127+ Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son [ Latest Updated ]

Does your beloved son have a birthday? 

Don’t you know how to express your feelings in concrete words? 

Then you may want to dedicate the most beautiful birthday Wishes for a son  so that he feels all your affection and love on such a special day for him.

In this article you will discover the most beautiful happy birthday Wishes for a son and also some incredible birthday images for a son that he will surely love!


#. Son, I could not imagine a life without you, because since you arrived, you have become the center of my world and I only live to see you smile. For this reason, I ask God to give you a long life and to allow me to be there to ensure that you never lack true happiness. Happy Birthday! 

#. Your happiness is my happiness and that is why I will do everything possible to see you smile, not only today, but every day of your life. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Wherever you are, you can always count on me and the immense love that I have for you, because there is no distance that can overcome the bond that unites us. I love you son, and I wish you a happy birthday. 

#. I know you don’t like me hugging you in front of your friends and shouting to the world how much I love you, but I can’t help it, especially if it’s your birthday, because nothing fills me with more pride and happiness than knowing that I’m your mom . Happy Birthday son! 

#. Today is the birthday of a wonderful man, of whom we are entirely proud for all his successes and countless achievements. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Happy birthday son! Today is a great day, you are my light, my sun, my reason for smiling and my happy days, I want to wish you many congratulations son and that you continue to fulfill many more. 

#. The day you were born I felt an indescribable joy, the same joy that I feel every time I celebrate your birthday. Because you came to change my life and that must be celebrated, today I want to wish you a happy anniversary. Congratulations, son! 

#. Although sometimes I am implacable with you, never doubt that I love you, because there is no fight or discussion that ends the love so great that I keep you in my heart. Happy Birthday son! 

#. My greatest treasure is you and my greatest desire is to see you happy, so I ask God to make this an unforgettable day and that that beautiful smile remains on your face. Happy birthday my son! 

#. My dear son, it is your birthday and I have prepared your favorite cake, so that we can all celebrate your presence in our lives together as a family. Congratulations! 
#. I wish that on this phenomenal day you receive lots of hugs and kisses, so that you feel loved and celebrated, for the simple fact of existing. Happy birthday, dear son!

birthday wishes for son from parents

#. Happy Birthday son! On this special day for you, we want to wish you a beautiful day on behalf of your parents, that all your dreams come true and we wish you much success in your life. 

#. Happy birthday dear son, the day has come to celebrate that you are here one more year and that we can all celebrate it together, as a great family. We love you. 

#. Whatever happens, my son, remember that you will always have your parents who love you madly. Congratulations, honey. 

#. My biggest wish today is that you are very happy on your special day and that you enjoy this wonderful birthday with your friends. Don’t forget that your parents adore you. Happy birthday, little one. 

#. Your birthday has come, my dear son, and together we have prepared a fantastic surprise to let you know that you are very special, and that you deserve to have a great time. Happy birthday and celebrate! 

#. When you were born, you brought with you a sea of ​​joy that flooded our home, and you taught us that there is nothing more important than the love of family. Thank you, my treasure, for completing our lives and for filling us with happiness with your wonderful presence. Happy Birthday!

#. Happy Birthday son! May this day be incredible and may you receive everything you asked for one day, because you deserve it. 

#. A new year comes into your life and we are delighted to be able to share it with you. Never forget that you are a very special child and a great child. We love you. Congratulations. 

#. Just by seeing you smile, I’m already happy, son. Congratulations, I hope this day is very special for you and that you never forget it. We love you, your parents. 

#. We wish you the best and that you have many years more son, your parents love you and have a beautiful day. 

#. Today is a good day of celebrations since it is the birthday of my dear son. Congratulations, my love, I hope you have many more years by our side. We love you. 

#. May you continue serving many years, may God bless you and happy birthday son.

#. I wish you a thousand blessings son, may God protect you in his bosom and allow all your wishes to come true. Happy Birthday.

#. Son, your parents will support you in everything, that all your dreams are achieved and that your goals are reached with the greatest of success. We wish you a happy birthday dear son!

