Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein January 19, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

Vanraj tells Sai that Pakhi’s hopes of becoming a mother were dashed when Sai and Pulkit removed her uterus during surgery, so he decided to hide the truth from Vinu until things normalize. Sai asks how he can hide such a big truth from her to Pakhi.
Virat says that he feared that she would take Vinu with her again after knowing the truth. Pakhi has suffered a lot in her life and married a man who could not become her real husband and would die if she found out that Vinu is Sai and Virat’s son. Sai grows angrier and asks why he kept a mother away from her child, a mother who is burning with guilt thinking she lost her child because of herself. Virat asks to listen to him calmly once. Sai cries that her heart beats for everyone but her, he makes decisions about her life and misbehaves with her and then lets her hear his logic, she doesn’t want to see his face at all. She leaves. Virat claims that he had no other option and asks her not to tell anyone this and make the situation worse. Sai warns him that he’s done all he can, it’s not her turn; he should stay away from her. She leaves in an automobile. Virat thinks Sai has again become adamant and his one wrong step will again ruin many lives again.

Pakhi waits for Vinayak at the school and questions the watchman. Watchman informs that Vinayak left a long time ago. Pakhi thinks Sai must have taken Vinu along and calls her but finds her number unavailable. Virat recalls Sai’s words. Pakhi calls him next and informs him that Vinu is not at school and even Sai’s phone is not reachable. Virat fears Sai has taken Vinu away and asks Pakhi to check with Mohit. Pakhi calls Mohit who informs him that he has not chosen Mohit. She calls Virat back and informs him that Mohit didn’t choose Mohit, she doesn’t know where her son must have gone. Virat asks her to relax. Pakhi notices the CCTV camera and says that he will check the CCTV footage and find out who took Vinu away. Virat calls Karishma and asks if Sai has returned home with the children. Karishma says not yet. Virat fears that Sai will take Vinu to Kankavali. He calls Sai’s hospital and finds out that Sai hasn’t visited the hospital today.

Pakhi checks the CCTV footage and watches Sai pamper Vinu and take him away. She gets annoyed at how Sai dares to take her child without her permission and informs Virat that Sai took Vinu away and was acting as if she was Vinu’s mother, how dare she take her child without her permission. Virat thinks the situation is getting out of hand and assures Pakhi that he will bring Vinu back home, she thinks Sai shouldn’t have done that. He searches for Sai and asks his subordinate to track Sai’s live location. The subordinate reports that the phone is off, but the last location is the bus stop. Virat wonders if Sai is leaving town forever with Vinu. He arrives at the bus stop and looks for Sai and Vinu, and when he doesn’t find them, he thinks that Sai has already taken Vinu away.

Sai takes Vinu and Savi to a restaurant to celebrate Vinu’s birthday. Vinu asks why is her birthday only today. Sai says that because it’s a special day because she got her son back today, she hopes Vinu calls her aayi/mom. Savi asks why today. Sai says that she made a wish from Bappa today. She makes Vinu and Savi cut the cake by singing a birthday song. Virat arrives there and sees a luggage nearby and says that they are not going anywhere. A man at the next table says it’s his luggage. Virat apologizes to him. Vinu asks why he said that, they are not going anywhere. Virat says he shouldn’t have Sai uninformed. Sai says that she brought Vinu here. Vinu says that Sai wanted to surprise him and celebrate her birthday again. Virat says that she should have informed him before bringing the children here. Sai says who should inform who, they should leave the matter there.

Precap: Sai gives Virat 72 hours to inform his family and Pakhi that Vinu is Sai’s son and let her take Vinu away. Ashwini informs Virat that Pakhi and Vinu are missing.

Update credit to: Pooja