Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Bhavani is asked by Sai to stop dragging in couple rituals, even though they both know that Virat and her marriage are a mutual understanding. Bhavani questions why she does this every janmastami. She also asks why she complained to Samrat about Virat’s transfer and how he doesn’t care. Omkar supports her following Samrat. Ashwini tells Ashwini to follow her family’s directions and she will receive god’s blessings.

Shivani promises that they will have a bal Gopal/baby. Karishma claims she cannot think of a child because her husband acts like one. Sonali says she can’t think because she doesn’t possess a brain. Bhavani claims she will give a real pearl necklace as a gift to a bahu, who will first show Bal Gopal and Radhaji her face.

Devi claps in happiness. Shivani suggests that we wait to see which bahu receives the gift. Ashwini asks the three bahus to perform this ritual. Pakhi, Sai and Karishma place Bal Gopal’s idol in a cradle. Sai receives a flower in his hand. Sonali informs everyone. Ashwini claims that laddu Gopal blessed Sai. Pandit begins pooja. Samrat and Pakhi pull the cradle first, followed by Sai Virat and Mohit Karishma. Achutam Krishna Damodaram.. Bhajan plays in background. Devi, after pooja, says that this year’s Janmashtami is the best because all her three brothers are there.

Ashwini requests all three young couples to share prasad with each other. Karishma shouts at Mohit. Shivani requests them to stop fighting. Pakhi prays god that Virat will realize what he/she has lost/he has, and then feeds Samrat. Virat gives Sai a meal and wonders if Sai will be able to understand his feelings. Sai gives him a meal and then signals him to smile. Devi is told by Pulkit that they must go right away as they will be returning tomorrow to perform the dahi handi breaking ritual.

The next day, the Chavan family fixes dahi handsi in their garden. Ninad asks Mohit whether he will continue to break dahihandi every year. Mohit replies that he won’t this time. Ninad could try, however. Bhavani complains that Mohit is lazy and only Chavan’s son should be allowed to break dahi handi. She complains then that all three bahus are absent and force them to make arrangements.

Pakhi and Karishma enter. Bhavani is angered by Sonali. Bhavani sneers and says that she will break Sai’s legs because she came late. Sai jokes that she will lift her legs after breaking her legs. Sunny enters dancing. He is joined by Shivani and Sai.Virat follows him. Pakhi says she felt good seeing him attending dahi handi festival. Devi and Pulkit are welcomed to the premises. Ashwini welcomes them. Sunny and Devi dance together, saying that Shiva and Jiva will break the dahi handi.

Sunny asks Shivani if he has any information about Virat’s transfer. He doesn’t. Ashwini and Sunny asked her to stop Virat. She said it was Sai. Sunny claims Sai can do any thing for Virat. Family insists that Virat and Samrat enact Govinda, and break dahihandi. Samrat claims he is not old. Omkar claims that he and Ninad still have energy and can break handi if given the chance. Both continue to deny. Pakhi asks Samrat for his blessing and he does. Sai claims Virat was available yesterday, but was waiting until Samrat agreed. Virat is furious at her. Sai asks for her consent or she will be humiliated. Devi insists as well. Without Sai saying yes, he says loudly that he agrees and thanks him. Samrat accepts Virat’s offer and shakes hands.