Elica Vs Inalsa Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys have become a necessity for most households, especially in the urban areas where kitchen sizes are compact and ventilation is often inadequate. These appliances not only help to keep the kitchen cleaner by sucking up smoke, grease, and odors, but also promote better health by reducing indoor air pollution. Elica and Inalsa are two of the leading brands in the Indian market that offer a range of high-quality kitchen chimneys at competitive prices. This article aims to compare and evaluate the features, performance, and customer feedback of these two popular brands – Elica vs Inalsa Kitchen Chimney.

The comparison between Elica and Inalsa Kitchen Chimney involves an assessment based on several factors such as suction power, filtration mechanism, noise level, design aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance among others. While both brands claim to provide efficient functionality with advanced technology that meets modern-day requirements, it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses before making a purchase decision. By analyzing different aspects of each brand’s offerings side-by-side, this article intends to provide comprehensive information that can assist customers in choosing the best-suited product according to their specific needs and preferences.

Importance Of Kitchen Chimneys

Kitchen chimneys are essential appliances that help maintain a clean and healthy cooking environment. The advantages of using kitchen chimneys cannot be overstated, as they effectively remove smoke, fumes, and other harmful particles from the air while cooking. This is especially important in today’s modern kitchens where open concept designs often mean that cooking areas are integrated with dining and living spaces.

To choose the right type of kitchen chimney for your needs, it’s necessary to understand the differences between wall-mounted and island kitchen chimneys. Wall mounted units are affixed directly onto walls above cooktops or stovetops, whereas island kitchen chimneys hang overhead from ceilings above central islands. Both types offer similar benefits but differ in terms of installation requirements, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

When selecting a kitchen chimney, several factors must be considered to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. These include suction power, filter type, noise level, design style or finish options available depending on personal preference. Each factor plays a crucial role in determining how effective your chosen unit will be at removing unwanted odors and pollutants from your home’s indoor air quality.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Chimney

When choosing a kitchen chimney, size is an important factor to consider in order to ensure that the chimney will be adequate to cover the stove surface. Noise level is another factor to consider, as some models may be louder than others. Design should also be taken into account, as there are various styles and materials to choose from. Lastly, the price, filter type, suction power, warranty, air flow, energy efficiency, installation, control type, lighting, brand, and maintenance options should all be considered to ensure the best possible kitchen chimney for the user.


When choosing a kitchen chimney, one factor that must be taken into consideration is size. In comparing the Elica and Inalsa brands, it can be observed that their respective sizes vary greatly. The Elica kitchen chimneys come in different sizes ranging from 60 cm to 90 cm while the Inalsa brand offers models with standard sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm.

A key aspect to consider when evaluating the size of a kitchen chimney is its efficiency. A larger chimney may offer better suction power but consumes more electricity compared to smaller ones. On the other hand, a small-sized model may not effectively remove smoke or fumes generated during cooking due to insufficient coverage area. Thus, it’s vital for homeowners to select an appropriate size by conducting an efficiency analysis based on their specific needs.

In conclusion, selecting the right size of a kitchen chimney is crucial in ensuring efficient ventilation within the home. While both Elica and Inalsa offer varying sizes suitable for different household requirements, homeowners should conduct proper research before making their final decision. By analyzing factors such as room size and cooking habits, they can choose between these two reputable brands’ products and opt for the perfect fit for their homes’ kitchens.

Noise Level

When selecting a kitchen chimney, there are several factors to consider besides size. One of these is noise level, which can be an important consideration for homeowners who want a quiet and peaceful cooking experience. Comparing efficiency between Elica and Inalsa brands shows that their noise levels vary depending on the model selected. While both brands offer models with low decibel ratings, some may produce more noise than others.

Price range is another crucial factor when choosing a kitchen chimney. The cost of purchasing and installing a chimney should align with the homeowner’s budget while also meeting their ventilation needs effectively. In terms of price, both Elica and Inalsa have products in different ranges, allowing buyers to choose one that suits their financial capabilities without compromising quality or functionality.

