Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Shivani questions Sai about her inability to sense the truth. A person cannot be held responsible for one year. She questions if Virat was responsible for supporting her against her family, bringing ruby pendants for her, giving birthday surprises, and him crying when she had an accident. Virat did not hide anything from her family, and even lied to them about their anniversary. This is love and responsibility. Sunny believes that Virat is true to her. She tells him she won’t agree with him because she knows the truth and doesn’t want to live in a bubble filled with misunderstandings. Sunny claims she is living in a bubble of confusion and will be sorry for her failure to understand Virat’s love. Shivani asks not to make the mistake of rejecting Virat’s love. Sai claims she did not make any mistakes, but how can she believe that Virat loves Shivani when she saw Virat and Pakhi holding hands in a cafe? Virat wonders how many times Sai will hurt him. He explained it to her many times but she is stubborn. Shivani questions Shivani about why she stopped Virat’s transfer. She knows she or Pakhi did it. But when Shivani doesn’t believe Virat loves them, why did she stop him from moving on? She claims she didn’t stop Virat’s transfer for her own benefit. Virat was shocked to see Sai’s bag at DIG’s office. He also remembers Sai lying to him several times. Sai admits that she visited DIG’s office and asked him to stop Virat’s transfer. Sunny wants to know how he convinced DIG. Sai said she had told Virat’s family that Virat needed him here. He is now unwell and requires rest. She promised DIG she would take care of Virat until Virat gets well. Virat wonders why all these people are making Sai love him. She stopped the transfer for his family’s sake. His presence doesn’t mean anything to her. He walks off. Sunny asks Sai to imagine that all of us have the same misunderstanding. Why doesn’t she accept Virat’s love for her? Shivani states that she must respect her true love and not lose it.

Seniors are told by Ashwini that Virat seems very happy, and she now feels like he has returned home. Devi and Pulkit’s presence enriched the environment. Bhavani believes Devi should have stayed longer. Sonali promises that they will be back tomorrow. Mansi treats Samrat with love and says that she is happy today. Bhavani believes that Samrat is happy because of Pakhi and Virat. She praises Pakhi for taking care of Samrat today. Ninad believes that everything is going well. Pakhi tells Samrat that she and Pakhi want to visit her parents because they are eagerly awaiting Samrat’s return. Bhavani invites her to invite them tomorrow for pooja. Sonali says even Pakhi’s parents deserve happiness. Pakhi thanked her and said she would tell her parents how much they love her. Youngster return. Ashwini thanked god and prayed for Virat’s happiness. Shivani tells Sai to remain calm. Ninad questions Ashwini about the person she is referring to. She said no. Virat comes in and tells her he knows the person who stopped his transfer, without asking him what he needs. Samrat is capable of doing that. Virat sneers at Sai, and then he says that Sai is the only one who can do it. Ashwini hugs Sai, and says that she told Virat to stop. But she stopped Virat’s transfer. Samrat praises Sai, and says that she has shown how much she cares about the family. Virat claims Samrat is praising Sai. But did Sai request that?

Pakhi said what you should expect from someone who believes what she thinks is right. She didn’t even have a conversation with him once because she believes all of her decisions are correct. Samrat supports Sai. He asks him why they speak so rudely about Sai. Virat asks Samrat if he regrets his dahi handi breakup with him. Virat replies that Shiva calling him Shiva is his best moment in life. But he should look at it from his perspective. He had all the preparations for tomorrow but his transfer was stopped suddenly. Sai states that if she feels she made a mistake in stopping him, she will accept the punishment. Omkar, as usual, rudely asks Sai to not prolong the matter and ruin their happiness. Virat questions Sai about his mistake. Mansi states that it is the husband and wife’s decision and Samrat should not interfere. Bhavani suggests that Samrat visit Pakhi’s parents’ house. Samrat is told by Pakhi that they should listen aayi to kaku. They will shop after they visit her parents, and he must fulfill all her demands. He questions her about why she would use force. One cannot love someone with forcefully. She said she was just trying to provoke him. He will get what he wants, and she smiled at Sai.