Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist on

Sai says it is a waste to be a show off when there is nothing between them and their relationship is only formal. Virat says she thinks their relationship is a show off and didn’t believe that he brought her here for a reason. She claims he brought her to Sunset Point and told her his story as his friend’s. He thinks she misunderstood him. She claims that a yoga instructor revealed his and Pakhi’s chemistry, and how special Pakhi is to him. He didn’t even comment. He claims he introduced her to yoga instructor as his wife and she even completed the exercises. She says that Yoga instructor Complemented Hesitantly. He Already Told her that he loves Pakhi and their marriage Is Just an Understanding. Sunny asks her to stop misunderstanding Virat. Virat was present at Yoga Camp with Virat. Virat liked Pakhi but gave up his love when he discovered that Samrat is marrying Pakhi.

Samrat Takes Children To Orphanage. A Kid Virat Angrily Breaks Pot. Samrat questions him. Virat says he is angry because it’s his birthday today, but Samrat didn’t take him to play ground and instead accepted other children’s demands and brought them back to watch a movie. Samrat asks why he broke the pot. Virat says he brought it and broke it. Samrat asks if he can rejoin the broken pot pieces. Virat says he can’t break it again. Samrat smiles and says that relationships are like a pot made of hard work and love. He and other children here are a family and shouldn’t break like a pot. He says he has a surprise for him and asks him to apologize to his friends and watch a movie with them. Virat agrees and leaves. Samrat believes that once relationships are broken, they cannot be refixed again. She recalls Pakhi expressing her love for Virat.

Sai asks Virat why Pakhi is still waiting for him after he broke up with her. Mohit says he doesn’t know any other relationship, but Virat Dada is pouring his heart out and trying to restore their relationship. She should give him time. Sai says she can see Virat still loves Pakhi and even wants to revive our relationship. She then states that she understands why Virat didn’t react when Pakhi wished them a happy honeymoon trip, and that he wants to manage 2 women, insulting the wives instead. Mohit requests to stop claiming Dada and look at his feelings for her. Sunny claims he gave Virat this trip idea. Virat Angrily Throws the Cake Away and Breaks Decoration, Claiming That He Told Sunny Already That This Idea Was A Waste. Sunny apologises to him with teary eyes. Mohit tells Sai that her misbehavior with Virat is not right as Dada just wanted to see her happy. Sai asks him to tell his dada not to play with her emotions and tries to leave. Sunny asks Sunny where she is going after creating drama. Sai says that nobody cares about her feelings. Virat says he made a mistake by bringing her here, but they have to stay for 1 more day as per his ticket bookings. He can arrange a camp for her if she wants. She says she can manage for 1 more day, so he doesn’t have to worry about her and will give her the resort key. Virat Says Its In Reception. She walks away. Sunny and Mohit Apologize to Virat for Sai’s Misbehavior, And Say That Whatever She Did Was Wrong.

Sai walks on the road remembering Virat’s anniversary surprise and wonders why he did this to her. He never did anything which led her to believe that he has feelings for her. Poor Pakhi is still waiting for him; what he brought here to trouble her, etc.

Pakhi walks to the family during lunch. Pakhi is greeted by her family and made to sit on a dining chair. Ninad and others ask if her headache is gone. She says she is fine now.
Ashwini asks, “How is she now?” Pakhi says she was just having a headache and that she made an issue in the morning. She doesn’t say anything to anyone else, etc. Ashwini says she just asked about her health. Bhavani Yells At Ashwini Supporting Pakhi. Shivani confronts Pakhi, and she replies calmly when everyone asked her. She is also behaving with Ashwini. Pakhi says she wants to go and rest alone. Ninad says they should call the doctor. Pakhi says that no doctor can understand what is going on in her mind and only she can make a decision. Ashwini asks Ashwini if she is feeling bad due to Virat and Sai’s outing. Sunny and Mohit search for Sai on roads but don’t find her. Virat blames Sunny for his idea and says it was his mistake. Mohit says let us stop thinking and start searching for Sai first. Ashwini reaffirms that Sai is Pakhi’s problem and she didn’t like Virat And Sai going on a trip. Pakhi screams, “What does she mean?” Ashwini says she is right, as she made them happy honeymoons when Virat informed her family about the trip and that was what caused her illness.