Funny Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages ! 50 funny Wishes to Make Everyone Laugh

You want to wish a happy birthday to one of your loved ones but you want to write a funny message.

Indeed, for you, this festival is not a sign of tradition or monotony. Rather, it is an opportunity to show your humor.

So, you want your SMS to be original. Moreover, there is nothing better to show to the other that the bond which unites you is irreplaceable.

It’s easy to send a mundane message that you can find anywhere on the Net but it’s by writing funny happy birthday wishes and messages that you really tell the other person that he or she has a special place. in your life.

Funny messages for your partner

The person you’re in love with is definitely the most important person in your life. Together, you’ve been through good times and bad.

And, if there is one thing for sure, it is that with humor, everything is better. So here is a selection of funny messages to wish your partner a happy birthday.

Besides, it can be a way to test your bond and see if he or she understands your particular sense of humor.

# Happy birthday, my love! It seems that wisdom comes with age… Do you see? You don’t have all the signs of old age yet! Happy Birthday!

# I told myself that this year, I was going to write you the funniest message to wish you a happy birthday. Then I reminded myself that I was not funny at all and that I was surely going to make you cry. So, I’ll just give you a great gift tonight!

# Today is a special day and a beautiful angel will whisper a “Happy Birthday” in your ear. Don’t worry, I’ll call you later to whisper it to you.

# Facebook tells me it’s your birthday, so I just have one thing left to do and send you a message to wish you a happy birthday! With these new technologies, there is no longer even a way to act as if I had forgotten… Yes, before I could use this “forgetfulness” to be forgiven with sex. But now it’s all gone.

# My darling, some say that aging is quite an art! If that’s true, you’re a real Picasso! What? You don’t like my funny message. Whoo, don’t get angry… I love you anyway and wish you a very happy birthday.

# Sweetheart, don’t worry about your white hair. In a few years, you will surely have lost them and you will regret all the time spent thinking about them! Happy Birthday my love.

# Happy birthday! One more year… It’s time to set the world on fire !!! Finally, maybe already start by putting out your birthday candles, it’s safer! You don’t want to set your apartment on fire like yesterday with dinner.

# It seems that perfection does not exist on Earth… But then tell me where are you from? Ah, you are an alien, everything is explained. Happy birthday so my favorite alien.

# I gave you a great gift: a fire extinguisher. Yes, you understand… At a certain age, you start to accumulate candles. But, I love you sweetheart and don’t worry, I’ll be there to help you blow out your too many candles.

# Here is a funny message to wish you a happy birthday. A man asks his wife: honey, what do you prefer about me? My virile muscles or my intelligence? – She answers, your sense of humor! What’s that got to do with your birthday? None but it’s hard to be funny and wishes a happy birthday. So, laugh and be tolerant!

Funny messages for your best friend

Your best friend is the person who is there to support you through thick and thin. You tell them your biggest secrets because you know that they will never betray you.

A funny message to wish them a happy birthday can be a lighter way of telling them how much they mean to you.

You don’t need big declarations of love to show him your affection. After all, who do you laugh with the most? With your best friend, of course!

# Your little extra thing is the minus box. But I love you anyway. Happy Birthday! I hope you don’t lose control again tonight!

# Phew! I almost forgot your birthday like you forgot your dignity yesterday at the bar. But, luckily, I have a secret to never miss a chance to party (PS: it’s Facebook). So to the most important person in my life: happy birthday. We will celebrate with dignity!

# Happy birthday, my heart sister / my heart brother. You will always be older than me! Haha

# Why are we celebrating the day you left your mother’s v ****? Do you also want us to celebrate the day you had your first drunk? Come on, happy birthday!

# Happy Birthday, I’ll always be there for you! I think very hard of you and I love you very much! Finally, don’t call me while I’m asleep or between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. because hey… The gym is sacred! Otherwise, call whenever you want.

# It is said that youth is in the head. Blah, it all! You are getting old, that’s it! Accept it and let’s go toast to your new wrinkles. Happy Birthday.

# Happy birthday to my best friend! We are a great team especially when it comes to doing bullshit. Ah! What an example you are… My mother would hate you!

# A funny message? No… You deserve an evening of skits because your life is a succession of bad decisions. But I love you anyway. Happy birthday, my luron!

# We celebrated your birthday without you, you had better not drink so much last night. Happy Birthday! I promise you the evening was memorable …

# Each year that passes is an additional difficulty in blowing out the candles. Fortunately, you can count on your most loyal friend to help you overcome this terrible ordeal! But hey … At this point, even I am starting to run out of breath. Happy Birthday!

Funny messages for your child

Ah, the apple of your eye! Whether your child is 10 or 30 years old, he or she is your greatest pride. Here is a selection of funny messages that prove that the parent/child relationship is not always serious.

