150+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

Is it your sister’s birthday and you can’t find the best words to express your affection? Well, here we have left you a list of Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, in which you will find the best birthday message for her.

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Special Birthday Wishes for Sister

#1. Among all the people in the world, God chose you as my sister, my partner and my friend. Today, which is your birthday, I want to thank you for having put you in my path and I want to wish you the greatest of joys because you deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS  sister!

#2. I remember with joy every moment lived by your side: the laughter, the cries, the many ice creams that we enjoy… Everything has been simply incredible, and I can only ask God to bless us with the opportunity to continue adding more moments like those. Happy Birthday Sister!

#3. Happy birthday dear sister. It is your anniversary but I have received the gift, having the joy of sharing this special day with you. May you meet many more and may we be together to celebrate it. I love you a lot!

#4. Dear sister, you are more than I could ask for and my life will not be enough to thank you, but today, which is your birthday, I want to try by offering you these words, a kiss and a hug. Happy birthday, my beloved sister!

#5. Today is a fantastic day, not only for you, but for all of us who love you because, it’s your birthday! May God allow us to accompany you today and always, to celebrate your presence in this world with you. Congratulations, sister!

#6. Because you have loved me since the day I came into your life, today on your birthday, I accompany you with all the joy and emotion. May life give me more time by your side and allow me to give you as much love as you have given me. Happy Birthday Sister!

#7. Dear Sister, I know how much you wanted to have me with you for your birthday, but life’s circumstances have not allowed it to be so. However, I am with you from my mind and my heart, and I wish you the best of the best, with all my heart. Congratulations!

#8. Happy Birthday to you! May this new year that God has given you be full of countless joys and may I have the joy of being by your side to see you always happy.

#9. Today we will celebrate one more year of your life, I hope it will be remembered as a great and wonderful day, that you can fully enjoy it and always keep it in your heart just as all of us who love you will keep it. Happy Birthday!.

#10. Today is an especially wonderful day, let’s not be close, but that is not an obstacle to wish you all the good that God has destined for you, we wish you a beautiful birthday, sister.

#11. What a great day of this year to celebrate with your side sister! Without a doubt, what unites us in this world from birth is much stronger than any bond. Another year that is going, together and hand in hand, A hug and a love for you are not enough to express everything I feel for you, our love has no borders. Congratulations! Go and enjoy that life is short, do not stop loving and continue being my dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

#1. Every day we have the opportunity to tell those we love how much they mean to us, and yet we don’t always do it. Today, your anniversary day, I want to take this opportunity to express how much I appreciate you, and I will do so with the biggest and warmest hug that someone has been able to give you. Happy Birthday, Sister!

#2. A brother is the greatest gift that God can give us, and he has rewarded me twice, by putting a sister as special as you by my side. I want you to know that I appreciate your presence in my life every day, but especially today because it is… your birthday!

#3. All brothers have fights and differences, but it is clear that love prevails over all things. That is how I feel for you, dear sister, an immense love that does not fit in my chest and that today, your birthday, I want to give you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to you!

#4. Sister, I remember when we fought every day and I smile just thinking about how I could be upset with who today has become so important to me. Today is your birthday and I only have love to give you. I hope that is enough and that I can make you as happy as you make me. Congratulations on your day!

#5. I pray to God our Lord, so that he may fill your life with peace, wisdom, happiness and that you may continue on the path of true love and friendship. Happy Birthday, Sister!.

#6. I offer many blessings and thanks to Jesus Christ Our Lord, for allowing me to be part of this beautiful family, because you are the best sister in the world, God bless you sister, Happy birthday!

#7. Happy Birthday, Sister! I hope that for the rest of our lives we will continue together because we have been excellent travel companions in this life and best friends, without your support, I do not know what would have happened to me, may the Lord Jesus Christ allow you to have a full and very long existence, always with much health, love, peace and happiness.

#8. I thank God very much for allowing me to be part of your life, for letting me discover that in that look is the end of the rainbow because when you smile the sun is brighter because you fill us with that immeasurable goodness because your hugs are infinite and very warm and your comforting words, I wish you a happy birthday sister!

#9. You ask me what I am thinking and I answer that nothing, then you ask me what I do and I also answer that nothing, I am only organizing and planning, everything related to the celebration of the most important day of your life and that of all those who we love, those of us who cry by your side, those who share with you daily and rejoice with your joys or are saddened by your sadness, but this day is one of happiness, peace and love, may God always bless you and give you many years of life with us. Happy Birthday, Sister!.

#10. Happy Birthday! Many sunsets have passed since the darkness scared us at night, children’s games were left behind, now only the memory remains. Thank you for being my sister, thank you for taking care of me, supporting me and loving me even when I didn’t deserve it. May life fills you with gifts, joys and smiles sister, you deserve much more than what life can give you. With love your brother.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Sister

#1. My beloved sister, today is your birthday and I am writing these words so that you know that I always have you present, even in the distance. It is impossible for me to accompany you on your day, but my heart is with you today and always. Happy Birthday, Sister!

#2. To the best sister life could give me: Happy birthday! May today be a magical day and may we all enjoy together, as a family, surrounded by smiles and great joy. The best for you today and always.

