Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story : Virat's attitude toward Sai is ambivalent.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story : Virat’s attitude toward Sai is ambivalent.

The episode begins with a prologue. Sayi is to fault for everything, according to Bhavani. She informs Samrat that Sayi has had a long-standing disagreement with Patrlekha. Ashwini informs her that whining about Sayi is pointless at this point. She assures everyone that they should be glad since Sayi would never return to this house again. Ashwini breaks down, and Samrat comforts her.

To defend Sayi, Shivani calls for a meeting with everyone to explain the faults she has made. The first mistake she made was trying to keep everyone happy, and the second mistake she made was purchasing a harmonium for her father-in-law using money she earned while attending college. Afterwards, she intervened to prevent Virat’s transfer so that he may remain with his family. Then she worked to repair the relationship between Virat and Samrat, and finally she purchased Samrat’s return so that he could remain with his family.


Shivani continues to be scolded by Ashwini, who warns her that when she hears the truth, she begins to overreact. Sayi is always supported by Shivani, according to Ashwini. Shavani confirms with her that she had comprehended Saui, and that this was the reason. Virat stops them and states that Sayi is always correct, and that it is because of her that we have never had an issue in our home. Shiwani requests that Virat correct Sayi’s error.


Sayi’s well-being is expressed by Ashwini. Pulkit inquires of the doctor about Sayi’s health status. The doctor informs him that she is not in a good health state. Ashwini requested that Virat bring sweets to the party in honour of Sayi’s departure. Samrat explains to Ashwini that they will be going to look for Sayi in the near future.


Virat informs everyone that Sayi had never wanted to live in this house in the first place. She doesn’t seem to notice the extra effort he was putting in for her. He claims that Sayi does not wish to spend the rest of her life with him. Samrat says that Virat is accountable for her departure because he did nothing to prevent it. It is Sayi, he explains, who is the sole reason he has returned to this place. It is his belief that if he cannot bring her back, then his self-respect will not allow him to remain in this house.


Sayi is undergoing surgery at the moment. Her entire collegiate community is waiting for her. Patrlekha informs Samrat that he has a wife, and that he had insulted her by supporting Sayi, and that he regrets it. Sayi, according to Samrat, is the one who has brought them together. Bhavani claims that no one told her to leave the house, and that if she wants to leave, there is nothing we can do to stop her. Samrat explains to Virat why he was dissatisfied with Sayi’s performance. Virat regrets talking about Sayi and attempts to escape. Samantha questions Virat, claiming that Patrlekha is the reason why he didn’t care for Sayi and that he has nothing to hide from her. Samrat is stopped by Virat, who tells him that he has misunderstood him.


Virat informs Samrat that he no longer has any feelings for Pakhi and that he does not know how many times he will have to explain this to Pakhi’s family. He explains to him that he cannot tell what feelings he has for Sayi because he is not a psychic. Shivani informs Samrat that he has undergone a transformation. Ashwini screams and states that there was nothing Virat could have done to stop Sayi. Virat is depressed and tells Samrat that he should commit himself if he doesn’t get help.