Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Pakhi demands that Samrat break her mangalsutra, and to throw it away. Samrat recalls their wedding and stops it. He says he doesn’t want a relationship and she asks him why he wouldn’t. He said mangalsutra was a symbol for togetherness in life. It reminds him of his promises during pheras. Therefore, he believes he will give their relationship another chance. Pakhi is happy to hear that. Bhavani informs his family in the living room that it is Janmastami Pooja tonight, but it does not look like their old celebrations, when the whole house was filled with joy and laughter. Mohit promises to call Samrat. Omkar interrupts him and tells Samrat that they shouldn’t force him to make decisions. Saloni claims they haven’t decorated the house. Ashwini claims that everyone is eager to hear Samrat’s and Pakhi’s decision. Sai, Virat and Ashwini walk to them and say she will make them breakfast. Samrat follows her lead and walks to them. Bhavani questions Pakhi about where he is. Pakhi makes many dishes and calls them breakfast. Sai finds something strange. Bhavani claims that Pakhi prepared Samrat’s favourite dishes and asks her for dishes to be served to everyone.

Virat informs his family that he received his transfer order letter and must leave tomorrow to go to a new posting. Bhavani questions how the sudden transfer happened. Sai asks Virat to tell his family that Virat applied for the transfer. Ashwini questions why. Virat replies that orders have been given and that he must go. There is no point in discussing it. Ninad is told by Virat that he will continue to send money each month for Sai. Sai claims she can do it with the scholarship money. Virat insists that she is his responsibility. Pakhi requests him to return for a few more days because she and Samrat want to give the relationship another chance. They want to do Satyanarayana pooja with graha shanti, Satyanarayana pooja, and invite their entire family to share in their joy. Bhavani is happy to hear that. Mansi claims that Bappa heard her prayers. Mohit claims Samrat dada won’t leave the house right now. Bhavani claims she is convinced Samrat because Pakhi is smart and sensible. Ashwini prays that their happy marriage will be a success. Pakhi said they would like to perform both poojas on Monday. She also hopes Samrat will enjoy her prepared food. Samrat smiles. Sai promises to help Pakhi. Pakhi requests her to sit in the way she would like to serve her. Sai is confused by Pakhi’s sudden change in behavior. Pakhi offers Samrat laddu and suggests that they start over with sweets. She will serve laddu to each person next. Ninad is very proud of her food. Pakhi praises him and says that they will get sweets every single day, as it is now normal. Bhavani invites guests to the pooja. Sonali states that this pooja is good for married couples and prays for a happy marriage. Pakhi claims she is the house’s bahu, but she has never sat down with her husband for pooja. Samrat will now be able to do so. Virat looks at her and says that he should not think she will weep when he rejects her. She will show him she deserves happiness, maybe Virat will delay his posting.

Virat walks up to Samrat, smiling happily at Pakhi, and says that he is happy for his Jiva. Ashwini said she was excited to see Jiva’s jodi and Shiva’s back, and that they should always be one another’s support. Virat said he was happy for them but couldn’t delay his posting because it didn’t fit an IPS officer. Pakhi claims that Sai said he had taken the transfer. Virat assures them that his absence won’t disrupt their pooja. Ashwini questions why he didn’t think about Sai, and leave her alone. Virat tells Ashwini that Sai’s second-year will begin and that she should concentrate on her studies. Pakhi questions Virat if he won’t stay for Samrat. Virat says no. Sai said let’s wait and see if Virat will transfer. Virat states that it is already approved and cannot be cancelled. She should celebrate because he is leaving her life so she can live happily. Sai asks him if he would like to tell everyone that he has taken transfer due to her and is leaving behind his family. He said that everyone knows she has a problem with him so he decided to leave. But, since she is his responsibility, it will be followed until she is self-sufficient. Sai claims he told her just now that she was the reason for his transfer. He said it would be good for her, but he did not accept transfer because of her. Samrat questions if he accepted transfer due to his return. Virat claims that his transfer was his idea. He got transferred to a terrorist area because it is good for his career. He informs his family that there won’t be a mobile network at their place and will call them whenever possible. Shivani states that he won’t go. Virat claims orders have been given and he has made his decision already. He must go now. Ashwini states that today is Janmastami, its Jiva and Shiva’s Festival. He should therefore stay back. Bhavani also wants them to end dahi handi tonight. Virat said that he understood their feelings but that there was no place for them to feel in front of his duty.