Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Virat recalls Sai telling him that their marriage was a contract and that she will be with him until he becomes a doctor. Therefore, there is no reason to celebrate their anniversary. Sai recalls him telling her about the transfer and saying that they didn’t have a relationship. Samrat’s words were also mentioned. Pakhi recalls Samrat telling her that he had come to divorce Pakhi because even she wanted the same. He also said that Pakhi has stayed in the house for another reason. Samrat recalls Pakhi’s love for Virat, and today’s events. Virat believes he has applied for transfer to avenge his insult by Sai. He will keep his feelings for Sai hidden and will tolerate everything alone. The background music plays Serial’s title song.

Samrat walks up to Mansi, apologizes for his troubles and tells her he isn’t a good son. Mansi claims that the pain Samrat gave her today was more than the one he had in a year. Sai comes in, wiping her eyes and telling her to be glad that her son has returned. Mansi claims that Sai is so kind and doesn’t expect much from anyone. But she expected her son to be there for her in her later years. Samrat is devastated by his fate. He is trying to make it better by helping orphan children. Sai says orphanage children respect Samrat dada a lot. Mansi requests Samrat to bring her along. Samrat tells her that everyone is there to care for her. He stays in a small area and she can’t adjust. Sai promises to take her to see Samrat and the children often. Mansi agrees with Mansi and says Virat & Pakhi did wrong in hiding the truth. But even Samrat did wrong when he ran away from them instead of questioning. Samrat said what could he ask them after he heard Pakhi tell him that Virat cannot enter her life. Mansi states that emotions are a powerful way to communicate, but they change over time. While it is true that Pakhi was there for the whole year, and she followed their relationship with everything, Pakhi will not allow him to end his marriage. He should talk to Pakhi to find out if Pakhi wants to divorcing him or continue their relationship. He said he was going to meet Pakhi.

Sunny is informed by Virat via phone that he has spoken to his seniors and that he will travel far after obtaining a transfer. Sunny questions Virat about his plans. After so many difficulties, they brought Samrat back home. Virat said he wanted to escape from everything. Sunny claims that his life was transformed after he moved to Gadchiroli and met Sai. Virat assures him that he will be busy at work and won’t think about anything else. Samrat knocks on Pakhi’s door, recalling the past incidents, and asks him if he would like to come in. She smiles and says yes. He states that the room is exactly the same as he left it last time. He is asked to return for his family, if not another person. He inquires when he said he was leaving the house to be with her. She says that he said today that he had left the house because of her. He said yes, the truth is bitter. He says it’s not worth talking about the past. She said he should have questioned and allowed her to explain. Her life was ruined after he left. She couldn’t express her anger to anyone nor her feelings. He asked her how she could explain her past relationships with Virat. He asks her why he left. He asked her if she wanted him back. She said she left here with mangalsutra, sindhoor, and decorated herself, even though she doesn’t want to be there. The difference is that he can talk openly, but she cannot. He can divorce her if he believes so. She will not argue with him. He said that relationships don’t end because of who they are, but she knows if someone respects their relationship.

Sai goes back to her bedroom and grabs a blanket. Virat holds the end she is leaving, and she takes it. She picks up a pillow and declares that she won’t stay there. He then asks her why she is telling him that it’s a large house and she can go wherever she likes. Sai claims that problems began in her big house, and she doesn’t want to have any more. He said she can do what she wants. She said the same thing as he did not feel it necessary to inform him that he had received a transfer.