In conclusion, apart from considering the size of a kitchen chimney during purchase, other factors such as noise level and price range must not be overlooked by homeowners. By analyzing these aspects objectively, experts can assist them in making informed decisions on which brand offers the best product for their specific requirements without exceeding their budget constraints.

Suction Power Of Elica Kitchen Chimney

After considering the various factors involved in choosing a kitchen chimney, it’s time to delve into one of the most important aspects – suction power. The suction power of a kitchen chimney is what determines its efficiency at removing smoke, fumes, and odors from your kitchen space.

When it comes to Elica kitchen chimneys, they are known for their powerful suction capabilities. With options ranging from 1100m3/hr to 1425m3/hr, Elica has something for every household size and cooking style. Additionally, proper installation plays a crucial role in maximizing the suction power of your Elica chimney. It’s recommended that you have an expert handle the installation process to ensure optimal performance.

In order to maintain strong suction power over time, regular cleaning is necessary. Here are three tips on how to clean your Elica kitchen chimney for optimized suction power:
1) Clean the filters regularly – depending on usage frequency
2) Use warm soapy water or degreasers to thoroughly scrub away any buildup or residue
3) Consider professional cleaning services for deep-cleaning once every few months

Now that we’ve covered suction power optimization tips for Elica chimneys, let’s move onto Inalsa kitchen chimneys and explore their own unique features and capabilities regarding this essential aspect.

Suction Power Of Inalsa Kitchen Chimney

The suction power of a kitchen chimney is one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a new appliance. Inalsa Kitchen Chimney offers an excellent suction capacity, which efficiently eliminates smoke and cooking odors from your kitchen space. With its advanced technology, Inalsa’s chimneys provide high-quality air filtration by removing harmful airborne particles that can cause respiratory problems.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that maintenance plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness of any kitchen chimney’s suction power over time. Regular cleaning and filter replacement are necessary to ensure optimal performance for years to come. Neglecting these tasks can lead to decreased efficiency, reduced suction power and may even result in malfunction or damage to your device. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users follow proper maintenance procedures as outlined by the manufacturer.

In comparison with other brands offering similar products, Inalsa Kitchen Chimney has garnered positive reviews among customers due to its superior quality construction and efficient operation. Its powerful motor provides outstanding suction capabilities at low noise levels – something that many homeowners appreciate in their appliances. If you’re looking for a reliable kitchen chimney with excellent suction power that will last you for years while keeping your home free of unwanted smells and pollutants, then look no further than Inalsa Kitchen Chimney!

Transition: Now that we have discussed the importance of maintaining your Inalsa Kitchen Chimney let us delve into understanding the filtration mechanism used by Elica Kitchen Chimneys.

Filtration Mechanism Of Elica Kitchen Chimney

  1. The baffle filter is a highly efficient filter used in Elica kitchen chimneys. It is made of stainless steel and works by forcing the air to swirl, thus trapping the oil particles in the filter.
  2. The mesh filter is also used in Elica kitchen chimneys. It is made up of layers of metal mesh and is capable of trapping larger grease particles.
  3. The carbon filter is the final filtration stage in Elica kitchen chimneys. It works by absorbing the odor and smoke particles, thus providing a clean and fresh air exhaust.
  4. Inalsa kitchen chimneys also make use of a baffle filter, which is made of aluminum and is slightly less efficient than the stainless steel baffle filter used in Elica kitchen chimneys.
  5. Inalsa kitchen chimneys utilize a metal mesh filter that is capable of trapping larger grease particles.
  6. The carbon filter in Inalsa kitchen chimneys is also efficient in eliminating odor and smoke particles.

Baffle Filter

Baffle filter is a popular filtration mechanism used in Elica kitchen chimneys. This type of filter has become increasingly preferred by many homeowners due to its advantages over other filters such as mesh and charcoal filters. One notable advantage of baffle filters is their ability to trap grease, smoke, and oil particles effectively, thereby ensuring that the air circulated back into the kitchen is clean and fresh.

Another significant advantage of baffle filters is that they are easy to maintain compared to other types of filters. Baffle filters can be cleaned easily with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher for cleaning, making them convenient for busy homeowners who have limited time for maintenance tasks. However, one disadvantage of baffle filters is that they require frequent cleaning since they tend to accumulate dirt quickly.

