat advises Sai to get things clear. Sai responds Virat is jealous when he sees Pakhi and Samrat in a relationship, so he’s angry with her. He doesn’t get to see them together. Virat is irritated by this.

Mansi is asking Samrat why he keeps bringing up Pakhi’s past every time. She moved on , and Samrat should not be insulting her by bringing up the same subject time and time again. Vaishali and Mansi advise Samrat the same thing. They tell Samrat and Pakhi that they must make their wedding successful. They will need time. Vaishali offers Samrat to visit her house for a visit with her guests. Samrat states that he’s not ready mentally for themand he isn’t able to display his skills. Pakhi says he shouldn’t do it.


Samrat claims he is unable to forget his past as easily as she does. Vaishali asks Samrat to meet with the guests so that they don’t think Samrat and Pakhi have a problem. Samrat states that Pakhi and Pakhi had promised each other lots of things in their wedding, but did not fulfill their promise.

Samrat isn’t willing to meet guests. Pakhi informs her mother to postpone the party because Samrat is not prepared. Samrat states the reason for going to cancel it. Pakhi declares that she doesn’t want meet the two of them on her own and isn’t interested in seeing people pitying her. She’ll wait until Samrat is at her. Samrat thank her for being patient.


Virat claims that the moment Sai will come to the realization that he is not the only one, the truth, he’ll wait until the moment. Sai is trying to find a different interpretation of the situation. Sai believes that Virat does not believe in the truth. Sai is blaming Virat for displaying a lack of respect before Samrat. Pakhi can’t love Samrat just how Virat can’t love Sai.

Sai cannot begin to love Virat since he only loves Pakhi. Virat claims he’s not cheating and that’s what Sai believes. Sai confronts him, saying Virat cannot stand the fact that some members are backing her. Virat is taking responsibility for her. Virat states that he values her presence, which is why the reason he’s going to leave. Sai get shocked.