Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist on

Samrat drives a car with children. Children ask him to drive as fast as possible because they want to see Bhai’s movie on TV. Virat, a boy whose name is Virat, says they should play cricket and that all the others are against him. Samrat claims that all children want to see a movie except him, so he is against them. Virat’s Cab Passes Alongside Him, And Their Cars Stop at Signal. Junior Virat Asks Samrat To Drop Him At Play Ground. Samrat says that nothing can happen according to his wish, so Aunty told him to bring all the children home. Virat, upon hearing him say that he is a known person and walks towards Samrat’s car. Signals turn green and the vehicle starts moving. Sai Calls Virat Back. Virat claims he heard a known person calling him. Sai says it must be his imagination. He agrees.

Pakhi tells Chavan Family that she is alive, but there is no life left in her. Mansi cries and pleads not to say that. Shivani Consoles Her. Bhavani warns Pakhi not to repeat it as she is very courageous and shouldn’t give it; maybe a few people (pointing at Shivani) hate her, but she loves her intensely and can not live without her; Ninad can ask how much she was worried for Her. Ninad supports her. Mansi cries for Samrat. Bhavani consoles her, stating that their Samrat will soon return.

Virat nervously smiles at Sai and wonders if she will like his surprise anniversary. I don’t know how she will react. Sai says they will meet his colleague and return to resort soon as she cannot act as his good wife for too long. Driver stops at Virat’s chosen venue and asks him when he should come to pick him up. Virat agrees and takes Sai to a well-decorated place. Sai asks why there is so much decoration and where are his colleagues. Virat says that she will meet already known people. Sai gets confused. Sunny and Mohit enter to surprise Sai. They claim they came to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Sai says Virat knew their arrival. Then, he was bored with her story and took her to sunset point; they would have come along with us. Sunny says they wanted to surprise her. Mohit says that if he had informed Karishma, she would have informed the whole family and spoilt the surprise.

Sai asks Virat where are his colleagues. He says she will get all the answers behind the curtain. Sunny and Mohit pull the curtain aside. Sai sees Virat and her wedding, as well as many other photos with cake on the table. Virat with Sunny and Mohit wishes her a happy anniversary. Sai is shocked. Virat asks how he was surprised that he planned it with Sunny and Mohit. Sai recalls him lying about the trip and the events that followed. Virat asks why she is silent. She asks Virat angrily if this is his official trip and he brought her here as his wife. He says she is his wife and it’s their marriage anniversary today. She screams which marriage anniversary, their marriage is just a deal. Virat breaks down and tells Sai that he agrees their marriage was under unfavorable conditions, but they are together since then. He wants to surprise her and celebrate their anniversary. She claims she was shocked by him and agreed to accompany him on an official trip to protect him from humiliation. Sunny claims it was his idea. Sai says it’s a terrible idea and how can he suggest it to his best friend. He had told her that their marriage was a compromise and she shouldn’t expect anything from him. Then why is he doing this drama with cakes and photos? Virat says this arrangement is not drama. They are in the photos and it shows how far they have come together. He acknowledged that he started the journey as responsibility, but pleaded with her a few days ago to not leave him and go to Pulkit’s house. He celebrated her birthday, which she was happy with. Then why is she angry now? Although she claims it was her birthday and she was born on that day, there is nothing real in their relationship. They will remain together until she becomes a doctor and is independent.

Mohit claims she is unnecessarily angry at Virat because Virat was only trying to make her happy. He agrees that their relationship started on a bitter note, but they have come a long way and changed. Sai says she will not change if their situation changes. Maybe the world considers them husband and wife, but she knows they are not. She will have to leave Virat one day, then why should she celebrate anniversary when there is nothing between them.