#. May God bless you, fill you with great health and remember that you will always have a beautiful family that will always love you, have a great and beautiful day. 

birthday wishes for son from mother

#. Happy Birthday son. I thank God for giving you my life and for choosing me as your mother, because there is nothing that makes me more proud than having brought you into the world. 

#. They say that mothers are the ones who give their lives to their children, but I feel that it was you who gave it to me. Congratulations darling, I hope you have a great time on your birthday. 

#. You are the greatest gift that life could give me and I am very grateful for that. That is why I want your birthday to be a very special day and that you have a good time surrounded by your friends who love you. Happy birthday my son. 

#. There is nothing more beautiful for a woman than being the mother of a child like you. I am very proud of all that you are achieving and all that you will achieve. Always remember that your mother adores you and that she will always be here to help you in whatever you need. Happy Birthday. 

#. Dear son, I still remember when you were born and they put you in my arms , when I held you and changed your diapers, when you spoke and said the first words of your life. Today I realize what a great man you have become, and I am happy about it. Son, happy birthday. 

#. Because you came to this world to teach me how beautiful it is to be a mother, today I want to wish you a long life full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Today you celebrate another year of life, another goal more accomplished and I want you to know that you are a wonderful, spectacular son with a great heart, I am proud to be your mother. I love you son! 

#. As the years go by, you will always be my dear little son, whom I will love and protect no matter what. Because mother’s love is eternal and nothing and no one can defeat it. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Every time your birthday arrives I get very happy because I remember when you were little and you hid behind my skirts so that dad wouldn’t find you. Now you are quite a man and yet you keep coming to me for protection. Don’t worry honey, I will always. Congratulations on your day. 

#. I want you to know that there is nothing purer than the love that a mother feels for her child. I will always be here by your side, whatever happens. I love you very much, son, congratulations.

#. No matter what you do or say, I will always protect you and love you, because mother’s love is not extinguished by anything in the world. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Happy birthday to the best son in the world, who with just a smile is able to change my mood and become the happiest woman in the entire universe. Love you. 

#. I want nothing more than to see you happy every day of your life, and especially today that I have the joy of celebrating your birthday with you. Congratulations darling! May you meet many more. 

#. Son, on your birthday, I want to give you all my motherly love, a big hug and a sincere kiss, so that you never forget how much I love you. Congratulations! 

birthday wishes for son from dad

#. I never imagined how nice it would be to become a father, until you arrived and showed me that it is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. Thank you, son, for giving me the privilege of being your dad. Happy Birthday! 

#. From the moment I found out that I was going to be your father, I started loving you. You are my most precious treasure, son, and I wish you will always be happy, especially today, on your birthday. Happy day. 

#. Whatever you do, I will always love you. Of course, I am lucky to have the most wonderful son in the world and to be able to celebrate a new birthday with him. 

#. Today you will receive many birthday messages, but I hope mine makes you especially happy. Happy birthday son, we miss you very much and hope you come home very soon. 

#. Since you are here with me, I feel that my life is no longer boring, every day is different, especially because of your energetic and rebellious character. Thank you very much for making my days, son. Happy Birthday. 

#. I am the father of an amazing man, with values ​​and principles that make him a true example for the whole world. I wish you to always remain so good and, above all else, I wish you to be happy. Happy Birthday! 

#. Congratulations, son, have a good time on this special day and remember, Watch out for the cake and candles this year! Your dad loves you. 

#. From a father to a son, I want to tell you how much I admire you, because you have become everything that I once dreamed of and much more than I could even deserve. Happy Birthday champion! 

#. Son, you represent my great happiness and joy, I want to wish you on this day that you spend a beautiful day with all your loved ones. 

#. My greatest wish is that every day you get up with a smile and go to bed with another, since there is nothing that makes a father happier than seeing his son happy. That is why today I will be very happy since I hope you enjoy a lot on your birthday. Congratulations, my boy! 

#. You are the most important person for me. I want you to know that I will always be with you in every step you take. You can always count on me. Happy birthday my son ! 