When comparing baffle filters with other types of filters like mesh and charcoal-based ones, it’s clear that baffle filters offer superior performance. Mesh filters tend to clog easily and may not trap all grease particles effectively while charcoal-based ones don’t perform well when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, if you’re looking for an efficient filtration mechanism for your kitchen chimney, then a baffle filter would be an excellent choice because it offers more benefits than drawbacks.

In conclusion, choosing a suitable filtration mechanism for your kitchen chimney requires careful consideration of various factors such as efficiency, convenience, ease of maintenance among others. Baffle filter stands out as a reliable option due to its numerous advantages over other types of filters. Its effectiveness in trapping smoke, grease and oil particles makes it ideal for any homeowner seeking a healthy living environment in their home kitchens.

Mesh Filter

In contrast to baffle filters, mesh filters are another filtration mechanism used in Elica kitchen chimneys. A mesh filter is made up of several layers of aluminum or stainless steel mesh that traps grease and oil particles as air passes through it. One advantage of mesh filters is their ability to capture a higher percentage of grease than other types of filters due to the multiple layers present.

Compared to baffle filters, mesh filters have some unique advantages that make them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking efficient filtration mechanisms for their kitchen chimneys. For instance, they do not require frequent cleaning since they can trap more dirt before clogging compared to baffle filters. Additionally, they are easy to install and remove from the chimney hood, making maintenance easier for users.

While mesh filters may offer some benefits over other types such as charcoal-based ones, they also have some notable drawbacks when compared to baffle filters. Mesh filters tend to be less effective at trapping small smoke particles that could affect indoor air quality adversely. Moreover, unlike baffle filters which can last longer with proper maintenance practices, mesh filters need replacement frequently; otherwise, they lose efficiency over time.

Carbon Filter

Another filtration mechanism used in Elica kitchen chimneys is the carbon filter. Carbon filters, also known as charcoal filters, are made of activated carbon that absorbs and eliminates odor particles from cooking fumes passing through them. These filters are ideal for households where cooking involves strong-smelling foods such as fish or spices.

One benefit of carbon filters is their ability to remove odors completely, leaving the air fresh and clean. They also do not require frequent cleaning unless they get clogged with grease or oil particles, which can reduce their efficiency over time. However, unlike mesh filters that need replacement frequently, replacing a carbon filter depends on usage frequency and the intensity of cooking smells present in your home.

Replacing a carbon filter should be done regularly to maintain its effectiveness in removing cooking smells. Homeowners who cook frequently may need to replace these filters every three months while those who rarely use their kitchens may only need to change them once per year. A significant advantage of using Elica kitchen chimneys with carbon filters is that homeowners have an option to switch between different types of filters depending on their needs without affecting the overall performance of the chimney hood.

Filtration Mechanism Of Inalsa Kitchen Chimney

How does the filtration mechanism of Inalsa Kitchen Chimney work? The answer lies in its baffle filters that are made up of multiple layers and curves. These filters trap grease, oil, smoke particles, and other impurities from cooking fumes which then get collected in a removable tray for easy cleaning. This design ensures maximum airflow while reducing noise levels to keep your kitchen environment pleasant.

One of the advantages of this type of filter is that it does not require frequent replacement like cassette or charcoal filters. It can be cleaned periodically with soap water and reused several times before needing a replacement. However, one disadvantage is that it requires manual cleaning which may be time-consuming compared to auto-clean chimneys available in the market today.

Another advantage is that baffle filters do not hinder the performance of the chimney even when they become clogged with grease over time. They still allow air to pass through freely without affecting suction power unlike cassette or charcoal filters where their efficiency decreases significantly if not replaced at regular intervals. Nevertheless, the primary drawback here remains that periodic maintenance by hand can be tedious and demanding on your part.

The filtration mechanism plays an essential role in determining how well a kitchen chimney performs overall. While there are pros and cons to using baffle filters as seen in Inalsa Kitchen Chimney, understanding what works best for you boils down to personal preference based on factors such as usage frequency, budget constraints, etcetera. Next step? Let’s delve into another critical aspect – noise level of Elica Kitchen Chimney!

