Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

The show begins with Rangoli becomes distraught and enraged when she sees her children with Nupur, so she takes her locket, which belonged to Chikoo, and throws it at their chamber door. The next day, Chikoo wakes up and exclaims, “I see Nupur with me!” Everyone has awoken. Nupur inquires as to what transpired. Chikoo claims that you used magic on us to put us to sleep, and that you intend to use this magic to kill us. Nupur claims she is misunderstood. Chikoo returns, claiming that she is sick and about to pass out, but Nupur saves her. Chikoo backs away from her, declaring that she will not allow her to transform with her power. Nupur believes she has no idea why she is mistaken about me, and that she has no idea when I slept, and that Milind may be unhappy with me, so she runs home.

At home, everyone is waiting for Nupur. When Nupur tries to tell Milind something, he responds, “Tell something, not sorry; I’m tired of your sorries.” Nupur claims that she has no recollection of sleeping with children while attempting to put them to sleep. Savitri claims you slept soundly, but my son didn’t sleep for even a minute, and you want to prove something by doing it. Nupur, according to Kamini, does not have a child, which is why she is playing the Mom game with other children because she has so much love in her heart. Nupur inquires about Kamini’s ability to point out her Mother’s love. Nupur is asked by Subodh not to speak to Kamini in this tone. Nupur requests that he explain the situation to her.

Milind intervenes in Nupur’s attempt to persuade Kamini that she is correct. My son grieved in my lap because of you, Savitri says, and why can’t you care about our family’s happiness? Milind claims she will be unconcerned about him. Nupur claims to be concerned about him. Savitri claims you’re causing him a lot of pain. Nupur claims that you don’t understand me and that I’m not playing a mother’s game by assisting orphanage children in the hopes that someone will assist our Payal. Milind claims that you’re thinking about your suffering, but you’re not seeing mine, and that I’ve also lost my child and wife. I understand, Nupur adds, but all I want is for our Payal to return to us as a happy family.

Milind claims that he has a plan to reclaim our happiness, and that he and his wife will have another kid to do so. Savitri agrees with him. Milind inquires about her response. Nupur refuses, stating that she will not consider other children until she locates Payal, since she cannot betray her Payal. Milind claims that I was mistaken about you, and that everyone is correct because you’re only concerned with yourself and don’t care about our family’s happiness. Nupur claims that Payal is not a doll, and that I would return Payal to our lives. Milind claims that she is choosing her obstinacy. Nupur claims that God knows my path and that you will find out once I present Payal in front of you.

Kids try to persuade Chikoo to change by reminding her about Nupur’s goodness, but she refuses and says she will reclaim them if she wins the tournament. We want to stay here, the kids plead, so please end the competition. Chikoo is preparing for a competition. Sulab turns off the music and refuses to allow her practise in the room; Chikoo responds that she will practise in the corner. Forget about dancing, Tanki says, and let’s play. Chikoo tries to relocate the sofa because she says she can’t forget Mummy. If they choose to stay in the orphanage, Sulab asks them to sit on the sofa. The children are seated on the sofa. Chikoo collapsed because she was unable to lift the sofa.

Nupur begs Bappa to give her the power she needs to fulfil her goal of finding Payal. Rangoli confronts God over her family’s betrayal. Chikoo begs God to show her the way back to her Mummy and her pals. Rangoli tells Bappa that she would no longer pray for him, and that she will use Sam dhan dams bhed to reclaim her children, as well as burn any impediments in her way. Chikoo notices her Mummy chain and thinks she came for them, which makes her happy.