Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Virat locks Sai in a room. Sai is furious and wonders how stupid Virat sir has locked Sai in a room. She knocks on the door, and says she won’t forget Virat for his actions. Another room is where Pakhi demands Samrat if she would like to take her to a beauty salon. He tells her he’ll take her there. She claims it will take a while, and they’ll carry magazines for them to peruse. He inquires about how long will she spend to get there. She states 3-4 hours at a minimum. He says he’s unable to be patient for that long. He says that every husband does this, it’s just normal. He claims the he doesn’t fit in that group because his perspective is different. He doesn’t belong to this standard and, honestly, he doesn’t want his wife spending two hours in the salons, and he likes natural beauty. He does not have the right to say this. They are forming an unplanned relationship. He says that it does not mean that he must change. He will take her off at the parlor and be there when she returns. She claims that even Virat is the one who takes Sai to school and waits until she gets back. He claims that he’s not Virat but he’s Samrat who has their own ideas as well as dislikes and likes so she can’t discover Virat in him. And if she is referring to a new beginning as this, then they’ll return to the beginning and he believes that she is unhappy and just acting. She claims there’s no such thing. He claims that she would not have accepted Virat’s name today. She can remember Sai who was also confronting her and she asks him what he was saying. He inquires as to why she was using Virat’s advice so frequently, if she’s certain that she would like to be with him for the rest of her life. She says that there’s nothing wrong with her and she interpreted Virat’s name because he’s his brother, and he might prefer the name. He claims he’s not Virat’s carbon-copy and is a different person and if she’s finding Virat in his body, it is not true. She claims she would have used the name of someone else. He says he’s not got the enough energy to engage in more arguments. He claims he can’t be a thorn in her side anymore and will leave her home and take her back later; the man can see what goes on inside her, however, her family do not recognize her discomfort as her own, and she is the only one who can manage it. She claims she cannot do it on her own and requires his support to live an enjoyable life. She would like people to praise her Jodi, but he’s not yet ready for it. He inquires about why she would like to make people jealous. She hopes that people will admire their relationship and not become in a state of jealousy. She claims that fate has brought her happiness after a long period and she hopes to be satisfied with the help of him. He claims they will support one another however, he would like to make it declare that he doesn’t have any expectations of her. There was the time when he hoped for to receive something from his wife. it was heightened when he saw her. However, after realizing that he had been expecting things wrongly and his hopes were shattered, He will care for the wife in his role as husband but her happiness isn’t his concern. Her happiness is hers to take care of. He claims he would like to ensure she is satisfied and to not withdraw from his responsibilities, however, she’s not required to make her choices based on his happiness. He will continue to incorporate her into his life and in his decisions. She considers what he might have said. declare.

Bhavani asks Shivani, Sonali, and Karishma to organize a pooja and feels angry that Ashwini got sick and put all the responsibility onto her. She’s resting in her room and putting off her work. Karishma begins her drama and makes fun of Sai. Shivani warns her to not compare her to Sai. Karishma shouts that she is performing her duties as an employee as Sai is studying at ease inside her bedroom. Bhavani is furious that Sai normally puts herself into everything, but this time she’s acting like she’s studying in the room. Omkar claims she would like to be a neurosurgeon, and has is already rotting their brains. Mansi claims Sai could be a major neurosurgeon. Shivani affirms that she is right. Sonali, Karishma, and Omkar continue to criticize Sai and then decide to not send her to school today. Omkar promises to ensure she doesn’t go out of the house. Virat arrives and says he has already made arrangements and has locked Sai within his home to ensure she does not go to university. Virat wants Karishma to perform some sacred music.

Sai is furious after at the sight of Virat taking away her phone. She yells the man is upset because the two of them are not together. Pakhi and if he believes she can be held and torture her like an adult, he’s incorrect and she will show him wrong today. looks out from the balcony and sees an empty drain pipe and thinks she was a climber in the big trees in Gadchiroli but this isn’t true and she is now going to demonstrate how she can help. Bhavani asks Virat to confirm if he truly was able to lock Sai in the room. He replies yes. Sonali shouts that Sai mentally brutalized Virat for a long time and made him place her in a locked room. Shivani demands that she put aside her thinking about it and informs Virat it’s not his police station’s job to enforce his home rules. Virat declares that Sai does not adhere to family norms or customs and will do whatever she likes however, they won’t let her do this and they are not lenient. Virat explained this to Sai many times and when she refuses to accept his explanation, he’s forced to confine her to an area. Sai is arrogant and stubborn. Bhavani is with him and follows by Sonali’s shouts. Virat wants them to begin the pooja. He will also bring Sai whenever she is needed, and asks Shivani not to worry since Sai can be safe within the the room. Sai leaves the home via drain pipe as she thanks god for getting her out safely. She is unable to get her hands on Chavan Nivas, and is convinced that Virat will not be able to capture her. there’s no place to go until the moment that can encapsulate her freedom. With Pakhi appearing to be returning her to Samrat, Virat will live in solitude, just like the one he deserves.