Noise Level Of Elica Kitchen Chimney

When it comes to evaluating the noise level of kitchen chimneys, Elica is a brand that stands out from its competitors. Their products are known for their exceptional performance in reducing cooking odors and smoke while operating at relatively low decibels. In comparison with other brands, customer reviews suggest that Elica’s chimney models produce minimal noise levels during operation.

One reason why Elica chimneys have lower noise levels is due to the incorporation of advanced technologies such as baffle filters, which significantly reduce sound output without sacrificing performance. Additionally, Elica uses high-quality materials in constructing their products, including robust motors and fans that operate quietly without compromising suction power. Customers who opt for Elica over other brands can rest assured knowing they won’t be disturbed by loud noises when using their kitchen chimneys.

Customer reviews demonstrate that many people appreciate the peace and quiet provided by Elica’s kitchen chimneys. One satisfied user writes: "I am extremely pleased with my purchase of an Elica chimney; not only does it work wonders in keeping my kitchen smoke-free but also operates almost silently." Another adds: "The best part about this chimney is how quiet it runs – I barely notice it’s on!" These positive testimonials provide further evidence of the superior quality and low-noise output offered by Elica.

Transitioning into our next section topic, let us now compare these findings to those regarding another popular brand – Inalsa – examining whether or not their kitchen chimneys measure up to the standards set by Elica in terms of noise reduction.

Noise Level Of Inalsa Kitchen Chimney

One factor that homeowners consider when purchasing a kitchen chimney is the noise level. Inalsa Kitchen Chimney has been known for its efficient performance in eliminating smoke and odor, but some users have reported that it produces loud noises during operation. This can be disruptive to individuals who prefer a quieter environment while cooking.

To address this issue, there are soundproofing options available that can help reduce the noise level of the kitchen chimney. Adding insulation materials to the motor or using anti-vibration pads can minimize vibration and muffle the sound emitted by the appliance. These solutions may require additional expenses, but they offer long-term benefits in terms of comfort and convenience.

When considering purchasing an Inalsa Kitchen Chimney, it is recommended to read user reviews about the product’s noise level before making a decision. While some customers may not mind operating a slightly noisy kitchen chimney, others may find it unbearable. It is important to weigh these factors against other features offered by the appliance such as suction power, filtration system, and ease of maintenance.

Moving forward into discussing design aesthetics and durability of Elica and Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys, it is essential to note how these two brands differ from each other in terms of appearance and construction quality.

Design Aesthetics And Durability Of Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys

  1. The design of both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys is sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  2. Both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys are durable and reliable, lasting for many years with minimal maintenance.
  3. Performance-wise, Elica kitchen chimneys have a higher suction power than Inalsa kitchen chimneys, making them more efficient in kitchen ventilation.
  4. Both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys come with features such as glass filters, LED lights, and touch buttons, but Elica kitchen chimneys are usually more expensive than Inalsa kitchen chimneys.
  5. Installation of both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys is relatively easy and straightforward, but Inalsa kitchen chimneys tend to require less maintenance than Elica kitchen chimneys.
  6. When it comes to size, shape, and color, both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys offer a wide range of options to suit different kitchen layouts.


When it comes to design, both Elica and Inalsa offer a wide range of options for their kitchen chimneys. While the overall style and appearance can vary greatly between models, each brand has its own signature look that sets them apart from one another. When comparing designs side by side, customers may notice that Elica tends to favor sleek, modern lines with minimalist touches. On the other hand, Inalsa often incorporates more traditional elements into its chimney designs such as ornate detailing or curved edges.

In terms of functionality, both brands aim to provide efficient ventilation while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing exterior. However, some customers may prefer the more understated elegance of Elica’s streamlined shapes over Inalsa’s bolder aesthetic choices. Ultimately, choosing between these two brands will come down to personal preference in terms of which design fits best within a specific kitchen space.

Overall, when considering the design aesthetics and durability of Elica vs Inalsa kitchen chimneys, it is important to keep in mind that both brands have distinct styles that cater to different tastes. While Elica leans towards a contemporary feel with minimalistic touches, Inalsa offers more classic styling with attention-grabbing details. Ultimately the choice between these two brands will depend on individual needs and preferences; however rest assured knowing that regardless of which brand you choose they are sure to deliver quality products built to last.


