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Virat watches Pakhi happily coloring Vinu’s mud house and thinks that there are only 39 hours left for the countdown, he needs to reveal Pakhi’s truth as soon as possible. He walks up to them and compliments that they fixed the mud house so well that it doesn’t even look like it’s been broken before. Vinu says it looks better than before. Virat tells Pakhi that he wants to speak with her alone in her room. Pakhi escorts him to his room and asks what he wants to talk about, he shouldn’t start over that she should allow Vinu to call Sai choti mamma. Virat says they already talked about it. Pakhi asks if there is anything else important to talk about. He shows baby Vinayak’s sweater and reminds him that it is Vinu’s sweater that Sai wove. Pakhi recalls a past incident and asks where he got this sweater from, Sai gave it to him, Sai should have returned his Vinu instead. She vents her frustration on Sai and says that Virat always wants to talk about Sai. Virat tries to speak when Vinu enters and asks him to take the top colors. Pakhi says that she will help. Vinu says it’s heavy. Pakhi says his mother is not weak. Virat says leave it alone, he will go down and leave with Vinu.

Pakhi cries holding Vinu’s sweater. She notices someone behind a window and opens the window to check. Someone plays a card for her. She opens it and is about to read it when Vinu enters and takes her into her room to show her the light decoration of her mud house. She says it’s good. He fixes the phone to click his selfie with his mud house when Sai calls him. Pakhi frowns. Sai asks how he is and hangs up saying she called him anyway, then calls back and says she redialed by mistake. Vinu asks why she is calling him repeatedly and even came to meet him. Sai asks if she can’t call him for no reason. Vinu says he can and enjoys talking to her. Sai says that even she likes talking to him. Pakhi complains that Sai always interferes with her family. Virat finds that the more he is trying to solve the problem, the more it gets out of hand. He realizes that there are 36 hours left and thinks that he must reveal the truth to Pakhi as soon as possible. He takes Pakhi to their room again.

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