30 Best Business Ideas in Kerala With Low Investment

You have come to the right place if you are seeking some small business ideas in Kerala. You can start your own business in Kerala with a relatively low investment by reading this article about the most profitable small business opportunities in Kerala and some of the most trending opportunities around the country.

Kerala is a state with a very good investment climate, a state with 100% literacy rate, and a state with 100% internet reach. When comparing the state to any other place, we find that any startup in this state will have a much lower operating cost. For industrial purposes, the rent is very low here; you can get water, power, and transport at very low prices.

Kerala allows you to start a business on a small scale with very little investment, regardless of whether you are a resident or not of the state. As we have shown in this article, there are many ways to create your own startup with a very low investment. For more information on those opportunities, please read the rest of the article.

Manufacturing Aluminium Doors

As you will see aluminum doors in most offices and coaching centers today, this is a type of business gaining a lot of popularity. Aluminium can be manufactured by you doors and sell them or even offered to create a complete space for the client and make a good business out of it.

Agarbatti Making

Today, Agarbattis can be found in every house, and one of the best businesses you can start is selling them. Agarbatti manufacturing can be a lucrative business if you have a small plant. There are many household uses for Agarbatti, and it may also be available in some shops as well.

Air bubble Wrapper Packaging

The bubble wrap that is used for fragile items and also other items is very popular. If you can make good contacts in this industry and offer bubble wrap packaging to manufacturers of crazy products, you could make a good business out of it.

Aluminum Foil Business

In many different formats, including packing material, aluminum foil is generally used. These days, almost all food products are packaged in this way to keep them warm. Aluminium foil can be found in every household nowadays and you can definitely start a business selling it.

ATM Renting Space

There is a high demand for ATM space today, and if you have a kind of space with a low number of ATMs and a high population then you can contact the bank and ask them to rent you an ATM space. Fixed income comes from this source.

Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing

This product is in very high demand, and government producers are very eager to purchase them. Moreover, the group has significant expertise in this field, so you can start your own business offshore.


You can start a business of baking products and you can open your own business if you are good at it and you have an interest in it. You can profit from this by selling your stuff to the people who are interested in it today.

T-Shirt Printing Business

In order to sell printed t-shirts, you can customize them according to customer demands. A very high scope of business in this industry.

Trendy T-shirts Selling Business

Selling t-shirts with the trending items printed on them is an excellent way to start a business.

Bed sheet Business

The bedsheet business is a good idea since nearly everyone uses bedding and there is a good demand for it. It’s possible for you to make a lot of money by producing bed sheets that are very attractive and different from all the others available on the market.

Coconut Business

If you live in a place that provides a lot of supply of coconuts and you are able to provide different types of coconut products to the customers, then you can also start a coconut business and provide them with the coconut products. Kerala’s business is profitable.

Biodegradable Soil Business

The business of selling biodegradable soil to the customers who are involved in farming is quite profitable, and the margins in this business are also quite good. If you look into the other area of business as well, you will see that there is also a very high demand.

Wall Stickers Business

There are a lot of wall stickers available nowadays, and you can find them almost everywhere, and the costing is almost negligible in terms of cost when it comes to wall stickers manufacturing and the margin is really high end for this business. You can do the business of wall stickers online or offline according to your choice and make a good profit out of it.

Selling Perfume Online businesses

If you are interested in selling good quality perfumes online, you may make them yourself in the future or you may purchase them from wholesale markets and then sell them in the online market to your customers and make a good profit doing so.

Cap Making Business

It has become quite popular lately to wear hats, and the margins are also pretty good when it comes to this type of business. There is a possibility that you can manufacture taxis and sell them at a profit to shopkeepers in bulk and thus make a lot of money.

Tissue making Business

In addition to homes, student dorms, and many other places, tissues are widely used by almost everyone in the world. In order to make a good profit from selling tissues you can supply them in large amounts in all the big stores in the community.

Kids Garments Online Selling Business

By doing the same thing you can sell the governments for kids online, and here the margins are also quite good and you will be able to make a good amount of profit if you proceed.

Kids Garments Making Business

Clothing that is created specifically for children can be created that is specifically designed and made only for children. By selling kids garments to your customers, it is possible for you to make a good profit since there are used margins in the business of kids clothing.

Grapevine Business

The grapevine is a very low cost product, you can create many of them at once and sell them to your customers, making a good profit.

Jute bag Making Business

In this day and age, we are using less and less plastic bags, and now this opportunity is available to you by providing your customers with low-cost, high-quality jute bags. In Kerala, it is one of the best businesses to start because it is the easiest to run.

Mobile Repairing Business

Everybody uses a mobile phone these days, so by repairing mobile phones you can make a good income.

Watch Repairing Business

It is also worth mentioning that the margin in watch repairing is also quite high since the parts are still very cheap, so it is easy to make a profit.

Wall Clock Business

The price of the wall clock isn’t very high and you can get it for a very good price and you can sell it on the market later on. The following is a business idea that you can try if you are looking for new business ideas in Kerala.

Steel Utensils

It is also going to be a good business for you to sell steel utensils in the market, as there is a very high demand. The business is of a small scale nature and is located in Kerala.

Plastic Containers

If you are interested in marketing plastic containers, you can sell these in the market as they are a product that you can find in every house.

Flex Printing

If you are looking for new and exciting upcoming businesses and profitable business opportunities in India, you can opt to print on the flex according to the customer demand and sell it to them by creating new and unique designs for them.

The business of ice cream Store

Creating new flavors of ice cream and selling them to consumers is a good business idea since people are really interested in different types of ice cream.

Egg Tray

There are a lot of household items that you’ll find in every household nowadays and even become a decent business if you sell them to the people.

Artificial Jewelry Business

Your business can be successful if you sell great jewelry at a low price to your customers. There is a lot of interest in different types of jewelry both online and offline that are different from the rest.

Candle Making Business

People still use candles today, and you can sell different designs of candles of various types to the public and make good money out of it.


So these are the business opportunities in Kerala with low investment that you can take advantage of. You will be able to successfully start a profitable business in Kerala with the help of these points that will help you know how and how much it costs to start a business in Kerala.

The following are a few small business ideas you might want to consider in Kerala and if you have any others then please do mention them in the comments. suggestions related to profitable small scale business in Kerala then you can mention them in the comments as well.

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