#3. Every day is special if we are together and today, which is your birthday, will not be the exception. Happy birthday big sister!

#4. Sister, it is your anniversary day and I am very happy to be able to accompany you, because you know that nothing makes me happier than having you with me, especially on special dates like this. All I want is that we can celebrate this and all of your birthdays together, to continue adding unforgettable moments as a family. Congratulations!

#5. I hope you spend this special day with all our adorable family, we want to fill you with many, many sincere kisses and hugs. Happy birthday dear sister !.

#6. Sister, I have always appreciated all the support and affection that you have given me during so many shared years, I hope you have a very happy birthday, that God bless you today, tomorrow and always. Happy Birthday!

#7. How are you sister? I hope that you are very well and that you have a splendid birthday, I send you through these heartfelt lines, all my brotherly love, even though we are far away, there is no ocean that changes or modifies all the feelings that unite us, it is because this motive that you will absolutely always be present in my mind and always tattooed in my heart. Happy birthday, sister, may God fill you with blessings!

#8. How do you measure your life? In years? One more sister arrives, these are the best birthday words for a sister. Remember that beyond the numbers, the most important thing is to live fully surrounded by your loved ones, happy, content and growing in wisdom. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

#1. If I could be born again, I would only ask God that you would be in my life again, because you, dear sister, are the most amazing thing that could have happened to me. Happy birthday your little brother wishes you.

#2. Today is your birthday, big sister, and I want to tell you how much you mean to me. You are the greatest thing that mom and dad have been able to give me, and I just hope you never miss me, because you have a big piece of my heart. Happy Birthday, Sister!

#3. I want to wish the best of birthdays to a very special person for me: my older sister. You are my role model and I only wish the best for you. May all your dreams come true and may life give you much more time by my side. Congratulations on your day!

#4. On this wonderful day, a person who I admire, love and respect like no other has a birthday: my older sister. May God bless you and enlighten your path, so that you continue to be that extraordinary being that we have had the joy of knowing. Congratulations, sister!

#5. Today I thank God for having put you in my path because not just anyone has a sister like you. Happy birthday your little brother wishes you.

#6. Sister, thank you for being in my hardest days and in my happiest moments, for being my support and my motivation every second of my life. Today I celebrate your presence and I thank the creator because he has given me the best sister in the world. May all the love you have given me multiply in life and health, and may all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

#7. I know that Mom left us when I was very young and that you, dear sister, assumed her role without asking me for anything in return. So today I want to show you all my love and gratitude, with the biggest hug, an “I love you” and my best birthday wishes. Congratulations Big Sister!

#8. Just yesterday we were children running around the house and laughing non-stop. Today, we are two adults with separate lives, but we remain united by heart. Happy Birthday, Sister! Whatever happens, you will always have a special place in my life: the place that I have reserved for the best older sister.

#9. What happiness to be able to share with you this memorable date: your birthday! I hope that this day is magical and that nothing and nobody can erase the smile of that incredible person that I am fortunate to call “sister.” Congratulations Big Sister!

#10. Good morning sister! Do you know what is celebrated today? It is very easy to guess, someone who has guided me in life, who has practically been the backbone of our home, my unconditional friend, my dear sister, I am so happy today, I thank God very much because we have you between We, I wish you enjoy this day greatly, that love keeps us together, I love you so much sister, Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

#1. Sister, you are my favourite person in the world. How nice that you are celebrating one more year of life and thus being able to enjoy yourself one more year. I ask God and all the saints to watch over your path so that you never stray down the paths that can make you get lost. Little sister, today is a special day for me, because we will celebrate one more year of having your beautiful and radiant presence by our side. Happy Birthday, sister, I love you.

#2. Happy birthday, dear sister of my heart! I remember that I was very jealous the day you were born, but all that overshadowed how wonderful you are, my beautiful sister. I wish you that this day is of great joy and that all your wishes are fulfilled step by step as time goes by.

#3. Our parents made the greatest work of art by giving birth to you. Today is the anniversary of that wonderful event. Love you sister.

#4. My sister, words are not enough for me to express the love I have for you, I can only tell you that I wish the best for you and that I hope that this day is full of smiles, hugs and beautiful memories. Have a great birthday, you deserve it!

#5. Dear sister, you do not know how happy I feel because today you add one more year to your life and I am here to accompany you. May the Lord bless you and pour out abundance, prosperity and health on you, so that you continue to rejoice in our hearts. Happy birthday, little sister!

#6. A new year comes to you in 2021, full of teachings, sadness, joy, wisdom and emotions to come. Happy Birthday my little sister! I consider myself lucky to be your brother. God bless you.

Inspirational Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

#1. Dear sister: today one more digit is added to your age, one that shows another year of overcoming, achievements, laughter, tears and disappointment. Happy birthday dear sister! Not everyone manages to add one more digit to their life, don’t think about the years, think about the experiences that each year brings with it. Love you.

#2. Today is a very special day for my favourite sister and that is why I bring you this beautiful congratulation to tell you never to change your way of being for anything in the world, remain the same person always because you are the best in this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER !!

#3. Congratulations! May all your wishes be fulfilled this year, may God give you more than you expect and my life allow me to continue enjoying your company for many more years, sister. Live, run, shout, be happy. Your brother loves you.