Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Chiku begins the episode by praying to Bappa, saying that Mummy is accurate and that my family was broken by a terrible aunty, so teach me the idea, Bappa, to rejoin my family. Nupur, she claims, “broke my family.” Nupur wonders what the problem is if she is saving the lives of Basti children. Milind claims that doing so puts Aarav and Nirav’s life at jeopardy. Nupur adds, “I’m doing this to look for our Payal as well.”

Milind says it’s time to confront you with the truth: you’re the one who caused Payal’s abduction. From now on, think about our family’s tranquilly and stop looking for Payal with orphanage kids; our Payal is no longer with us, so accept it. Nupur claims that you can blame me for Payal’s absence, but she adds, “I can never give up hope of meeting my daughter, and I will never give up hope of getting my daughter back.”

When Chikoo sees the dance performance, she imagines Nupur as a devil, and instead of killing her, she decides to teach Nupur a lesson and rejoin her family in order to reclaim her Mummy’s love. Rangoli imagines Tanki being kidnapped by Nupur, and when she sees Nupur, she becomes terrified, and Nupur threatens to kidnap Chiku as well. Rangoli exclaims, “No!” She believes the lady is a snake, not a mother, and she will not allow her to take her children away.

Sulab approaches Chikoo and inquires as to why she has called her. Chikoo says you know Mummy is upset, which is why I want to make amends by rescuing our pals from that snake aunty, so come with me to Bhooth bunglow. Sulab claims that he will not assist you because you snatched my star position.

Chikoo claims that it is between us, but it is a matter of our family, and we love mummy, so we must do our best, and you will be the star performer from now on, so please assist me. Sulab concurs. Rangoli believes she is implying that if she locks my children in Bhooth bungalow, I will be powerless to intervene, but I will retrieve my children and teach that lady a lesson.

Sulab and Chikoo sneak inside the orphanage by hiding in a trash can. Sulab is about to scream because he sees a rat, but Chikoo intervenes. The watchman wonders where the dustbin has vanished, and they look for it.

Chikoo suggests that the rat may be of use because it is Bappa’s car, and she requests that the rat assist her. Rangoli pays a visit to the orphanage. The watchman catches the trashcan and is about to open it when they depart to capture Rangoli who is attempting to enter the orphanage. They catch Rangoli and remove her mask before she throws them away.

Chikoo and Sulab are terrified when they visit the orphanage because they mistake it for Bhooth bunglow. Savitri was on the verge of collapsing due to the doll. Savitri instructs Kamini to turn on the lights, after which she notices a plethora of dolls and inquires about them. Nupur gets them for orphanage kids, Kamini explains, and you consider her your daughter, but she won’t treat you like Sasur.

Savitri requests that Kamini remove them from their current location. Sorry, mum, it wasn’t Nupur who bought them; I mixed Payal’s favourite doll in it, and now you’ll have to wait and see how I’ll play the game. Chikoo fears they might take our Bali, and Sulab says it’s only a building, not a Booth bunglow, so they close their eyes and move forward into the tunnel. The lid is closed by the watchman. Sulab and Chikoo yell for assistance.