Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story : Virat’s attitude toward Sai is ambivalent.

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Virat begins the episode by applying sindoor on Sai’s hairline. Pakhi becomes irritated, so Bhavani instructs Samrat to apply sindoor to Pakhi’s hairline. Bhavani then instructs her to disperse the offering. Devyani agrees, but Bhavani informs her that Pakhi and Samrat performed the puja and that Pakhi will divide the offerings.

Devyani searches for Sai and becomes unhappy when she discovers that he did not say goodbye to her before departing. What occurred, Ashiwni inquires. Devyani tells her that Sai went to her friend’s house to take notes. Sai, she believes, will never return. When Samrat tells Virat about the family trip, he says he’ll send him a list of hotels and resorts.

While getting ready, Sai becomes agitated. Virat, she believes, used to look after her as if he were her father. He used to, but now he doesn’t. She said she would miss Virat and will always pray for his safety. She saw Virat’s ring in his drawer and remembers how he forced her to wear it. She gets emotional when she touches his clothing.

Virat approaches her and asks if he can assist her in finding something. He hasn’t put anything in his drawer for her. Sai declares that she has no desire to receive anything from him. Virat inquires as to her intentions. Sai just stares at him and doesn’t respond. Virat claims that she no longer wants to answer his questions because she has gained independence. Sai bids Virat farewell.

Sai asks God for guidance about her future goals. She claims that she requires his blessings. For the last time, Sai meets Devyani. Devyani said she mistookly assumed Sai had left without meeting her. Sai claims that it is their secret not to speak loudly. Devyani hugs Sai, and Ashwini wonders what they’re talking about.

Devyani, according to Sai, is missing Pulkit. Sai is told by Ashwini to return from college as soon as possible. Sai breaks out in tears and hugs Ashwini. Ashwini describes what occurred to her unexpectedly. She inquires as to whether Sai is concealing something. Sai believes she will miss her greatly. She doesn’t respond and walks away.

Sai drives away in her automobile, recalling all of her memories of Chavans. She becomes upset and believes she is leaving behind all of her terrible and wonderful memories. She doesn’t want to injure herself anymore. Sai’s pals plan to visit her at home. Everyone is enthralled by the meal, which is prepared by Pakhi. Sai, according to Sonali, has yet to join them.

Karishma claims that Sai will be unable to attend because Pakhi prepared all of the meals. This time, Pakhi vows she won’t beg Sai to join them. There’s no need to call her, Virat says. Samrat claims that because Sai is the house’s youngest member, she requires extra love and attention. They are willing to ignore her errors.

Pakhi believes Virat is correct. They had previously overlooked Sai’s errors, but not any longer. She isn’t going to ask for her. Devyani believes Virat has morphed into Pakhi. Without him, Sai should always be happy. On the street, Sai witnesses an accident involving a bike rider. Sai rushes to catch their infant as he is about to tumble into a pit. She saves him but then collapses. She has a head injury and passes out.