Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Savitri advises Subhodh to stay at home and Milind to phone the commissioner in the first episode. Kamini suggests that we search first, rather than calling the commissioner. Savitri declares that she will summon the whole police force. Milind is ready to speak with Commissioner when Subodh arrives with his children and informs them that they have been trapped in the storeroom. Milind is relieved that they are safe. Savitri claims that they still have theat as a result of that phone conversation, and they rush to Basti to investigate.

Nupur and Reema arrive at the pandal to look for Chikoo and her pals, and Nupur experiences a panic attack due to the large throng. Rangoli notices Nupur and believes she must intervene before she abducts her children. Reema inquires as to what transpired. Nupur tells her how she had a panic attack when she saw the throng from Payal’s disappearance and that she doesn’t know when she’ll lose consciousness. Milind brings his family to Basti and tells them that he trusts Nupur. Rangoli considers how she may utilise it to her advantage.

Reema walks to the store to grab some water. Rangoli hides her face and approaches Nupur. Nupur explains in her voice that she is the captain of the Chikoo team and that she will save the children from her. Rangoli declares, “My name is Rangoli, and I am their mother, and I would do whatever to save my children.” Rangoli is informed by Chikoo and Tanki that the flower and the Local, signal are missing, and that she may have taken both. Nupur holds Tanki and Rangoli holds chikoo, and she takes Tanki with her. When Rangoli is unable to locate her, she has a nervous breakdown.

Nupur and Tanki meet up with Reema. Milind and his family are aware of Nupur’s aggressive approach to bringing Tanki to them. Kamini claims that the Basti lady is correct in her assertion that Nupur is kidnapping children. Tanki is taken to their vehicle by Reema. Nupur is about to make a statement. Milind wonders how many times Nupur will betray his faith.

Sulab approaches Rangoli and inquires about the incident. Rangoli sobs, claiming that a nasty lady kidnapped her children. Milind adds, “I lost Payal seven years ago, and now I’m losing you.” Rangoli accuses Bapp of wrongdoing and queries why he did it, and she destroys the pandal. Chikoo claims it’s my fault, which explains why you’re blaming Bappa. True, Rangoli says, it was your fault for bringing that lady into our lives, and you brought kids here by crossing the boundary, and I’m paying the price for your actions, so leave now because I don’t want to see your face.

Milind and his family get into his car and drive away. Nupur pursues his automobile, but they depart from that location. Nupur sobs. Rangoli is asked to pardon Chikoo. Rangoli tells her she won’t be able to and begs her to leave. Nupur returns home and urges Milind and Savitri to listen to her remarks, but Savitri tells her that she has broken her trust and that she will not forgive her.

Sulab departs from Chikoo with Rangoli. Milind claims that while we have always supported you, you are now the one who is working against us and harming us with your job. Nupur claims that I’m lying to you because you think Payal is dead, but I won’t accept it because I have a strong feeling that Payal is still alive, so I’ll keep looking for her until I die, and our thoughts will diverge. Milind says he’ll put an end to the squabbles, but only if you agree not to meet those kids and don’t try to hide from us.