Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins by Sai explaining to Pulkit that he’s not right because she will never love Virat. The actor is misinterpreting. Particularly since Virat has locked her up. She claims she would like to divorce her marriage to him for ever. She plans to release him from his obligations. It seems that Virat is venting his anger at her for not receiving Pakhi back. Pulkit asks her what if Pakhi wasn’t present, will Sai be able to truly love Virat. Sai does not say no because Virat has been acting so odd these days with her. He fights with her all every day. Pulkit claims that Virat was a good friend to her in a sincere manner when she came into contact with an accident. Sai says that following the surprise for her anniversary, she was angry at Virat and he grew more angry. Following Samrat’s return, Virat cannot be able to see Pakhi and him as a couple and acting as if they are. Pakhi is contributing to the flame by displaying before Virat like she’s satisfied with Samrat. She advised her not to do this however Virat became convinced after seeing her fake tears. Pulkit claims he is shocked that Sai and Virat’s disagreements have been so severe. Sai claims that Virat has promised her that he wants Samrat as well as Pakhi for a relationship, but she spotted them together in a café. Sai claims Virat and Pakhi haven’t forgotten one another yet and Sai says she cant take any more drama from them. She would like to stay clear from this. She’s very upset. Then Sai discloses that Virat even locked her up in an area to prevent her from attending college. Pulkit is shocked and asks how could Virat accomplish this.

Samrat confronts Virat and says he shouldn’t have locked Sai. Pakhi tells Virat If Sai wasn’t willing to participate in the Puja the reason he would like her to attend. Samrat asks how Virat justify his actions. Virat states that Sai is a responsible person to her parents. She’s really determined, she wanted to go to university and he had no other option other than to lock her. She ought to be careful about what she says. Bhavani affirms that Virat was not guilty of anything. We’re all aware of Sai’s behaviour. Sai has to learn the lesson that she is not adhering to the rules and traditions of the tribe. Shivani believes that those old convictions are no more. Sai is an impulsive person who was a huge help to them. What can they do to blame Sai. Shivani is a bully to Pakhi to get attention, but she doesn’t do anything. Pakhi claims she was ready to go away, but they wouldn’t allow her to do so. Ninad is the one to shut Shivani down. Samrat insists that he doesn’t accept this behavior, which Virat has done to Sai.

Sai says to Pulkit that she has made her choice. She doesn’t wish to be a the burden of Virat but she is planning to be leaving him shortly. Virat isn’t able to force his views on her. Sai declares she will remain in Nagpur until she receives confirmation. Sai will be subject to taunts upon returning home, but she’s ready to fight them all. Samrat is scolded by Virat for stifling Sai’s academics. Sai is a student at the top college and is awarded scholarships, but her low marks can be a problem for her. Virat’s so-called responsible manner of conduct is not taking the time to let Sai learn correctly. Devyani claims Virat isn’t smart or even intelligent, which is which is why he behaved with Sai in this manner. She also criticizes Virat. Bhavani blocks Devyani. Samrat states that Bhavani should be rebuking Virat and not Devyani. Samrat requests keys of Virat. Virat states that he isn’t able to offer keys to Samrat. Ashwini enters the room and asks about why they screaming. Samrat is furious with Virat. Sonali, Ninad and Bhavani blame Sai for causing another scene. Sonali declares that she’s an attention-seeker and is also immature. Samrat is adamant and demands keys to release Sai or else he’ll smash the door. Devyani takes Virat’s hand and instructs Samrat to take the keys. Virat offers the keys back to him and Pakhi demands Samrat not to interfere with Virat and Sai’s affairs. Samrat states that he feels emotionally linked Sai more than Virat. Sai greater than Virat. Sai is just like his sister. Sai will be taking her out and no one will doubt her. Virat stands shocked.