Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Samrat questions Sai if she has feelings for Virat, since she’s been staying with Virat for 1 year. Sai claims that if they are in a false relationship, it would be like closing their eyes and assuming nobody is watching. However, it is wrong to claim that they have no feelings for Virat. Virat does care about her, and she scolds her when her mistakes happen. She also respects Virat. But Virat can love someone else, and she is only a responsibility to him. Virat, who was listening to their conversation and standing next to them, thinks it is good that he kept his feelings for Sai inside his heart and won’t ever express them. Samrat questions Sai if she is aware of Virat’s love for her. Sai replies that she knows because love and hate cannot be hidden. Virat promised Pakhi. Samrat then asks her why she wants her to accept Pakhi. Sai claims that Virat kept a distance between Pakhi and him. Samrat wants to know more about Pakhi. Sai suggests that he ask Pakhi about Virat’s feelings. He should also discuss the matter with Virat and Pakhi as she is only a guest and has little to no experience. Samrat believes her words show her maturity and pain. He doesn’t expect Virat to do anything, but he wants to know why Virat took Samrat to Mahabaleshwar. Sai claims she wants to find out the same. Virat claimed to her family that he was taking her on an official trip, but he had planned a surprise anniversary party for her. How could he? Virat believes that Sai did not allow him to speak his heart. Samrat said that just because someone promises a commitment to someone doesn’t necessarily mean they will be faithful to them forever. Virat is his brother. Virat was Jiva’s Shiva once, and now they are Virat’s brother. He is certain Virat won’t play with 2 womens hearts and there must have been a reason if he lied to her family and took her to Mahabaleshwar. Sai claims there was no reason.

Virat’s hand touches the door. He tries to run away, but they both notice him. Samrat invites him to enter his bedroom. Virat comes in. Samrat claims that the situation is not right but cannot do anything. Virat claims he did not tell him anything because he was unfit for it, but Samrat asked in orphanage to allow him to explain. Samrat wants to know what he will explain. He heard what Pakhi said to him via phone. What else can he listen to? Virat said it was Pakhi’s story, and his story is still pending. He should allow him to tell his story. Samrat claims that reality is so strong, he won’t listen to stories. Virat claims he has moved so far that Virat is now calling his Shiva Virat. He says he called to inform him that he was transferred and must leave within 2 days. Sai questions why he didn’t inform her. Virat said there was no reason to inform Sai as they have no relationship. Samrat questions Sai about what to do if he goes. Sai states that she will focus on her studies and not allow Virat to bring her along. Virat asks why Sai would lose her studies for him. He will get down so they can finish their conversation. Sai states that they have finished. Virat is in her room, and she will go to him. Samrat follows her as she walks out of the room.

Bhavani gives food to Pakhi and consoles him. She questions her about her future plans. Pakhi says that she made a mistake when she believed time would change. Bhavani said she has always considered her daughter, more than Devi. She will support her in whatever decisions she makes. Pakhi thanks Bhavani and hugs Bhavani. Samrat, on the other hand, tells Sai Virat can’t face him so he is trying not to be near him. Sai questions if he meant Virat had taken transfer. Samrat said that he doesn’t know but it is possible. Sai claims Virat tried very hard to locate him but failed. Samrat said that Virat didn’t want him to be found. Sai said Virat used talk a lot about Virat and tell their stories. But fate has put them in a position where they can’t face each other. Samrat claims he is concealing the pain in his heart. Sai states that after her Aaba died, no one cares about her but Ashwini, Shivani and Mohit here. She has also seen the pain in her family’s eyes as they eagerly waited to see him again. Samrat requests that he not say it again, as her dada is always there for her. However, he can’t fulfill her request to stay back because he feels he has done wrong to her mother and should apologize to her. She smiles and nods. Sai recalls Virat’s words.