Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Bhavani informs Virat that the whole family will be happy to see Jiva and Shiva’s dahi handi being broken tonight during janmashtami celebrations. Virat insists that his duty is more important than anything else. Samrat recalls Virat asking him in childhood to stay with his mother, Pune. He then reminded him that he is doing the same thing now. Pakhi believes Virat is trying escape from the situation and is unable see Samrat and her together, much like he could see Samrat and her dancing during sangeet ceremony. Virat claims that his transfer has been confirmed and that he must go. Sai believes she will not allow him to leave his family. Pakhi claims that everyone thought she was the cause of Virat and Sai’s rift. They should now live happily together as Samrat asked her to bring her to Mahabaleshwar. Virat insists that she is not responsible for the rift between his wife and him. He needs to go to police station to hand over his duties to the next officer, and he marches towards the door. Ashwini and Mohit request Sai to stop their husband from leaving. Sai reminds Virat of his rude behavior and sends him off to college.

Ashwini, who is concerned about Virat, tells Ninad Virat is suffering and that she can feel it as a mother. He wants to take revenge on himself and get away from Sai. Ninad claims Samrat said Virat was going to leave because of him. Ashwini claims that their son is suffering and is leaving his family. Ninad claims they can’t cancel orders. Ashwini claims they need to stop Virat. Ashwini prays for Virat and Samrat to be stopped and asks God to grant Sai the ability to do so. Ninad said he understands her concern but Sai cannot cancel orders.

Sai visits DIG’s Office and asks him to cancel Virat’s transfer. DIG states Virat applied for transfer and it was approved. However, Virat may have fought with her and taken transfer. Sai suggests that Virat should remain here to take care of his family. DIG claims orders come from higher ups, and he cannot help. Sai begs for help as Virat is mentally and physically ill after recent events. DIG states that Virat needs to be held accountable for his transfer orders. However, Virat must have completed his handover formalities. Sai claims that she considered him her Aaba and therefore came to talk with him. DIG agrees that transfer orders will be held for a few more days. Sai thanked him and asked not to tell Virat because he would get mad at her and make Mrs Virat Saichavan regret it. DIG laughs and questions Virat about his anger. She said that Virat’s BP was always high when she got to hospital. DIG laughs even more. Virat talks over the phone. Sai hides. Virat sends file to DIG for signatures. DIG nervously talks and invites Virat to lunch. Virat questions DIG about his health and asks him if he was okay. DIG insists on his presence and requests that he wait outside. Virat sees Sai’s bag, and asks questions. DIG claims it is his daughter’s bag. Virat leaves. Sai emerges from hiding and thanks DIG. DIG tells Sai not to fight Virat often, as policemen are already stressed all day. She also asks her to keep peace at home. Sai claims she knows because her Aaba was also an officer in the police force and, in a childish tone, says Virat fights with her instead. DIG laughs and tells her that she is like her daughter, who freely expresses herself and invites Virat and her to dinner one day. Sai thanked him and left.

Mohit and Samar decorate their house for Janmastami celebrations. Samar says that it would be great to see Virat and Samrat break dahi handi. Samrat requests him to cut dahi handi again. Mohit wonders if it’s because Virat will not be there tomorrow. Samrat said Virat used to climb his shoulders and break handi, but things have changed. Ashwini comes in to ask Virat to forgive him for hiding things and give him another chance, like he did with Pakhi. Samrat claims Virat doesn’t want Virat to talk. How will he allow him to speak? Virat comes back and asks him if he will, if he doesn’t go tonight. He may not. Samrat wants to know what he meant. Virat said that even though he didn’t know, he needs to learn.