Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein January 21, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

Pakhi asks Virat if he had no problem when this woman/Sai took his child without informing them. Sai shouts back that Vinu is not Pakhi’s son. Pakhi asks what she means, although she didn’t give birth to Vinu, she bought him as her son. Virat asks Pakhi to end this problem right here. Sai says he’s right or else she’ll lose her temper and walk away. Pakhi says that Sai made a mistake and is acting angry instead. Virat asks her not to extend the question as Vinu has returned home safely. Pakhi says that he always prefers Sai to her and leaves. Sai visits the temple and is happy thinking that soon Vinu will find out that she is his mother/aayi and not a doctor aunt. She feels happy remembering Vinu deciding to name her choti mamma. Usha asks if she’s okay. Sai says that God gave her many signs, but she didn’t understand them. She describes all the incidents when Vinu returned to her repeatedly and reveals that their Vinu is really their Vinu. Usha also feels happy and says that Savi will jump with happiness if she knows that her Vinu dada is really her dada. Sai asks her to wait as she has given Virat 72 hours to explain to Pakhi that Vinu is her son and not Pakhi’s. Jagtap overhears their conversation.

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