Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2021 Written Update: SAI RETURNS TO NAGPUR

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Sai asking for everyone’s blessings. Usha says she is worried for Sai as how would she handle everything alone. Sai says she is not alone as her father is with her always. Usha blesses Sai. Pari hugs Sai. Sai takes her father’s blessing and leaves. There, Pakhi makes tea. Ashwini scolds Pakhi for not leaving Virat alone. She says she would take care of her son in absence of Sai. Virat asks Ashwini if Sai would ever return. Ashwini says she has hope from Sai. She adds that Virat has hurt her self respect but Sai would return when she realises that Virat is really guilty.

Sai meets Pulkit in college. Pulkit says he knows that Sai was in Gadchiroli. Sai asks about Devyani. Pulkit replies if Sai is worried for Devyani then why didn’t she come to their house. He adds that Virat told him that Sai went to Gadchiroli and he came to apologise. Sai says Virat only told one side’s story. She adds Virat threw her out of the house and hurt her self respect. Pulkit says he saw the pain in Virat’s eyes. He tells Sai the solution isn’t to break the marriage. Sai says there is nothing like husband and wife between them. She asks why Pulkit is taking Virat’s side.

Pulkit says Virat apologised to him and he is not like others. Virat was about to leave for his mission. Bhavani asks where he is going. Virat says he is going on a mission and can’t disclose anything. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t trust his family. Virat says he is on duty and can’t disclose anything. Ashwini asks Virat to go and not to worry about anything. Virat asks Ashwini not to call Sai. She would come whenever she feels like it. Ashwini accuses Bhavani for breaking the family. Bhavani starts her drama. Mohit says he can’t stay quiet and will go to bring Sai. Pakhi asks Virat if he would call. Virat asks what she meant.


Premiered on: 5th October 2020

Airs on: Star Plus, Star Plus HD at 8 PM to 8:30 PM from Monday to Saturday

Streams on: Hotstar 

Running Time: 20 to 22 minutes

Category: Romance Drama

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 159

Producer: Rajesh Ram Singh

Executive Producer: Pradeep Kumar

Production House: Cockcrow Entertainment Shaika Films

Cast: Lead Male Role – Neil Bhatt (Virat)

          Lead Female Role – Ayesha Singh (Sai)

Based on: Star Jalsha’s series Kusum Dola