Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Virat is told by Sai that relationships are not about showing them off to the world, but to be followed. They take time, work, emotions, and trust, and they can last a lifetime. Samrat is loved and trusted by her family, and she didn’t hesitate in apologizing to his mother. She can understand his pain and is a good person. Virat questions her if she believes he isn’t a good person. She said that it is not all about him. He claims she is mad that he did not inform her of his job transfer. Why should he inform me about his personal matters when I don’t have any rights over him? She claims that even she won’t tell him about her personal issues. He didn’t ask her, she says. She insists that they will be together formal. She can go where she likes and has no right to comment on his issues.

Samrat, on the other hand, tells Pakhi that Samrat came to her for her decision. He knows she made it because he is not in a relationship with her and that she doesn’t have any problems with her separation. She should take his name mangalsutra off her body as she hasn’t worn it for him. Pakhi claims he didn’t know Virat and he are related. If it is her mistake, her future and life will be ruined. He claims he did not mean it and that he believes Virat loves Sai. However, Sai feels their marriage was a bargain. She questions why he is telling her this. He said he wanted her to know all, but he didn’t want her back in his life. He wants her make a well-thought decision. He insults her, she says (her favorite one-liner). He claims he’s suggesting her to be a friend. She questions him about how they became friends, as they don’t know each other well. He said he was able to understand her and agreed to marry her, but she doesn’t know that because she already has another person in her heart. She claims that’s why he’s divorcing them. She will end all her ties to this house, and everyone will forget about her. Except for one, he says. She replies that she never said she would forget Virat. Virat can be happy with Sai but Sai won’t let him be happy. He then asks her if she believes she can keep Virat happy. Although she answered the question as best she could, everyone wants a stronger relationship between Sai and Virat.

He wants to know what she wants. She tells him she has stopped wanting to be happy and that there is no purpose in her life. He tells her to not lose hope in life, that time will change and she can begin afresh. She questions him about his belief and asks where he would recommend she start her new life. He says that a person should let go of all their possessions and move on. Although he doesn’t know much about her, he knows she is brave and will fulfill her destiny. She wants to know when she should move out of this house. He said that he would have to make a decision if she didn’t agree. The house belonged to his aunt/mamma and he will take her home after separating from their relationship. He tells her not to. He asks her if she wants to give their relationship another chance. He says so for his mother and the sake of their whole family. He doesn’t want to share the examples of others, but he could stay if she asked him to. It was his mistake not to ask her her decision, but now, he knows. He steps towards the door. He walks towards her and asks where he is going. He said it was late at night so she should go to bed. She tells him it’s his room, and that she will sleep in the guest room. He thanked her for thinking of him and went to the guestroom.

Samrat’s words are still recalled by Pakhi. Samrat recalls Pakhi’s words in the guest room. Sonali brings him dinner and tells him that she is looking at him throughout the house. He is now in his guest room, not in his entire room. He claims that he has nothing to be treasured in this house. Ashwini asks her to prepare dinner for him and she declines. He denies that he is hungry. She said she understood his situation and that he made the right decision to divorce Pakhi. He said he made his decision and didn’t need approval from anyone. He is tired and needs to rest. He is asked to go out for dinner, and after he has been pampered, he walks off wishing him a good night.

Sonali rushes to Karishma’s room, and Mohit asks Sonali what he is doing. Mohit claims it is his room, and Karishma has gone into the kitchen. Sonali believes she went to buy popcorn to watch the drama unfold in this house. He giggles, saying she blabbers about anything. Then he says he feels sorry for Samrat and believes he should talk to Pakhi once. Sonali claims that it is not necessary as she has just met Samrat. She believes he spoke to Pakhi before and the situation didn’t change. This story is quite interesting. He wants to know who is happy with the family’s problems. He misunderstood her, she was just wondering what would happen next in the story and how Pakhi’s life will turn. Samrat claims that three more lives will be changed.

Virat is told by Sai that he can understand why he feels bad about Samrat returning and explaining his decision. But, why is he so rude to her? He claims he has not spoken further and that he has shut down his emotions. Sai believes he wanted to mark their wedding anniversary yesterday, but today he doesn’t want to even talk to her. Virat believes he can’t forget how Sai made his feel and that he will never forget the insult. He says he doesn’t want her to talk. He turns and walks away. He walks away.