Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Bhavani questions why Virat would lie. Pakhi claims Virat wanted to travel with his wife, so he lied to them all. Ninad asks why she didn’t inform it earlier. Bhavani asks why Virat would suddenly change. Pakhi claims it is not sudden. Ashwini questions why she is claiming Virat without proof. Omkar claims that Virat lied to them. Sonai comments next. Mansi asks Sonai to stop making mistakes in Virat or Sai. Ashwini again asks if she has proof. Bhavani urges her to not be afraid and to speak clearly. Pakhi asks her why she should be afraid. Shivani comes in. Pakhi claims Shivani knew Virat didn’t go on an official trip with his wife, but instead to celebrate their wedding anniversary together. Bhavani claims that he would have celebrated the anniversary with his family, just like he did Sai’s birthday. Sonali suggests that Virat might have wanted to celebrate the anniversary with more pomp and circumstance. Shivani questions why Pakhi was listening to their conversations while Shivani asked what was wrong with a husband taking his wife on a vacation. Pakhi claims she stays in the same home and can hear other people’s conversations. Shivani claims she can do what she wants, but she won’t comment on Virat or Sai’s trip.

Mansi believes Virat did a good thing by taking Sai on a vacation. They can now spend peacefully time together, as they all know their relationship has had many ups. Shivani questions Pakhi about why she causes so many problems. Bhavani claims it is Shivani’s idea, and supports Virat’s lies. Shivani wishes she would have thought of this, but Sunny came up with it. Ninad again asks Virat why he lied. Omkar shouts that Virat proved he doesn’t regard them as his dear ones. Bhavani claims they aren’t Virat’s enemies and Virat doesn’t think like that. It was Sai who made Virat feel guilty for making this trip. Ashwini insists that Virat is not a child to be controlled. Bhavani requests Pakhi to call Virat immediately. Shivani stops Pakhi, and she says that she can speak once they return from their trip.

The doorbell rings. Karishma opens the door and announces, “Look who came.” Virat and Sai, Sunny and Mohit enter. Karishma confronts Mohit about celebrating Sai’s and Virat’s wedding anniversary instead of working, as he doesn’t have the time or money to do so. Sai claims Mohit arrived on his brother’s orders. Ninad questions Virat about why he lied to them and instead went to celebrate his marriage anniversary by himself. Bhavani comments next. Ashwini questions Virat about it. Mohit claims dada only wanted to make the wedding anniversary special. Sunny and Mohit are scolded by Bhavani for supporting Virat. Mansi tells her to forget it and asks Sai about her trip. Sai, looking at Virat, says that she had a surprise for them all. Sonali claims that whenever she speaks of surprise, it bothers them. Omkar says Sai creates a new drama every time. Pakhi believes he is correct and questions Sai about the surprise or gift she brought this time, just like Ninad was surprised with a gift last year. Sai assures her that all her doubts will be resolved today. She will also stop asking her questions again. She also claims she received a surprise that will make Pakhi happy. Pakhi shouts for it to be so that she doesn’t have to surprise anyone. Karishma questions Sai about the new drama. Bhavani comments next. Pakhi believes that Virat must have placed balloons outside, and Sunny must have left cake outside as a surprise.

Virat said it’s not balloons and cakes, but Pakhi. He is curiously observed by everyone. He tells Pakhi to stop asking Sai questions as her life will be changed. Pakhi asks him who is going to make the decision about her life. She has made the decision to move to her parents’ house and she will be moving in a few days. Virat requests Sai to first listen. Sonali asks her to stop creating more suspense. Sai calls everyone out, holds Ashwini and Mansi’s hands, and then asks Samrat to enter. Mansi is shocked to see her son’s return and asks who is coming. Ashwini, who also sees him back, gets emotional and tells him that their Samrat has returned. The whole family is stunned to see him and Pakhi freezes in shock. Samrat remembers Pakhi’s love for Virat and recalls it to Pakhi.