Indeed, there is nothing better than being able to laugh about everything with your child. Even his nonsense or his mistakes. After all, a parent is someone who accepts and loves their child no matter what.

# The best excuse to party is a birthday. But, you don’t really need a reason for a drink, do you? Well yes, you still have a blow in the nose. Happy birthday, my son/daughter.

# I saw a perfect gift for you that you would have liked very much for your birthday. This is exactly what you dream of! But I said to myself, the material is superficial! You are mature and wise now. Happy birthday, my beloved child!

# Happy birthday to a funny, charming, appreciated, lovable person – in short, a bit like me! Best wishes, exceptional character!

# Somehow you survived adolescence! Congratulations! But, now is the time to get serious. Bills, credits, health problems. In short, joy! As you can see, I chose a funny message to wish you a happy birthday.

# Happy birthday, my love. Remember: you can become anything you want. Finally, you can’t get any younger. It’s too late for that!

# Congratulations on making the safe transition from adolescence to adulthood. Honestly, at one point I had a doubt that you were going to get there. Happy Birthday!

# What! What! X brushes on the counter? My God! My God, what a great misfortune! You are becoming a little old man, quickly call your doctor. Everything will crack at your place! Hello, the pains!

# You are not very young anymore, so stop your c ******** Now. Get yourself together! Put down that glass and come give me a kiss, it’s your birthday!

# For your birthday, everyone gives you a gift. But I find it so predictable, so usual, so basic as an idea that I decided to stand out from the crowd by sending you a great card instead. Happy Birthday!

# Funny that you were born exactly on your birthday. Coincidence? I do not think so! Happy birthday my son/daughter as crazy as me.

Funny messages for one of your parents

Your parents are in the prime of their lives. In short, they are getting old. This is no reason to be sad or serious. Indeed, you can help them pass this milestone in a good mood.

Here is a selection of funny messages to wish a happy birthday to one of your parents who does not really like the idea of ​​blowing out one more candle.

# According to mom/dad, I am your greatest gift. So, I’ll settle for a simple Happy Birthday dad/mom to wish you a nice day.

# I wish you a very happy birthday. Your favorite child loves you very much. Of course, you only have me but all the same …

# I wish you a day filled with boring phone calls, Facebook notifications, and texts. Happy birthday mom/dad.

# This morning, I thought to myself that I was going to write a funny message to wish you a happy birthday. Then I thought that the fact that you are getting older was already a good joke. So, have a good laugh!

# Come on! Get up and celebrate this day as it should be. Dance the night away … Or, at least, until bedtime. Happy birthday mom/dad.

# A few words of wisdom for your birthday, “Smile while you still have all your teeth!”. Happy birthday mom/dad.

# I hope you fully appreciate the time it took me to make the decision not to buy you a present for your birthday.

# Happy birthday mom/dad! I made you your favorite cake. Well… I had to take out the sugar, the gluten, the dairy products… But, it’s for your good!

# Happy birthday to whoever is most responsible for my own birthday!

# When I was little you always told me, “You’ll see when you’re my age”. But, tell me how am I supposed to understand when you keep having birthdays every year?

Funny and unique messages for all

Here is a selection of ten funny messages that you can use for any occasion. For example, if a friend of yours or your coworkers is having their birthday, you can send them one of these funny text messages.

Indeed, your relationship might not be as personal as you would like, either because you haven’t known each other for a long time or because you are both shy.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use humor to break the ice and write a funny message to wish them a happy birthday.

# Bananniversary! Yes, I started drinking on your behalf. What are you waiting for to join me, an invitation?

# I want to sing you this famous song: “Happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday [first name], happy birthday!”. Beautiful deep and very strong lyrics nourish this song. This song can express exactly the feeling of the day. Magnificent!

# Have a good day and a fabulous year. Finally, when you’re done with work and your kids… Here’s a funny message for you!

# A little message to wish you a happy birthday… Hoping that you read it well before your evening begins and that your attention span decreases along with the bottles!

# Forget the past, you can’t change it. Forget the future, you can’t predict it. And, forget the present… Because I didn’t buy it from you! Happy Birthday!

# Do you know how many people celebrate their birthdays today? At least 16,000,000! Well, you must feel flattered that I picked your party out of all the others! Happy Birthday…

# Birthdays are filled with memories of yesterday, joys of today, and dreams of tomorrow. Finally, the memories of tonight maybe a little blurry because you like the bottle a little too much. Happy Birthday!

# Here is a funny message to wish you a happy birthday: I have nothing to say. I’m right here for the cake. What time do I have to come?

# It seems that life is like a roll of toilet paper… The more you get to the end, the faster it goes! So, enjoy life, and don’t unwind your Q roll too quickly. Happy Birthday!

# I couldn’t make up my mind: what could I offer you? But, I told myself that my very presence was already a beautiful gift! So here I am… Happy Birthday, my friend!