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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pandit requests Pakhi to do the next step during pooja. She is lost in thoughts. Samrat alerts her. Pandit suggests that they all pray for the happy marriage of this couple. Ashwini and Pulkit request Sai to be next to Virat. She refuses. Devi makes Virat sit beside her. Pakhi is jealous of this. Panditji ends pooja, and begins Satyanayaran Pooja. While everyone prays to God with closed eyes, Pakhi gazes at Vanraj. Family gathers for pooja to ask Sai. Samrat states that Sai will be questioned by no one except him. Ashwini requests Sai to get a fresh start. Virat replies that she can’t go without answering his question. Samrat insists that he is the only one who will question Sai. Virat claims Sai is his wife, and no one can stop him. Ninad claims he can question Sai about her FIL. Ninad asks her why she would risk her life climbing down a pipe. Bhavani shouts at Sai, saying that she is shameless and doesn’t think like other people. Sai claims they will believe she was not allowed out of the house via the main door so she is leaving via a pipe. Virat said that he would only question Sai. Samrat claims that he did not harm Sai by using domestic violence. As a police officer, Samrat knows that Sai has the right to file a complaint against him. Bhavani claims Virat didn’t physically hurt Sai. Samrat claims Virat mentally tortured Sai, and that she would have taken extreme measures.

Pulkit requests him to not stretch an issue because he has made a mistake. Virat claims that whenever Sai tries to trouble him, she threatens her to leave the house. Devi claims that he mistreated Sai and is now blaming Sai. Virat claims Sai made her lock her up in a room. Why would she do that? What if something happened to her? Sai claims she forgot her birthplace, she was raised in a village, climbing trees is normal for her, and pipe is not something that she considered important. She decided to go to college. He questions how important it was. She did it to win him over, and she should be able to face the truth. Pakhi claims they had pooja today at home, even her mother. Sai wants to ruin Sai’s happiness forever and waits for that. Samrat angrily requests her to stop blaming Sai, it is a crime to lock Sai inside a room forcefully. Nobody has the right to do that, Sai did what she believed was right given the circumstances and she is not to blame. Bhavani shouts masta mala, if she continues to support Sai and hide her mistakes, she will make even bigger mistakes and trouble them. Sai believes it was vital to go to college. Virat claims that even though he asked her to not attend college today, she continued to disrespect him. Sai claims it was force, not request. She always followed his orders, but he could not tolerate her denying them for the first.

Virat is told by Pulkit that he and Sai have matured and should be able to sit down and discuss their issues. Then, he will explain why he is fighting. Virat claims that he used to be calm with Sai until now. Devi requests Sai to remain with her and tells him that if Virat keeps bothering her, she or Pulkit will take good care of her. Pakhi informs Virat that there’s no point in holding a sword in a losing battle. He tried to teach discipline to Sai but failed. Can’t he see how his family is supporting Sai? Samrat becomes more furious and claims that Sai is part of the family. He asks her why she is trying to provoke everyone against Sai. Pakhi is shocked and asks him what he’s saying. He questions why she is so hostile to Sai. Mansi interrupts him and asks Pakhi if she can take her mother to her bedroom and have a conversation.

Vaishali brings Pakhi along and asks Samrat why he was acting strangely with her. Pakhi tells her not to worry, as she has become habituated to it. She also asks Pakhi how she felt performing pooja alongside Samrat. Vaishali said she performed pooja to Samrat for their togetherness. However, their differences have grown and she is unsure why Samrat behaved like this. Samrat comes in and asks why. Samrat enters and asks her how. She said she was unable to welcome him back, and when she visited Pakhi with Shailesh, she used stand in silence hiding her pain. But parents can’t see their children’s pain. It felt great to see Samrat and Pakhi together at pooja. Pakhi said that even though she felt good after spending time in pooja together with Samrat after their marriage, Samrat left many things undone the next day. Samrat thanked Vaishali for treating him like a damad/SIL. He agreed that he had left some things unfinished but returned to complete them. Vaishali states that there will be problems between any couple, and that it takes time for them to settle down. Mansi arrives with tea and states that Vaishali is correct. Things between couples take time to settle, even though they are both slowly. Samrat said she would not stop Samrat if he wanted to go back. Mansi suggests they both make a mutual decision. Pakhi assures them they will, and she is willing to move to Mahaleshwar’s orphanage along with Samrat if necessary.


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