Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Janmashtami pooja is organized by Chavan family women. Sonali tells Karishma not to properly cut the fruits for the pooja. Their nokjhok begins. Bhavani is amazed to see Pakhi drawing rangoli. She praises her. She then slams Sai, and claims she didn’t do any work. Ashwini shows BalGopal the cradle and pooja rooms decoration. She says that Sai decorated it, and then she went to college for more important work. Bhavani shouts that she praises her bahu too often. Sonali smiles and supports Bhavani. Mansi questions Ashwini about whether she made prasad/bhog. Ashwini replies that it was made long ago. Bhavani claims she will proudly boast that her bahu prepared it. Ashwini claims Pakhi prepared chappan/56 dishes and it is a joy when Pakhi does things happy. Devi calls Bhavani, and she promises to be there soon for pooja. Ashwini requests that Devi bring Pulkit/Damadaji with her.

Sai rushes to the bathroom after returning home to prepare for Janmashtami Pooja. Virat looks serious and gets out of the way. Sai feels anxious, thinking that he must have discovered that Virat held his transfer orders with DIG’s assistance. He recalls seeing her bag in DIG’s office. He asks her when he is leaving and if she can prepare a tiffin. He said that his transfer was held. He should ask her why. He claims she is responsible for his transfer and asks her to explain if she did anything that she shouldn’t have. She nervously replies that she didn’t do anything. He questions her about where she was during Janmashtami college holiday. He will get more mad if he discovers the truth about her visit to Pulkit Jiju’s house for notes. He stops her and inquires if she brought that bag to Pulkit’s. She begs God to save her. She says that she had a different bag, and he asks why he is asking about the bag. He questions if she is telling the truth. He questions why she would hold on to his transfer. He responds that she would like to. She claims that her wishes are irrelevant, just as he met Pakhi despite her request to stay at home. She believes that one should take her example and change the subject. She keeps acting. He claims she can go, and believes that Sai is not responsible for his transfer hold. If so, what are the reasons? Sai claims she has already chosen his dress for pooja. He questions her about this, saying that she knew he wasn’t going to tonight and that his transfer was held. What did she do? She claims she held his transfer. If he believes she can hold his transfer order as a PM or CMS, then why would the police department listen? Let her go, and she’ll get ready to leave before her family scolds. He claims he has already informed his family that he will be leaving tonight. How will they feel? She believes they will be happy to hear that, and wonders why she feels so good about him being back. He wonders if Sai will understand his feelings for him. She smiles as she walks to the bathroom.

Evening, Chavans meet for pooja. Devi and Pulkit enter. Ashwini welcomes them and hug Devi. Devi likes decoration. Bhavani says let her daughter meet her. Devi embraces her and asks what she is doing. Bhavani says masta. Devi then hugs Samrat, and happily asks him where he was. He said that he also missed Pulkit and Devi’s wedding. Devi says his jiju Dr. Pulkit. Samrat thanked Pulkit for marrying Devi and said he had never seen Devi happier. Devi claims that Pulkit takes good care of Devi. Bhavani informs Pandit that Samrat and Pakhi will light the lamp today. She also tells Pakhi that she’s getting her right now. Sai and Samrat light a lamp and then sit down with their families for pooja. Ninad and Bhavani ask Sai whether Virat has left or if he is attending pooja. Virat comes down and sits beside them. Pakhi questions Virat about why he wasn’t there. Sai exclaims that his transfer order has been held. Pakhi claims she didn’t ask and that she didn’t know Virat had kept a spokesperson. Virat insists that he won’t make Sai his spokesperson by accident. Samrat questions why they are scolding Sai, when she is excited. Devi claims that Pakhi insults Sai all the time. Bhavani requests her to stop complaining, and instead start pooja. They begin pooja. Shivani claims that soon, there will be three laddu Gopals in their home. So why not let Pakhi, Sai and Karishma keep the laddu Gopals in their cradle? Bhavani agrees that it is a good idea. Sai asks why they are dragging their feet when they know that Virat and Bhavani’s marriage is only an understanding, and not real.