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Sai leaves Vinu for Chavan nivas. Vinu asks her to come in while making a good clay model. Sai says he’ll come another time and asks him to come in because she needs to talk to his father. Vinu and Savi enter. Sai tells Virat that she knows he wants to tell her something, she is listening. Virat says that she doesn’t listen at all, she took Vinu without telling anyone, he was having many questions popping up in his mind, where would he have looked for them, he thought for a second that he had escaped with Vinu again. Sai asks if he really thought about it, she gave him 2 options of supporting his wife or his ex-girlfriend and he chose the ex-girlfriend, therefore she had to leave his house undesirably; she never felt a reason to run away as she has the courage to face the situation and is not a coward like him to hide things like him, she didn’t run away then and not now and was just trying to spend time with her children, especially her son who she realized he was alive while his kaku created drama in front of his house by accusing him of killing his own son; she says that even Virat was silent and felt no need to reveal the truth to her once.

Virat tries to justify himself and asks if she were in his place, would she have let Pakhi’s baby be taken from her. Sai asks what kind of man he is, he kept a son away from his mother and let a police officer’s daughter stoop to stealing data in search of his son, instead he is just worried about his wife; he thinks of everything but her, looks at the world through his glasses, and brags about doing his duty, which he never does for her; she is not dependent on his thinking, his wife and family must know that Vinayak is her son. Virat asks her not to do this or else there will be a disaster. Sai says that he cannot keep a mother away from her child and tries to enter Chavan nivas. Virat stops her and says that he cannot let her in. Sai says he only has 2 ways to stop her, call all the police or kill her as she won’t stop now.

Vinayak shows Savi his clay model. Savi gets emotional and says that she can’t prepare that clay model. Vinu says that her brother will teach her. Savi is happy and says let’s show this clay model to Sai. Vinu carries clay model towards the door. Virat is unable to stop Sai. Sai enters the house and clashes with Vinu. Vinu’s model breaks. Savi says that she messed up Vinu’s model. Vinu cries. Sai apologizes to him and says he will fix it. Vinu says there would be cracks in it. Sai says there won’t be any cracks and assures him that he will fix everything. Vinu continues to cry. Sai asks if he doesn’t trust his mother. Savi says that she is his mother. Virat tenses. Sai looks at him and says he means his doctor aunt. Vinu nods his head yes. Sai asks him to get his model back, she will tell him how to fix it. Vinu leaves. Virat tells Sai that just as she broke Vinu’s mud house, she will break his real house if she reveals the truth to Vinu. He says just how she stopped him from revealing to Savi that he is her real father to stop her heart from breaking even though he is doing the same. He says that when Sai left him, he completely broke down, so Pakhi supported him and married him just to adopt Vinu.

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