Moving on to another crucial aspect of design, let us discuss the aesthetics of Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys. Both brands offer a diverse range of options in terms of design aesthetics that cater to different tastes and preferences. However, one factor that sets them apart is their approach towards incorporating lighting into the chimney’s overall appearance. Elica tends to use subtle LED lights integrated into the hood or body of the chimney for an ambient effect. On the other hand, Inalsa offers more vibrant lighting options such as colored LEDs, which can be used to provide accent lighting in your kitchen space.

Aside from lighting, material quality plays a significant role in determining the aesthetic appeal and durability of a kitchen chimney. Both Elica and Inalsa offer high-quality materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, and cast iron for their chimneys. While these materials are durable and long-lasting, they also contribute to the overall style of each brand’s product line. For instance, Elica uses premium-grade stainless steel with clean lines for its modern look while Inalsa incorporates decorative elements such as curved edges or intricate detailing to enhance its classic aesthetic.

Lastly, it is worth noting that both Elica and Inalsa prioritize user convenience when designing their products’ aesthetics. They both strive to create visually appealing designs without compromising functionality or ease of use. Whether you prefer a sleek contemporary look or a traditional ornate style, both brands ensure that their kitchen chimneys deliver on all fronts – quality construction, exceptional performance, efficient ventilation system with sufficient suction power – making sure they meet your specific requirements regardless if you’re cooking up a storm or just trying out new recipes!


Moving forward to another crucial aspect of the design, durability plays an essential role in determining the quality and longevity of a kitchen chimney. Elica and Inalsa prioritize using high-quality materials that ensure their products’ sturdiness while providing excellent functionality. When compared with other brands, both Elica and Inalsa offer superior construction at competitive prices.

In addition to utilizing top-grade materials, both brands also provide warranties for their kitchen chimneys. These warranties guarantee customer satisfaction by covering any defects or damages encountered during usage within a specific period after purchase. The warranty periods vary depending on the model and brand but generally range from one year up to ten years. This is just one way these manufacturers show confidence in their products’ durability.

To sum it up, when it comes to designing aesthetically pleasing kitchen chimneys, Elica and Inalsa do not compromise on product durability. They use premium grade materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, and cast iron which contribute significantly to the overall style of each brand’s product line. Additionally, they offer comprehensive warranties that instill customers’ trust in their ability to deliver long-lasting performance without compromising aesthetic appeal or ease of use.

Maintenance And After-Sales Service Of Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys

As a kitchen chimney expert, it is important to consider the maintenance and after-sales service when choosing between Elica and Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys. Both brands offer warranty periods that vary depending on the model purchased. However, customer reviews indicate that Elica has a better reputation for providing timely and efficient after-sales services compared to Inalsa.

The warranty period for Elica Kitchen Chimneys ranges from 1-5 years depending on the product line while Inalsa offers a standard one year warranty across all models. Customers who have used both brands report that although they were satisfied with the performance of their chimneys during the warranty period, they experienced issues beyond this time frame. It is therefore essential to choose a brand offering an extended warranty period or reliable after-sales service.

Customer reviews suggest that Elica provides excellent after-sales service, including prompt responses to queries and quick resolution of technical problems. On the other hand, some customers reported unsatisfactory experiences with Inalsa’s customer support team due to slow response times and inadequate solutions. Therefore, before purchasing any model from either of these two brands, it is crucial to research more about the respective company’s after-sales services in your area.

In conclusion, while both Elica and Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys are popular choices among homeowners looking for effective ventilation systems in their kitchens, it’s vital to take into consideration how easy it will be getting assistance if something goes wrong. Based on customer feedback regarding warranties provided by each brand as well as post-purchase support received; Elica seems like a superior choice overall than its competitor – especially concerning aftersales service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price Difference Between Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys?