#. You are the future man of the house, the one who I will guide and take care of so that he is a good man and can achieve everything he sets out to do. Happy birthday son, I love you very much!

#. Watching you grow up healthy and happy has always been my top priority. Now that you are older, seeing you smile is what I want the most and I hope to achieve it with this congratulation. Happy birthday son!

best birthday wishes for son

#. I thank God for allowing you another year of life and that you can enjoy it together with your family, friends and loved ones, learning more things and above all achieving all your goals, I wish you the best and happy birthday son. 

#. Even though I have had a life full of happiness, I did not discover what true love is until I met you, my son. You are the greatest token of love that can be on planet Earth. Congratulations, my son, I hope you are always very happy and that one day you will experience this beautiful feeling of being a father. 

#. Even though we have our problems, love will always be greater than any difference, because the bond that binds us will never be broken, but will grow more and more every day. Happy Birthday son! 

#. You are the most valuable person in this world, I wish you the best and much more. CONGRATULATIONS DEAR SON! 

#. I want you to have a great time on this special day and have a great time with all your friends, because you deserve it. You are a spectacular little person, and I love you with all my heart son! 

#. On this day I thank the universe for having given you another year full of many blessings, that all your wishes are fulfilled and that you are a good man. Happy birthday my son . 

#. So many happy times there are in a year and none compares to your birthday. Congratulations, son! Today will be a wonderful day. 

#. It is not easy to find birthday words for a son as good as you, because there are so many good things to say to you and to wish you, that a single sentence is not capable of containing them. For that reason, I will only give you this congratulation and I will tell you that I love you with all my love, hoping that you have a happy birthday. 

#. Since I knew that you would come into the world, I loved you like nothing in life, because a child is the most valuable treasure that someone can have, especially if it is a child like you. Happy Birthday! 

#. Since the day you were born, joy has not been lacking in this house. You are our little great treasure, darling. Congratulations, I hope your birthday is just as you expected.

#. On a day like today I want to tell you that I love you, that I want your life to be full of happiness and that, even if you make mistakes, you can always return home. Congratulations, my son. 

inspirational birthday wishes for son

#. I would like to take advantage of this very special birthday day to tell you that there is no prouder mother than yours. I admire you for all that you have achieved and for all that you will continue to achieve. You are all a pride. I love you, son, congratulations. 

#. Congratulations dear son, I hope you achieve all your goals and that you continue to dream a little more every day. Of course, always try to keep your feet on the ground. 

#. Congratulations son, I want you to know that my main aspiration in life is to make yours a path of roses and happiness. Congratulations on your birthday, son. 

#. Don’t let your birthday go unnoticed, go out and celebrate! You only live once and this is your moment, so enjoy with your friends and have fun. Happy Birthday son! 

#. Congratulations, son! Today you are a year wiser. Do not forget that you must always be a grateful, kind and honest man with others, and always remember to live in the moment since life is two days and one is raining. Seize the day! 

birthday wishes for son from mother for Facebook

#. Today, your birthday cake has one more candle and that means that you can ask for more wishes that will surely come true, because life grants all its dreams to children who are as good as you. Happy Birthday son!

#. The king of the house is celebrating his birthday and we want to celebrate it with laughter and gifts, singing and savoring a delicious cake. Happy Birthday son! Enjoy it very much.  

#. Of all the successes that I have achieved throughout my life, you are the best, because having a child like you is a true fortune and an incomparable achievement for me. Happy Birthday champion! 

#. The path that you are going to start walking will not be easy. You must be sure that you have all the support of your family , that you are celebrating many more years and that God bless you and take care of you, happy birthday son. 

#. I wanted to write you a special birthday message, but I don’t really know where to start. Throughout my life I have watched over you and I have worried that you were happy and I think I have succeeded. Today you have become a great man of profit and honor who helps those who need it most. I am very proud of you, my son. Happy Birthday.

#. Happy Birthday! Today is a very special day since it is your birthday. I hope you go out dancing and have fun, you deserve it! You work very hard every day so take advantage of this holiday to laugh non-stop. Congratulations again, son, I love you.