Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Chikoo and Sulab call for help at the opening of the episode. Nupur wakes up and says Payal, then she observes Milind sleeping on the sofa and wonders when their conflicts arise, she detects the smoke and walks downstairs, where she notices toys on fire.

Kamini behaves as if she doesn’t know anything because she just moved them to another location as Savitri requested, and she goes to get water to put out the fire.

Sulab blames Chikoo for their predicament, and they are terrified when they notice rats in the sewage hole. Nupur attempts to put out the fire, but she sees a Payal doll inside. Kamini obtains the water and then puts it into them. Sulab loses consciousness. Chikoo is startled. Nupur believes it is a sign that something is awry.

Rangoli returns home and looks for Chikoo and Sulab. She notices Chikoo drawing and learns that they went to the snake woman to fulfil their wish. Chikoo is terrified when she sees so many rats and believes that no one can save them from them. She attempts to wake up Sulab by telling him that the rats have gone, but he refuses to wake up. She assures him that she would save him and tries to come out.

Nupur arrives at the Orphanage with trepidation. Mam is being questioned by the guards. Nupur says, tensely, that children are in danger. Chikoo prays to Bappa for strength before exiting the sewage hole. Nupur notices her and inquires about her well-being. Chikoo relates the storey of Sulab and how she lost consciousness. Sulab is brought out by Nupur’s Guards.

When Chikoo wakes up the next day and discovers Nupur standing in front of her, she asks if she killed her. Nupur claims you came here on your own volition. Chikoo says she wants to meet her buddies, and I’ll absolutely save them from you, so tell me where they are and if you imprisoned them in the same room as us.

Nupur tells Chikoo that she can tell right away if she wants to see them, and she takes her to her friends’ room, where they are joyfully playing. Nupur claims that your accusations are false; have you seen how happy your pals are?

Chikoo claims that you may have hypnotised them in order to kill them, so leave us alone so that we can return to our Mummy. Nupur claims that your Mummy is a nasty person and that she is not your biological mother, which is why she raised you as thieves. Rangoli is the reason we are alive, Chikoo explains, so don’t say anything negative about her.

Rangoli believes I will refuse to accept defeat and will teach the Snake Lady a lesson in order to save my children. Chikoo claims that she will inform all of her pals about how horrible she is.

Nupur says that you can leave with your friends, but if you stay here for two days, you will realise that this place is good. If you don’t like it, let’s compete in dancing, and if you win, you can leave with your friends; if I win, you must stay here with your friends. You can’t make me trap in your words, Chikoo says, and I’m leaving here with my buddies. Nupur observes.

Savitri asks Milind to take Nupur’s call, but he declines, claiming that there is nothing left to discuss. Reema instructs Nupur to speak with Milind promptly once she arrives at her residence. Chikoo and Sulab catch up with their pals. Flower inquires as to whether the good aunty brought them. Chikoo accuses her of being a horrible aunty. Flower refuses, claiming to be a deity. Nupur is praised by Signal and Local.