When it comes to purchasing a kitchen chimney, comparing brands and features is crucial. A brand comparison between Elica and Inalsa reveals that both companies offer a range of chimneys with varying features and price points. Elica offers premium models with advanced technologies such as Heat Auto Clean, Baffle Filters, Touch Control Panels, and LED Lights. On the other hand, Inalsa provides more budget-friendly options but lacks some of the high-end features available from Elica. The price difference between these two brands can vary depending on the specific model chosen, but generally speaking, Elica tends to be pricier due to its focus on innovation and advanced technology in their products. Ultimately, selecting a kitchen chimney comes down to personal preference and budget constraints.

Can The Suction Power Of Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys Be Adjusted?

Adjustable suction power is a common feature in modern kitchen chimneys that allows users to customize the ventilation according to their cooking needs. It is important to note, however, that not all models offer this option. When comparing performance between different brands and models of kitchen chimneys, it is essential to consider various factors such as airflow rate, noise level, filter efficiency, build quality, and maintenance requirements. The ability to adjust suction power can be a significant advantage for homeowners who frequently cook diverse dishes with varying levels of smoke and odors. Nevertheless, it should not be the sole criterion when choosing a kitchen chimney since other features may also contribute significantly to overall functionality and satisfaction. As an expert in this field, I recommend carefully evaluating each product’s specifications and customer reviews before making any purchase decision.

How Long Do The Filters Of Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys Last?

Maintenance of kitchen chimneys is necessary for optimal performance. One important aspect of maintenance is ensuring that the filters are cleaned regularly. The frequency of filter cleaning varies depending on usage and cooking habits, but it is generally recommended to clean them every 2-3 months. To clean the filters, they should be removed from the chimney and washed with soap and water or in a dishwasher if suitable. After washing, ensure that the filters are completely dry before reattaching them to avoid any damage to the motor or other parts of the chimney. Proper maintenance tips can help extend the lifespan of both Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys’ filters.

What Is The Warranty Period For Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys?

Comparing warranties of kitchen chimneys is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new appliance. When it comes to Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys, customers may wonder which brand offers better warranty coverage. It’s crucial to note that the warranty period for these brands differs depending on the model and type of chimney. However, in general, Elica provides a longer warranty period than Inalsa. Typically, Elica offers a five-year motor warranty and one-year comprehensive warranty while Inalsa offers a two-year motor warranty and one-year comprehensive warranty. As a kitchen chimney expert, it’s essential to advise customers to thoroughly read the warranty terms and conditions before making any purchase decisions.

Do Elica And Inalsa Kitchen Chimneys Require Professional Installation Or Can They Be Installed By The User?

When it comes to installing a kitchen chimney, there are two options available: do-it-yourself (DIY) installation or professional installation. While DIY installation may seem like an attractive option for those looking to save money, it is important to note that professional installation has several benefits. Professional installers have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the chimney is installed correctly and safely. They also have access to specialized equipment and tools that make the process quicker and more efficient. In addition, professional installation often comes with a warranty or guarantee, providing added peace of mind for homeowners. Overall, while DIY installation may be tempting, opting for a professional installer can ultimately lead to a better outcome in terms of safety, efficiency, and overall performance of your kitchen chimney.


When it comes to choosing a kitchen chimney, many factors need to be considered. Two popular brands in the market today are Elica and Inalsa. The price difference between these two chimneys varies depending on the model chosen. However, both Elica and Inalsa offer affordable options for their customers.

One important factor that sets apart Elica and Inalsa is their suction power adjustment feature. While both chimneys have this feature, some models of Elica allow users to adjust the suction power according to different cooking requirements. Another aspect to consider is filter life expectancy. Generally, filters of Elica last longer than those of Inalsa.

The warranty period for Elica and Inalsa kitchen chimneys also differs based on the model selected. It is essential always to check the warranty before purchasing any chimney unit as it indicates confidence in product quality by manufacturers. Lastly, professional installation of kitchen chimneys is recommended for safety measures due to electrical wiring connections involved.

In conclusion, when considering buying a kitchen chimney, there are several factors one needs to consider carefully. Both Elica and Inalsa offer excellent products with varying features at reasonable prices that cater well to customer needs. As an expert in this field, I would say "A good kitchen chimney can make your cooking experience more pleasant while keeping your home’s air clean as a whistle."