Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Samrat, in his bedroom, recalls Sai’s words. Pakhi comes back and asks if aayi likes sari. He says yes, and then asks about Sai. Pakhi claims that Sai doesn’t like her or her talks so she didn’t like her gift. Let her know if Sai will be wearing their gifted sari during tomorrow’s pooja. He then asks if Virat will be wearing her gifted kurta. She said that Virat will wear her gifted kurta, and she is certain of this because Virat knows her well. He tells her that she is very familiar with Virat. He says he means it. They have been living together for more than a year. He must know each other well. What would Virat think seeing them happy together? She wonders why he is asking her this question. Virat comes into the room and apologizes for his entry at that time. He thanks him for giving him a kurta, but he only knows what he chose. Samrat Pakhi chooses this karta. He asks him not to misunderstand him, as he is only talking about clothes because he likes Pakhi’s choices of clothes. Pakhi leaves nervously. Samrat is asked by Virat to not misunderstand him. Samrat said he didn’t, and although he knows that Pakhi is only a friend to him, he thinks he still hasn’t found out what Pakhi really feels and if Sai is right.

Sai makes her bed and puts it on the floor. Virat mocks Sai, saying that he doesn’t get how someone can sleep peacefully after creating so much drama. Sai says that it’s like some people finding fault with everything and disregarding the good works of others. He questions her about what she means. He should accept that he could rekindle his friendship with his Jiva because she had stopped his transfer. He said he didn’t want to argue, or their voices would get loud and disturb Samrat. She questions if Pakhi taught this to her. He questions her about Pakhi’s jealousy and asks if Pakhi is right that she doesn’t see her happiness. Sai states that she wants Pakhi be happy and not act. Virat can’t see that because Pakhi’s tears at cafe have blurred his vision. He then asks her to go on. She inquires about Samrat’s feelings if he heard that Pakhi used barge into our rooms whenever he was uniformed. He is now doing the same thing and has gone to Samrat’s room at this hour instead of morning. He then asks what is acting. He is acting to see Pakhi and Samrat, she says. He sneers and walks off, saying that he doesn’t want to see her face. He may realize that he was wrong later on, but she thinks it’s too late.

Next morning, Pakhi is still studying and Shivani comes in to see her sari. She asks her to choose matching earrings from the two that she has. Both are beautiful, and she tells Shivani that both are good. She also asks her to study because her exams are coming up. Shivani asks Shivani if she will attend pooja. She asks her to get dressed up soon and show her her sari. Sai claims she is ready, but not for college. Shivani urges her to attend home pooja and skip college. Sai is also adamant. Shivani sees Virat outside, holding a blanket and pillow, and asks him what’s going on. Virat and Sai start blaming one another. Shivani requests them to stop fighting. They keep going. Sai states that if she has a problem with him, she will leave his home and pack her suitcase. He holds her hand and forces her to put her clothes in a cupboard. She begs him to let her go, as it hurts. He gives up on her hand. He leaves her hand. He promises to show her that he is her husband, and that he will use his rights to lock her up in a room. Shivani cautions him against thinking about that. He claims he has been soft until now, but Sai continues her misbehavior so he must lock her up in a room. Sai questions him about why he is misbehaving with his wife. He claims she is jealous of Pakhi, and her family loves Pakhi because she follows all the traditions. But Sai is free to do whatever she likes and disrespect elders. It is her responsibility to show respect to her family, which has shown her so much respect. Sai requests respect if she is part of a pooja with bad intentions.

Samrat calls orphanage children by phone. Samrat is asked by Pakhi to choose a sari to perform pooja. He tells her to choose herself, but she is more knowledgeable than he. She tells him she wants to learn from him because she wants him to be the most beautiful. He wants to know what she means. He is her husband, she says. She wants to be ready for him only. He picks the sari and wonders why she is showing it, as if her opinion is important to him. Shivani informs Sai that his family performs pooja with good intentions and wishes Samrat and Pakhi a happy and fulfilled life. Sai questions about Pakhi’s intentions. Virat said that whatever it was, he would lock Sai up in a room right away. She tells him to let her know how he will stop her from going to college. Virat wants Shivani to go out. Shivani teasingly says that she wants to reconcile all by herself and then walks off smiling. Virat locks Sai in a room. She begs for her freedom. He claims he warned her. Sai requests that he open the door because he doesn’t like it. He asks her what she can do, and she says sorry. She tells him she won’t. He walks off. He continues knocking at the door.